Shitstorm against sarah-lee heinrich : right-wing extremist “cancel culture”

Campaigns like the one against Heinrich aim at invisibilization and repression. For this we need to develop counter strategies.

Heinrich and Dzienus sit next to each other at the table and look at each other friendly

Sarah-Lee Heinrich and Timon Dienus after their choice Photo: Bodo Schackow/dpa

Don’t write anything on the Internet that you might later regret. As wise as this saying may be, in most cases it comes too late. Sarah-Lee Heinrich runs for six years. As a teenager, she sent off a series of problematic tweets. In it she used the words "gay" and "retarded" as insults, called someone a "faggot" or wrote "Heil" under a swastika.

As a rule, people do not care about what has been tweeted in the past. Debates are fast-moving, a funny meme or a stupid saying usually forgotten again after a few days. But for right-wingers, it has become a real sport to save tweets. Namely, when people who correspond to their classic enemy image show supposed misconduct. You take screen-shots of individual tweets or save entire archive versions of a Twitter profile on online services.

On one of the online services, Heinrich’s profile was repeatedly archived, first in December 2020. Even if the tweets are deleted, they remain traceable on the web this way. Out they are then usually at a time when the person has made a career leap. The goal: to discredit a person, to "cancel" her from her new job.

Sarah-Lee Heinrich fits the enemy image of the right: She is black, she is a woman, she is an anti-fascist – and she is in the public eye. Already at the end of 2019, there was a right-wing orchestrated shitstorm against the young politician. The occasion was that she had spoken of a "nasty white majority society". But since she and Timon Dzienus were elected federal spokeswoman for the Green Youth last weekend, the threat situation has intensified. The shitstorm is started and led by right-wing Twitter accounts, they post screenshots of old tweets by Heinrich, edit them partially to sharpen the content or intentionally leave out the time stamp.

Heinrich apologized for her offensive tweets shortly thereafter. Regarding the "Heil" tweet, she wrote that she could not remember posting it. And further, "This tweet in no way reflects my position. I’m really sorry to have ever sent out a tweet like that."But that plays no role in the smear campaign against the 20-year-old woman. Although many show solidarity with the young politician, including prominent Green MPs such as Cem ozdemir or Katrin Goring-Eckardt, the right-wing campaign is enormous.

Our powerlessness

From insults and demands for resignation become death threats "over all channels". "You’re on the hit list", "the wrong people always get raped", "someone like you belongs to be gassed", these are messages Heinrich gets as she Time Online tells. Previously, she had withdrawn for a few days "for her own safety," saying she was in contact with security authorities.

It is a case that illustrates how well right-wingers on the net have mastered the strategy of cancel culture – and how powerless we are against it. Right-wing shitstorms are not random actions, they are coordinated and serve the purpose of making people invisible and shifting the discourse to the right. Women, queers and BPoC are to be strategically pushed out of positions of power. The perfidious thing is that the right, with the help of conservatives and mainstream media discourse, have managed to frame Cancel Culture as a dangerous tool of the social left that threatens free speech.

A similar case to Heinrich’s is that of Nemi El-Hassan. The journalist was accused a few weeks ago of participating in the anti-Semitic Al-Quds march when she was 18 years old. The accusation was true, El-Hassan apologized publicly. But one from a right-wing Youtuber and the Image-The campaign against her in the newspaper resulted in her not getting a job as a presenter of a public format.

In the meantime, hardly a week goes by without targeted cancel attempts against progressive Twitter users, such as Natascha Strobl, Alice Hasters or Jasmina Kuhnke, to name just three examples from the near past. This is not about criticizing these people for their behavior or statements. Politicians, journalists and other members of the public have to put up with criticism. When right-wing accounts lash out at individuals, they know what will follow. Death threats are no surprise then – they are the target.

The game of the right

Why such campaigns involve racist and sexist double standards becomes clear when focused on how other "misbehaviors" are dealt with. CDU member of parliament Philipp Amthor posed for a photo with neo-Nazis; the recently published novel by "Tagesschau" anchor Constantin Schreiber reads like a right-wing populist pamphlet. Both incidents did not go uncommented on the net: But did one of them lose his job? One had to withdraw from the public eye because the threat level became too extreme? No.

Of course it is wrong what Sarah-Lee Heinrich wrote into the net at that time. Some of her tweets are sexist, anti-Semitic and homophobic. Even their age alone is not enough of an excuse. But what is important is that we manage to reflect on our behavior and ask for apologies. Heinrich did this. Several times. No one seriously believes she is a fascist because she tweeted the word "Heil" when she was 14 years old. But in dealing with it does not matter. Too many play the game of the right for that.

Initiated by the right-wing Twitter account "Green Watch," the campaign took off last weekend, quickly jumping right-wing media, such as Secession on, just like AfD politician:inside and the identitarian Martin Sellner. As Image, NZZ and Union politicians interfered, the debate had reached a temporary climax. Until Tuesday, when the writer Elke Heidenreich wanted to get in on the act with Markus Lanz. With her numerous problematic statements ("She doesn’t talk the way she’s supposed to talk, like a middle-class person, like me, for example"), she primarily revealed her own internalized racism and sexism.

In order not to leave Heinrich and all others who are affected by right-wing shitstorms alone, we want to show solidarity. We post statements of solidarity, disagree, block and report. But in the end we let ourselves be driven before the right-wingers. We need the debate about what behavior we find excusable as a society. And it’s about time that we develop strategies to stop playing the right-wing game.

Error on discovered?

Gladly as a reader*innenkommentar under the text on or via the contact form.

