Small wedding: 5 tips to your perfect tiny wedding

Small wedding: These 5 reasons speak for a small wedding

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More and more couples decide against a large celebration with hundreds of guests and limit their wedding to a select circle. Which advantages the small wedding has, you will learn here.

Small wedding

Mirco Wedding: The wedding in the small circle has become very popular just this year. Credit: Getty Images/ Hinterhaus Productions

You want to get married soon, but you’re not a fan of a big bash, nor do you want the celebration to take place in a huge ballroom? Then a small wedding with the closest friend:inside and relatives for you just right for you. Especially in times of the Corona pandemic, many couples prefer the so-called Micro Wedding. Which 5 reasons speak for a celebration in the small circle we have researched for you.

Everything to the wedding in the small circle

At what point is it a small wedding?

One speaks of a small wedding when no more than 50 people are invited. So usually only the closest family members and a few very good friends come. But only because the number of guests is kept small, doesn’t mean you have to keep everything else small too.

On the contrary, with a Micro Wedding you may have much more money available and does not have to save so much on things like catering and entertainment.

Reasons for a tiny wedding

Most brides and grooms choose a small wedding probably because they are in the is much more personal and intimate. With a limited number, the bride and groom can take time for all guests. But there is much more to be said for a wedding in a small circle.

small wedding

Small weddings are becoming more and more popular. Credit: Getty Images/ Rawpixel

1. A Micro Wedding is less costly

Those of you who have already planned a wedding know how exhausting the organization can be. Especially when we’re talking about 100 or more guests:inside. Some bridal couples have already brought such a large celebration to the brink of despair.

Even if with an intimate wedding ceremony also everything must be planned and organized into the smallest detail, but evenly only in a small frame. That is, for example: No decoration of huge halls and gift bags are also quickly put together for this type of wedding.

2. Relaxed through the wedding

The biggest fear I have when I get married is the, That the day goes by way too fast. And I spend half the time hugging and receiving congratulations from what feels like thousands of people. When you have a celebration with a maximum of 50 people, you have much more time, To enjoy the wedding to the fullest.

Wedding Gäste

The most important thing: less is more& Togetherness. Or at least in the small. Credit: istock/Halfpoint

3. Saves money by having fewer people

A wedding is anything but cheap. Depending on the location in which you want to get married, you can already calculate with an average budget of 100-150 Euro per person. Add to that decorations, the wedding cake and much more. In the end da quickly add up to a large sum. If instead of 100 people then only 50 or less, it is definitely noticeable in the wallet and you can think about a three-tier wedding cake.

4. A wedding abroad

You love to travel and have saved a lot of money by having a small wedding? Then off into the airplane. While requires A wedding abroad a lot of planning and can also be a bit stressful, but it’s definitely a celebration you won’t forget in a hurry.


A wedding on the beach would be financially possible with a micro wedding. Credit: IMAGO/ Westend61

5. Forget expensive wedding venues

You have a big backyard or know someone with a big apartment or house? For a wedding with a maximum of 50 people, you don’t necessarily have to pay for an overpriced wedding venue. In a Familiar surroundings make the wedding feel even more intimate and familiar.

Conclusion: A small wedding is worth considering

A small wedding sounds very nice to me personally. No miracle, that straight in times of the corona pandemic the trend to micro weddings has prevailed. In my opinion, however, this type of celebration is definitely still a trend after Corona that should not be forgotten.

But regardless of the trend or not: Every bride and groom must decide for themselves, which wedding is suitable for both of you, but a micro wedding is worth considering in any case.

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