Side job: student jobs: how much am i allowed to earn while studying??

Student jobs: How much can I earn while studying??

Lucrative side jobs or mini-jobs are also highly sought after among students

In the study a lucrative Nebenjob is very much in demand. Insurance experts explain what is allowed in terms of additional earnings and how high the allowances are.

According to recent studies, students have to live on average on far less than 1.000 Euro per month. A lucrative part-time job is in high demand. Students can spread a job over the year or work during semester breaks. To make sure you can finance your studies, about two-thirds of all students take on jobs. ARAG experts explain what is possible without being hit by the taxman.

Mini-jobber, vacation jobber or working student

If you are enrolled as a student, you can work as a mini-jobber, vacation jobber or student trainee. However, different rules apply to the different employment relationships in terms of earnings limits and working hours. With a mini-job on a 450-euro basis, earnings are limited to this money. Working students, on the other hand, can earn more.

The following applies to marginal employment or a job as a working student: only reduced social security contributions are due. Students can also earn extra money for their studies through short-term employment or freelance work on a fee basis.

What is a student allowed to earn?

To obtain student status, not only are the number of hours per week limited, but so is the income. In principle, a student may earn 450 euros per month in a mini-job. Then the employer takes care of the social security and pays the lump-sum contributions for it. The student does not have to pay income tax.

Students who are younger than 25 also benefit from family insurance if their parents are covered by statutory health insurance. If the student stays within the 450-euro limit, the number of jobs alongside studies does not matter. If a student works as a student trainee, the earnings limit is irrelevant. The working student rule applies: During the semester, the working student may work a maximum of 20 hours per week in addition to his or her studies.

The semester break is a lecture-free period. Then the student worker is allowed to work more. According to ARAG experts, there may be further exceptions for late and night work and work at weekends.

BAfoG and student job is a difficult combination

Students who receive state support such as Bafog should make sure that their income does not exceed. As soon as the BAfoG recipient earns more than around 450 euros gross per month, the grant is reduced accordingly.

However, it is not the monthly income that counts for the calculation, but the total income in the period of approval. This may be a total of about 5.Do not exceed 400 euros. If BAfoG is received for less than twelve months, the permitted earnings limit is also lower. Child benefit, however, is not counted as income.

Is there a right to minimum wage?

If you are employed as a student, the same rights and obligations apply as for all employees. Students are entitled to minimum wage, continued payment of wages in case of illness, enjoy maternity protection, paid vacation, job protection and regular breaks. According to ARAG experts, however, exceptions apply to underage students.

Whoever claims the rights must also observe the obligations. The student employee must be reported to the tax office by the employer. However, since an income of up to 9.If the student’s income remains tax-free at EUR 000 per year, a tax declaration as a student is voluntary in this case. (AZ)

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