  • 15. 10. 2021

Carolina Schwarz

Editor taz two


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Shitstorm against sarah-lee heinrich : right-wing extremist "cancel culture"

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Reader comments

    18. 10. 2021, 17:47

Shitstorm – you only get one when you are in the cesspool of social media (Twitter, facebook etc.) moved. It is clear that in an environment of anonymity, in a medium where no one has to give their real name, the basest instincts run wild. As long as the internet can be used anonymously, it’s better to stay away from these sites, it will save you a lot of trouble. I also see no sensible reason why you should go to this abyss of the Internet. One can communicate nevertheless also with genuine humans or exchange oneself on moderated sides – like here z.B. at the taz.

". the recently published novel by "Tagesschau" anchor Constantin Schreiber reads like a right-wing populist pamphlet. Both incidents did not go uncommented on the net: But did one of them lose his job?" (quote Mrs. Schwarz)
If Schreiber’s novel were to read like a left-wing populist pamphlet, it is hard to imagine that he would then still be sitting in this position. So much for "leftist and "right" Eye.

1. I cannot infer anything sexist or racist from Elke Heidenreich’s statement. "Civic" says nothing about the color of the skin but about a cultural claim to "right behavior" (that especially Mrs. Heidenreich considers herself unreservedly to be the measure of all things in matters of culture and universal directionalism is well known, but at best NARZ-isstic). The contradiction to this claim is clearly not constructed from Heinrich’s gender or skin color but from her statements, which is only factual in behavioral evaluations.

2. You write: "Right-wing shitstorms are not random actions, they are coordinated and serve the purpose of making people invisible and shifting the discourse to the right."

a) Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

b) That sounds a bit VT-like. Left or "center" Shitstorms roll over their victims just as violently and try to marginalize the genetic material that one thinks one sees represented in them. That not every hanger catches (it doesn’t, in doubt, if it comes from the right) is no proof of the organized nature of the hangers-on that get through.
The image that comes to me is that of an avalanche: not every loose snowball becomes one, but when it does, the result is brutal – and that because of physics, not because of the organized destructiveness of individual snow crystals. In the case of shitstorms, it is human stimulus-response schemes that drive the avalanche of opinion, but structurally this changes nothing.

"Also her age alone is not enough as an excuse. "
Uh, not? I already find. And there’s nothing in the article, at least, about her claiming any other exculpatory circumstances either.

What is this irrational act. This is not about the fact that Mrs. Heinrich is an enemy of the right-wing because she is black, because she is a woman, because she is an anti-fascist. It is about what it has achieved. Abitur, study, denies and relativizes afterwards by hook or by crook, what it stands for in the core. The bigger problem is that Ms. Heinrich stands for the public and represents something like the Green Youth. Could not have been avoided.

    18. 10. 2021, 19:00

@Picard What exactly does it deny? I do not understand the sentence.

"Teenage girl" is a linguistically senseless word creation.

Why add a German feminizing suffix to a word that means all genders anyway?

An example of gendering as it should be omitted.

With the blind adoption of the flattened U.S. interpretation of post-structuralist approaches by the Millenials, a generation has grown up that has recklessly knocked the foundation of all progressive movements since the Enlightenment into the dustbin: namely, the universality of human dignity, regardless of origin, class, nationality, and denomination.

The libertarian identity left, regressive itself of the achievements of classical liberalism. has only just rid itself of the historical left, has sunk to the level of the new right and its essentialist concept of ethnopluralism. A party that allows one of its representatives to call a politically affiliated movement like Fridays for Future an outgrowth of the "disgusting white majority society" is only the flip side of the right-wing contempt for humanity.

Only those who uphold the universality of human rights, which demand the dignity of every human being, are able to maintain social peace. And those who endanger it cannot bring about a single positive change, but only barbarize and fuel the dehumanization spiral.

When parties and movements become so brutalized, they can be serious about fighting climate change and achieving social justice. This brutalization, however, affects the supporters as well as the dammers of Mrs. Heinrich – as well as all those who have committed themselves to the Manichean communication style of thumbs-down-thumbs-up, which already under Nero stood for the willingness to cut off the heads of others. All this is lowest drawer!

"Even their age alone is not enough of an excuse."
Uh not? I think so, and I haven’t heard Heinrich cite anything else as her excuse.

Sarah has apologized, so all is well. Your violent fantasies woman must not take so seriously.

I can understand the opinion of Ms. Heidenreich, which she expressed at Markus Lanz about the language of Ms. Heinrich. But this does not seem to be an isolated case with the Green Youth or with the Greens in general. And I write this as a new member of the Greens since this year. There are Young Greens, who have trouble to formulate a sentence correctly, without getting stuck in between or the little word "Exactly" to insert. And they are not simple members, but members who are now local leaders in the city district or recently sit in the Bundestag. The new-MdB can hardly formulate a sentence without "crass" gets along. And at least 3 times the word "exactly must probably occur exactly also in the sentence.
Mrs. Heidenreich seems to be right. This is probably a generation that has no longer learned to read, but rather impulsively state their opinion precisely and formulate exactly emotional. Exactly. Crass. This is exactly the way it seems to be with the crass Green Youth.

    17. 10. 2021, 20:54

@HeinerM The biggest critics of the Elks.

@HeinerM The young people are not to blame for this. But our education system from the last century, held up and celebrated by conservative parties, with the deceitful goal to let the youth become as stupid as you present them here. Not to mention the parents. Shame on you for your failure.

    18. 10. 2021, 09:05

@t-mos That’s true though.

@HeinerM I can only agree with you on all points. It’s soothing to come across some common sense here – amidst the sometimes shockingly filter-blasted naive comments.

    17. 10. 2021, 13:55

@Salva Venia Of course, the filter bubble – it’s always the others.
Have you caught on to the language of youth away from your adult world over the last few decades? Raptexts where sayings like the one of the young woman are part of the standard? Number one rankings in the German charts?

Of course, no one needs to find this beautiful. However, rockers have hardly expressed themselves more selectively and homophobia was already clearly more present in the youth.
If you don’t understand the youth in your filter bubble anymore, then that’s their thing.

@HeinerM It is mainly those who have become in old age as they never wanted to become when they were young who are complaining. If you can’t fight against the content or you can’t talk about it, the form is criticized. Philistine just.

    17. 10. 2021, 10:49

@Andreas J Behind a primitive form can be but no profound content. It’s like in literature.

    18. 10. 2021, 11:50

@resto I can often agree with your posts, but THAT is a bad cliche (resp. German-achievement-course snootiness), nothing more. Formal correctness is often an expression, but certainly not a prerequisite of structured and deep thinking. Just who can abstract well, sometimes does not need the language or other form corsets as a mental framework.

Examples of known non-flat thinkers with problems in the "formal":
Albert Einstein
Bill Gates
Anton Chekhov
Richard Branson
Thomas Edison
Winston Churchill
Peter Jackson

@resto Sorry, but this is arrogant educated bourgeois nonsense.

@HeinerM Frau Heidenreich, as you said, it is ok if someone "obviously does not come from Wanne Eickel" to ask where the person comes from. Those were the times, when all these older leftists could be nicely against the old Nazis in the FRG, even here in the forum. It was demanded participation for all, women, other skin colors, cultures. As alibi one showed then a few quota "foreigners" here.
Today the artificial Aryanization of the Nazis is gone. And suddenly these older gentlemen, who were perhaps never left but only against it, get to do it with the fear. With the fear that for people like me, living with people of different family histories is normal, that people like me judge people individually and there were no bonuses just because the ancestors were in the same ill-fated war on the Eastern Front.
Instead of the cab driver, I would ask whether her father was a soldier and murdered people for the Reich.

    17. 10. 2021, 19:24

@sachmah I also found this comment by Ms. Heidenreich odd. I found it just as strange that she apparently did not understand or wanted to understand the explanation of Jurgen Trittin. It does make a difference if you ask someone where they are from, if the question is e.g. "Where are you from?. is triggered by a different German dialect or if it is obviously due to a different skin color.

I personally have never asked where the cab driver comes from. (I did not have female cab drivers yet). Rather I am happy when they find the road where I want to go. Or if they can operate their sat nav like that without getting in the wrong lane or going off the road. If this works, I don’t care if they come from Wanne-Eickel, Castrop-Brauxel, Istanbul, Rabat, Paris or Klein-Kleckersdorf.

@sachmah Sorry for the autocorrect errors I missed.

@HeinerM Young people speak a different slang than a sixty-seven year old woman who is too old to pass for a baby boomer. Crass thing!

That’s how it is. Some people see Rezo as a young politically interested person, who offers his criticism halay well-founded and supported by sources. The others see only blue hair and are bothered by the choice of words.

Philipp Amthor should agree with you.

    17. 10. 2021, 10:35

@Alfonso Albertus Your world view is so beautifully simple, isn’t it?

    17. 10. 2021, 12:28

@Salva Venia Thank you

Society’s values are changing and not everything that used to be OK and is no longer OK needs to be condemned retrospectively. In the case of Heinrich, however, it is quite different: Nazi slogans and disparaging expressions such as "T." were already in Heinrich’s childhood a thing!

If someone nevertheless expresses himself in this disparaging way, it shows a pronounced intolerance towards strangers, up to open hatred. At the Greens Heinrich should no longer be used in a leading position after these repeated slips. Also her skin color doesn’t excuse it. This brown ideology simply has no place in the left spectrum!

    18. 10. 2021, 13:07

@VanessaH With this form of self-mutilation among hypermoralists comes quite Schadenfreude on.

The young woman probably doesn’t deserve this, but she will go through a painful learning process, and that has its good sides.

@VanessaH "Expressions like T."?

I give up after three minutes of guessing.

@VanessaH First of all, you should see the context, because to identify a brown ideology in the young woman is quite far-fetched.

With fourteen years one is also no more child, but is in the deepest pubertal phase. Provoking belongs to it and unfortunately the youth provokes also gladly with homophobic language. This is not nice, but in the end it only shows the nature of the adult world.

Sayings like Heinrich’s are typical, and if that still shocks you, you’ve missed the last twenty-five years of pop culture.

    18. 10. 2021, 12:24

@Alfonso Albertus". to find a brown ideology in the young woman is quite far-fetched."

It is unfortunately not the case that the dyed in the wool browns have an absolute monopoly on racism, sexism and other forms of misanthropy. THIS awareness (which, of course, is also shared by many "concerned citizens") is too much for them in the right spectrum is missing, who consider themselves not at all "brown" keep) from the whole process would be desirable. Those who consider themselves egalitarian should have the humility to assume NOTHING human is too "good" be susceptible to it. Equality works in all directions.

@Alfonso Albertus The Austrian Identitarian boss Martin Sellner was caught in his adolescence, as he swastika stickers with the slogan "Legalize it" caught stuck on a synagogue.

Is this for you also pure provocation?
I mean, certain things just can’t be!

    17. 10. 2021, 13:44

@VanessaH The differences are obvious. Sellner is over thirty, still thinks the same way and is white.

Still missing the context of the story.

@VanessaH With that however also nothing changed. That is the difference. The level is slipping a bit here: If the guy would now be z. B. a philanthropist, who stands up for a peaceful coexistence of people, for tolerance and against right-wing extremism, I would still roll my eyes at the sticker action and would feel sorry for the community members of the synagogue, but I could see exactly that: His change from a juvenile A****hole to a decent human being.
BTW: Compare the "disgusting white majority society" just with the victims of Nazis.

The argumentation in the article is more than hanebuchen. For one thing, it would be completely new to me that Cancel Culture would be a "right-wing" speciality (who are actually the ominous evil "rightists"?), who always have to serve as an enemy image like the Klingons on Star Trek?), on the other hand, the perpetrator-victim reversal as practiced by Ms. Heinrich and her apologists is simply embarrassing. A simple (and sincere) "I’m very sorry I repeatedly messed up like that, at 14, at 15, but even still at 19" would have been appropriate, and then sponge over it.

    17. 10. 2021, 10:48

@Salva Venia She has asked for an apology, as far as that is appropriate. Anyone who deals with kids knows what shit they can talk at 14 and how that changes over the years, u. a. by criticizing this very shit. Who freaks out about it, proves at the point in my opinion certain deficiencies in dealing with young people. That is the problem with them. The whole thing is at best embarrassing for them, just as you are certainly glad that we do not know everything about you and your collected youth works. In this respect you can get out at this point and you don’t have to derive from it a diagnosis about the state of the world.
For the indignation about the "disgusting white majority society" we must then finally actively deny the power relations between Frau Heinrich and her victims. But that has proven to be too complex for right wingers over the last 8000 years. It upsets them too much. I would disagree with Ms. Heinrich’s expression, but what she probably meant, I would listen to.
You, on the other hand, are seriously wondering who these right-wingers are supposed to be? That says a lot about you. Quite obviously you are not familiar with Ms. Heinrich’s current submissions nor the content and originators of the shitstorm. In your further posts I see one or the other knowledge deficit in the matter of Adenauer and the Post-WWII-Nazis as well as in the term of the Cancel Culture. I say: Satis eloquentiae, sapientia parum.

@Salva Venia As far as I understand the Cancel Culture issue, this is an accusation made by people I mostly don’t perceive as respectable. With Mrs. Heidenreich this was for example in the Lanz broadcast the reproach that the term ‘N****konig’ would be removed from the literary work of Astrid Lindgren. The truth of the corresponding Cancel Culture accusations by Tucker Carlson also seems to be rather controversial.
So I understand that under Cancel Culture the accusation of Cancel Culture is dealt with and it comes from people who are more right wing than me, in short: ‘right wing trash’.
As far as Mrs. Heinrich is concerned, I may count Konrad Adenauer (postmortem) among her apologists; "What do I care about my gossip of yesterday" .

    16. 10. 2021, 19:22

@Mr.Henry Two weighty objections, last things first: quod licet Iovi non licet bovi. What might pass with Adenauer, is guaranteed not to pass with a young thing. Besides, Adenauer did not make any racist gaffes, not even as a kid.
And about your perception of the Cancel Culture – it is diametrically different from my empirical one, sorry.

    16. 10. 2021, 20:53

@Salva Venia Rather the other way around. She was a teenager, they do even worse things than writing insults.
That an over 70 year old Adenauer helps to get Nazi profiteers out of prison is a much bigger caliber.

@Salva Venia She has apologized, which I already find too much. Indeed, this debate about you is beyond ridiculousness. When I think about all the things I said and did when I was 14 years old. Then people who have a rebellious youth and rough edges are not allowed to enter politics. Great!

    16. 10. 2021, 19:26

@Alfonso Albertus I can only speak for myself: I said a lot of stupid stuff when I was 14. Never discriminated or insulted someone publicly. Hate Speech (as it is called today) is a whole step more violent than just "youth sins".
In this debate only "leftists" are ridiculous Relativizations.

    16. 10. 2021, 20:54

@Salva Venia Whether they have insulted someone or discriminated, not you have to judge.

    17. 10. 2021, 15:16

@Frank Ropen Sorry, but isn’t it just an essential argument of identity politics that never the speaker decides how he meant it, but always only the listener?

The fact that this is somehow different when the speaker is somehow on the left already bothered me when defending the unspeakable cops-are-trash column. It can not be that individual groups claim privileges that grant them exactly the opposite of what is denied to others.

@Frank Ropen Who then?

    18. 10. 2021, 19:05

@Salva Venia The use of terms like "gay, retarded, faggot" as a rant is nothing left at all, so what are you actually echauffeu as a non-left person, or is that just show?

So you were an innocent angel? Good for you. Did you have this thing called internet when you were young??

    17. 10. 2021, 10:11

@Alfonso Albertus There was already without Internet. Learned from the villagers who came to us in town to grammar school. Plus Turkish jokes and Jewish jokes. You can not reproduce them. Had a lasting effect on my image of male village youth.

@Alfonso Albertus As far as I understand the verb excuse cannot be used in a reflexive construction.
Nobody apologizes. Someone asks someone else to apologize.

To counteract the ridiculousness, I heartily agree with you in the rest of your commentary.

Public persons, "equipped with (a)social media", are attacked with pleasure – it is quite easy to write something, from what one calls brain, into the net. It is probably also fun- a kind of self-satisfying action.
Ignore! Or here the question could also be asked; whether social media (which is not) is the right way to position oneself politically?!
To criticize what minors said in the hormonal blooming phases of life is ridiculous!

I find much more precarious what the green youth gives otherwise in such a way from itself – I know, left Relativierer come then quite fast with "the youth organizations are ever more radical" but such sayings do not hear with the AFD.

Incidentally, it sheds an interesting light on the sad state of affairs at her school that, according to your statements, she was elected student representative at the age of 15 as a 14-year-old.

Thanks to Carolina Schwarz for the very good and profound commentary! Somewhat surprised the question arises, where are the otherwise so lively commentators, who could share your perspective, so that the discussion between pro and contra would be more balanced!

    16. 10. 2021, 16:21

@Jean Maybe you also have to accept that there is a clear opinion on this particular situation (see comments).

"But for right-wingers it has become a real sport to save tweets. Namely, when people who correspond to your classic enemy image show supposed misbehavior." This sport is practiced by both sides. So much honesty should be.

Society’s values are changing and not everything that used to be OK and is no longer OK today needs to be condemned retrospectively.

In the case of Heinrich, however, it is quite different: Nazi slogans and disparaging expressions such as "faggot" were already a thing of the past in Heinrich’s childhood!

If someone nevertheless expresses himself in this disparaging way, it shows a pronounced intolerance towards strangers, up to open hatred.

After these multiple slips, Heinrich should no longer be employed in a leading position with the Greens. Even the color of her skin does not excuse this. This brown ideology simply has no place in the left spectrum!

Hand on heart – we wouldn’t have it any other way. As the subtitle says, a counter-strategy must be launched against the campaign, "justified" or not. The answer is then a counter-strategy, which again has to be followed by a counter-campaign. In this way, the antagonism is nurtured and cultivated in the best possible way…
Where do these hostilities and orgies of agitation, no matter from which side, actually take place?
Right – in the (a)social media! And how could the whole drama be avoided or at least significantly reduced? Right – just delete the apps.
But – hand on heart – we wouldn’t have it any other way. Or nevertheless?

The problem seems to me to be that the majority society can not allow the marginal positions. I don’t think that Nemi El-Hassan or Sarah-Lee Heinrich should have apologized for anything, or even had to.
From the – migrant – position, I find the engagements and submissions absolutely correct – and of course young hotties get older and learn.
However, this does not work with the Nazis. And because it doesn’t work for them with learning and development, they pretend that it is the same for everyone else.
The majority society falls into the trap of the right-wing cancel culture because it is not as far away from the positions of the Nazis as it should be and therefore practically always acts in an unsupervised manner.
The liberal society stands on feet of clay.

    16. 10. 2021, 22:29

@Boandlgramer Well, then ask Ms. El-Hassan if she will take you to the next Al-Kuds demo.

Maybe you can then together anti-Semitic slogans à la "Hamas, Hamas, Jews to the gas" and "child murderer Israel"(propalestinian demo in Bochum, Dortmund, Gelsenkirchen, Munich, 12.07.2014) or "Jew, Jew, cowardly pig, come out and fight alone" (pro-Palestinian demo in Berlin, 17.07.2014) chant.

I just didn’t understand what this should have to do with a liberal society.

Anti-Semitism is never part of a liberal society, not even as a fringe position.

@Boandlgramer The liberal society also stands on feet of clay, if the commenting of a swastika with "Heil" is not a good idea Is apparently so normal for you that there is no need to apologize at all.

    17. 10. 2021, 16:29

@Annina.s And again and again this insinuation of not "asking for forgiveness" . It took place. So how long will you and others keep claiming Sara is a Nazi? As long as it benefits you.

Quark! Ms. Heinrich will not be canceled, she keeps her new job (which possibly would not have worked in the CDU so – Amthor z. B. has lost the chance for the party chairmanship in MV for less. ) Here again double standards are applied.

In the Greens some seem to be simply not sane.
Claiming that one has claimed something in youthful fun that one does not mean so, but demand a lowering of the voting age. With which reason? That we need more youthful nonsense in politics? Maybe 10% of the people deal with politics at 16, the rest have juvenile fluff in their heads and that’s right and that’s why the voting age should remain at 18.
Anyway, the Greens are only asking for it because their voters are young and of course it gives them a political advantage. Has eh already nen funny taste the whole.

Cancel Culture is now evil because it is now used by the right instead of the left political wing?
Sorry, but Cancel Culture is basically reprehensible. Here SLH has my solidarity, because it is now instrumentalized by both political wings.

"You do Cancel Culture!" "No, your!"

Is this really the new journalistic level?

Amthor has not lost his job?
Well, Heinrich will not lose it either.
So no double standards after all.

O goodness, so many words! The fronts are clear, and the willingness to fight is glowing:

"In order not to leave Heinrich and all others who are affected by right-wing shitstorms alone, we want to show solidarity. We post statements of solidarity, contradict, block and report."

There I read again the taz from 11. October, article by Silke Mertins:

"But when they talk about "disgusting white majority society".. or "Jew stuff speaks or of white people she wants to sweep out of Africa, she is no longer 13 or 14 years old."

"Jewish stuff". There is ab-grund-tief disgusting! But "we, the taz "want to show solidarity". Good success!

    17. 10. 2021, 16:33

@Leonie Have you read the sentence in its entirety with the "Jewish stuff"?? Could you — was in the TAZ. Clearly anti Nazi position that the sentence expresses.
Why exactly inform when you can be so much easier outraged.

"Politicians, journalists and other members of the public have to put up with criticism."
But what to criticize then when answered:
"In reference to the "Heil" tweet, she wrote that she couldn’t remember having posted it."
It’s Scholz’s memory lapses in the Cum-Ex, van der Leyen’s deleted official cell phones and memory lapses, Scheuer’s memory lapses in the Autobahn toll reappraisal, Giffey’s doctoral thesis forgetfulness, not knowing what she wrote, or Anna Lena Baerbock’s self-"experienced" Resume.
The criticism just bounces off these professionals! And so I can only say: The next professional Heinrich is warming up.
We need a different error culture. But this includes admitting the mistakes. That lacks! And that’s why the Nazis have it so easy in DE at the moment. And therefore it upsets me unfortunately something, this lie and Rumlavieren of the political professionals.
If someone deals openly with his weaknesses, no problem! That’s why Nemi El Hassan should have gotten the job. A role model to admit mistakes; of course it would be better not to have to do the apologizing in the first place, optimize Twitter training so to speak.

    17. 10. 2021, 16:36

@Tom Farmer That’s funny, a "Heil" in a tweet, on a par with times quickly forgotten the conversation where millions were given away. Or Scheuer’s milion fraud, all the same. Mr. throw brain.

@Tom Farmer What kind of absurd claim is that??
Who remembers the six year old tweets?
Especially if it was just bullshit!

    17. 10. 2021, 01:33

@mensch meier I once drew a swastika on the way to school. Firstly, this is not only six, but over fifty years ago. Secondly, my teacher who saw this, and then my mother explained it to me and then it was through. there i was seven.

    17. 10. 2021, 16:37

@Neuleerer Great, with Sara Heinruich it is also through.

Thanks for these thoughts. Important to hear here a voice from a European neighboring country and the perceived situation there. I do not mean indirect criticism of @Gretchen Muller. Don’t know a "recipe" either for how to deal with such shitstorms.

post with the following just a "guess" at. I don’t know if I’m being realistic about this:
The effect of death threats u. a. on those affected is unfortunately inevitable: attrition. In the end, who can know if what is threatened will not be carried out by whom?.
Consequence: Can it be, the author of the article names it more exactly in knowledge of the right scene, that from there such threats are set off purposefully first of all? not only to wear down", – but to bet cowardly and underhandedly on the fact that others then see themselves incited "to take action"? To "wash yourself in innocence"? Express this explicitly as a consideration. Would be quite terrible if something like this could play a role in shitstorms from right-wingers in motivation. As I said, the article makes it clear how "professional" the work is Rights first. To what extent would you have to deal with something that it would be understood "indirectly terrorist"? to act. Seems to me wdhl. "seems" unfortunately there could be something like that. As I said, a thought, a serious one, hopefully it proves to be wrong.

    16. 10. 2021, 23:09

@Moon This comment is in response to @Stechpalme, below, who commented on the "shitstorm" situation in the Netherlands writes. In this connection my considerations stand "in all caution".

First. Threats and name-calling of any kind are not a legitimate means of criticism. Threats against the health or life of a human being are criminal offenses that must finally be punished more consistently. This in advance.

Secondly. The fact that the posts of a minor lead to such a broad shitstorm, far beyond the expected agitation from the far right, is a disgusting social development that has become the norm on the Internet, to which the representatives of the left also contribute.

The relentlessness with which even the smallest of a person’s faults is cannibalized and scandalized today is, unfortunately, almost standard in public debates.

And if these words had been written by any conservative politician, there would not be a millimeter of understanding or compliance here either.

People here would also call for its resignation as a matter of course, without regard to age or context.

Cancel Culture is certainly a term from the right camp, therefore it can stay there. I call it shitstorm culture. This purist moralism and the complacency with which one attacks every misstep of one’s opponents in order to publicly silence them, and which accepts no explanations, now poisons almost every debate.

Now the irony of the left Cancel Culture shows itself. The right tweets and posts either do not get through at all or are deleted again by the operator shortly afterwards. So no ammunition for leftists.

Both with Heinrich and with El-Hassan, there were still very questionable postings and likes years later after the cited incidents, which make the subsequent distancing from the youthful sins seem not very credible. This should definitely have been mentioned in a factual report!

2/2 Caution please. Beware.

How do "we" in whatever social center meet such "upstarts" with such a life background? What do "we" expect from them? When they join us in praising our upwardly mobile society, they are our "favorites" because we can see off where they came from. Because they then "spare" us that. When they are quite uncomfortable at a young age and also show us in their speech how "so what comes from "so what", they are the annoying "upstarts". Then "we in the midst" suddenly don’t want them anymore very quickly. Maybe also because "we" think we are allowed to be a little offended about how "ungrateful" these "children" would be to us. And maybe a little envious of the fact that these "children" have learned not to have to "please" anyone. Regardless of a certainly necessary criticism of Lee-Heinrich’s statements – please try to look deeper. Bitterly look behind "things". And: I also know myself, I don’t always succeed in doing that either. But it must be.

Are right-wing extremists with gassing fanasies the same people who are against "partly sexist, anti-Semitic and homophobic"? Positioning tweets by Heinrich?

I get mighty big question marks in my brain at such assertions. That does not fit together behind and in front. I simply do not believe it.

The right-wing hansels will certainly be those who, as usual, with Heinrich’s positions on the "white majority society" not get along.

And such statements do not belong in the same pot with, quote article "partly sexist, anti-Semitic and homophobic" Tweets.

Here, levels of debate are mixed into a brown one-size-fits-all mash, which absolutely do not belong together.

"The CDU member of the Bundestag Philipp Amthor posed for a photo with neo-Nazis"

Was that so? Or have the two Nazi Hansels simply hijacked small Amthor image-wise and such statements ride their messages further?

AAAAH! I am being censored!!1!

    16. 10. 2021, 11:56

@tomas zerolo For me this comment is a distraction. Of course (murder) threats against politicians are to be rejected completely – no matter by whom and against whom. However, one should also reflect self-critically on one’s own behavior and not banish all criticism into the right-wing or Nazi corner. Instead of self-reflection, Heinrich is given a platform in media (even in Switzerland) for her own apology. I can not see an honest discussion with racism and trumpeted threats of violence.

Sorry – but that she says she can’t remember is not credible! Who says something like that, does not really regret it!

    17. 10. 2021, 16:53

@Carsten1250 One tweet, one word, six years ago? Who should remember that? Even if it might have had – I know the original – a completely different meaning than the one reported here. Just like the "judenzeug" that comes across quite differently in the whole sentence.

How now death threats are evil because right-wing extremist? I wonder what the Leipzig hotel employee thinks about it or the participants in everythingdichtmachen or.

The problem is not the right wing cancel culture but the cancel culter itself. The article is another example of the end justifying the means . The "good guys are allowed to do that because they are "good and not "evil. The tiny little basic problem:(Almost)everybody -99,9999%- thinks they are "good",the opponent for "evil. The greatest crimes of mankind, committed with ideological motivation, are based on good intentions.

The fact that "I can’t remember" is already setting in at this tender age bodes ill for further political activity

    16. 10. 2021, 13:48

@Marten de Trieste I can only agree with you there!

@Marten de Trieste Remember your small talk from 2015, so in October for example?

    18. 10. 2021, 08:23

@mensch meier To exactly the no more. But I remember that in 1977 I sprayed "Solidarity with the prisoners of the RAF" on the colliery walls of my hometown. I still stand by that today.

@Marten de Trieste In this age man is not yet so adapted says what he thinks,

@Marten de Trieste Full-blooded politicians and party cadres also start small.

So, if this age, 14, is not enough to be apologetic, then "look forward" to the witch trials I already look forward to the witch trials against pets.

Now is "disgusting-white" a famous non-able property and to instrumentalize those properties was previously considered to be. fascist.

There are a few differences between right wing and left wing Cancel Culture:
1. right-wing CC works liberally with threats of murder and rape. Left CC occasionally with threats of murder, never with threats of rape.
2. Right CC is directed against the left-liberal spectrum. Left CC is directed to small parts against the right, but to a larger part also against the left-liberal spectrum.

    16. 10. 2021, 13:47

@Amandas "He who is without sin among you, let him cast the first stone at her!"

More is not to say to this stalinist/fascist terror methods.

@Amandas There is no right Cancel culture.

@Amandas Ad 1) what do threats actually mean, if they don’t come from the islam leader or a criminal greatness personally? Is any of these inflationary threats of murder and rape ever implemented?

Ad 2) the social ostracism in the media and in the social is the main problem, also there the supposed right have much less possibilities.

Right and left cancels are difficult to compare.

@Amandas nonsense, left CC is principally against the majority society.

Right in principle against everything that is left.

That’s why left-wingers are less quick to catch on. Because they first distribute a bash and then say: but we only mean well, which, however, almost no one can understand.

@Amandas There is exactly one difference between right wing and left wing CC.

Right/coservatives/liberals get CCed by left for violations of left standards

Leftists are caned by rightists for violations of their own leftist standards

CC for violation of conservative standards does not work see causa "Deutdchland Du mieses Stuck Scheisse" (Germany you lousy piece of shit) and leading Greens

Thing, thing, thing! We have a winner!

So now all those who criticize Heinrich are right-wing extremists. That didn’t take long. You don’t have to take such people seriously or listen to them. They are only Nazis.

The fact that Heinrich’s statements are in NO WAY inferior to those of a neo-Nazi in terms of racism and misanthropy is not a problem. But the fact that Heinrich himself belongs to those neo-left upstarts who constantly judge their fellow human beings with raised index finger and wrinkled nose – after that with completely unrealistic standards – the irony has to be acknowledged.

Heinrich’s ghosts called them themselves. She does not deserve death threats for that. But also no pity.

    16. 10. 2021, 08:42

@end opponents 1/2 Caution please. Caution.

It is so, by far not all who criticize Sarah Lee-Heinrich are right-wing extremists. We are seeing criticism of Lee-Heinrich’s comments coming from other, left-wing positions and they are trying to be fair and objective about it.
*But the fact that Heinrich himself belongs to those neo-left upstarts who incessantly judge their fellow human beings with raised forefinger and wrinkled nose – after that with completely unrealistic standards – the irony must be acknowledged after all.*
If you see irony, and it can be there, you have to take it seriously and ask what it refers to. Where does Sarah Lee-Heinrich come from?
Interview of the TAZ with Sarah Lee-Heinrich:
*Growing up with Hartz IV: "Stay poor please" up-. Hartz-IV/!5622983/*
That’s where Lee-Heinrich "came from". What situation are people exposed to who grew up in poverty and create a life for themselves out of it?? You can see it in "where Lee-Heinrich has gone". She did not go to the "fermenting brown bunch", who want to push with the power they have into the society. One sees at the AfD: Theoretically as well as practically one would have wanted to (mis)use "someone like her" there as a figurehead. She went with her early life experiences to the seething pile (Green Youth) of a democratic party, made mistakes with her statements. An intelligent, conscious young woman will know how to learn. Yes, idealistically speaking. But to mark, from where Lee-Heinrich had to struggle upwards. (By the way, I know myself situation in H4)

@end opponents bingo! Consent from a – probably like you too – member of the "disgusting white majority society (quote)".

    16. 10. 2021, 23:54

@30208 (profile deleted) So it is. I am also a member of the quoted "association. With eye-twinkling "Emotjs I can not":

It’s funny how you can become a member of anything and everything without anyone asking you.

But if one became so vermittgliedet there, then THEN quite many arrive and ask: Why?? Why" Really now?

Could imagine Sarah Lee-Heinrich "questioning" a lot more about this Will.

Had it in unemployment fortunately always a little easier than others, because very often 1-Euro jobs u. sometimes subsidized employment. But the feeling of real powerlessness – that I know z. B. Watch! Do not give in to this. Feelings, sensations are one thing. But do not let yourself be overrun by it. Don’t start, z. B. Employees u. To hate employees of the job centers. These are actors. The problem sits deep behind. But THAT’S where you have to go. That helps then also one itself to strive there.
As I feel sometimes: "Disgusting working society". maybe it will be similar to Sarah Lee-Heinrich.

No one can look into the future, not their own and not that of others. I dennke, Sarah Lee-Heinrich will go her way and mine: This can be the right one.

@Endgegner 2/2 Caution please. Caution.

How do "we" in whatever social center meet such "upstarts" with such a life background?? What do "we" expect from them? If they join us in praising our upstart society, then they are our "favorites" because we can see off where they came from. Because then they spare us that. If they are quite uncomfortable at a young age and also show us in their speech, how "so what comes from "so what", then they are the annoying "upstarts". Then "we in the middle" suddenly don’t want them anymore. Regardless of what is certainly a necessary, fair and factual criticism of Lee-Heinrich’s comments – please look deeper. Bitterly look behind "things". And: I know also myself, me succeeds nevertheless also by far not always. But it must be.

The strategy against it is, simply not to react to it.

Do you really have to panic about a virtual shitstorm??

Until today a mystery to me how one can get so fired up

    16. 10. 2021, 10:30

@Gretchen Muller In the Netherlands we are fascinated by the reactions of politicians who are threatened with death. Prime Minister Rutte lets himself be protected covertly, his bodyguards act quasi invisibly. Wilders, on the other hand, runs around everywhere with a troop of black-clad musclemen.
The resigned minister Kaag, on the other hand, has faced up to it and even participated in the trial against her threatener.
Death threats are in all cases the apparently inevitable consequence of shitstorms. Assassinations that have actually been carried out have so far been canceled by the media – whether at the request of those affected is not entirely clear.
I also don’t know which strategy is best now. To leave the supremacy of opinion to the mob and to duck away, I think is understandable and nevertheless wrong. Who wants to live permanently in fear, only to be slain in the end.
Allowing shitstorms in the first place is already questionable, but is successfully fought for with the ubiquitous accusation of censorship.
Simply do not react to it? I would like to have the guts, but I would not like to be so stupid.

Thanks for pointing out Schreiber. Has already been noticed elsewhere by generalizations that are easy to refute. Should be removed, but can not, because white and right.

    16. 10. 2021, 12:06

@sachmah Of course it goes, ran with Eva Herman yes also.

Maybe it’s because he is not so easy to disprove.

    16. 10. 2021, 23:49

@rero One relies on him and his "Arabic"? VHS..

@sachmah Do you mean the book by Schreiber in which he reported what was preached in a few mosques he visited? Never mind. Just imagine if he had done the same with evangelical church services of Germans without migration background or with AfD local association meetings or with "Querdenker"-Events, and then he would have generalized what he heard there. Would not be bad, or?

    16. 10. 2021, 23:48

@Budzylein Yes, would be just as bad to generalize from the radical currents of the Evangelicals to the Evangelicals, further to the Protestants and then best of all all churches.

The problem only really arises when the Twitter blubber of attention-seeking people is spread and blown up in the media. With which I would like to explain the hostilities from the verm. right corner does not approve or kleinreden – belongs to the announcement brought and pursued. Threats of violence for racist reasons or out of a difference of opinion are only surpassed in patheticness by the stupidity of seriously believing to be able to influence or change anything by these threats.

S-L Heinrichs’ dissociation from her "sins of youth I find only half-hearted. "I will find you, and spit on you, then hang you with a knife and make you bleed." – old swede, what a well-adjusted and well-behaved teenager I must have been, despite numerous claims to the contrary (I wouldn’t even have thrown such crap at the nearest Nazi). Yesterday she let loose on the subject in Time and talked herself out of it badly at best. She has never asked for an apology, she only forgives herself (as the Green candidate for chancellor has already disastrously demonstrated). The temporary retreat into the private sphere (on Monday) apparently never happened – she is busy on social media, gives interviews (and that’s just what I noticed despite disinterest). I am an ardent supporter of lowering the voting age, but I have been reconsidering my position for a good week now. Nevertheless, it is nice, if the allegedly battlerappenden brat has become a responsible and open-minded person, who thinks before the post at least briefly and does not overestimate itself. But this must now be proven.

In this whole hullabaloo now also the "Cancel Culture" to try – I do not know. Shitstorms and cancels has, in my view, just made the left-wing political spectrum really big.

    16. 10. 2021, 03:15

@StefanG I am also not completely convinced of the Zuruckgerudere.

Still no medium has named the exact dates of the statements of Mrs. Heinrichs. That these were all pubertal aberrations is disputed.

What concerns the other journalist – who runs along with 18 on a fascist demo, that should explain itself really times more in detail.

What serves the career? They don’t seem to act without this ulterior motive with the women.

@StefanG "Threats of violence for racist reasons or because of a difference of opinion are only surpassed in patheticness by the stupidity of seriously believing to be able to influence or change anything by these threats."

Ask the people against whom such threats are made, if they change anything. They usually change quite a lot. Those affected become more cautious, more timid, more silent; if not visibly, then inwardly, and they would fight against this inner fear every time they speak out publicly.
Exactly that is Cancel Culture.

Your comment reads like a half-hearted rambling of an unsympathetic person who has not dealt much with the subject. Otherwise you would know that women, and especially women of color, are threatened many times more often and criticized much more scathingly than men when they speak out publicly or make mistakes. You would know also that it leads with them because of it, much more often than with men, to the fact that they express themselves publicly first no more or much much more cautiously. I read the Zeitinterview with Heinrich and found it very honest and revealing. Her account was actually silent for several days before, at a time when she should have been publicly savoring her election victory. I listened to Annalena Baerbock and found her very honest and convincing. Both have publicly regretted what they were accused of, contrary to your claim. You seem to have a picture of the world that you don’t let much movement into, and through which you can almost only look at others with malice. It sounds like this to me.

    16. 10. 2021, 14:52

@Maike Lala "Both have publicly regretted what they were accused of, contrary to your claim."

You have presumed. not understanding my comment as meant. That they did not regret, I did not deny. The article says S-L H would have asked for apology. But she did not do that (as well as A L), she apologized herself. It’s nice that she can forgive herself for mistakes. At least if she had learned from it.

@Maike Lala The latest hit piece from" affected" is:" hiking and outdoor activities are the domain of white males and the bourgeoisie. These activities are neither accessible nor inviting to many people. That must change. Nature belongs to no one.". I would say the barrel is now full.

@Maike Lala "Otherwise you would know that women, and especially women of color, are threatened many times more often and criticized in a much more scathing way than men when they speak out publicly or make mistakes."

Then be honest enough to state that research shows that the majority of perpetrators on the net are women.

@StefanG". Shitstorms and cancels, in my view, is what made the left political spectrum so big in the first place."

Frankly, I don’t know who cancels, threatens, or participates in shitstorms more now – the Left or the Right. What would help? Just not doing it yourself anymore. And of course not to say permanently: "The others did it"."

    16. 10. 2021, 14:47

@Black& White "What would help? Just not doing it myself anymore. And of course, not to say permanently: ‘The others did it.’"
I’m right there with you. live tolerance and plurality, not only demand it.

@Black& White Thanks. Exactly that went also straight through my head. Unfortunately, the article completely ignores the fact that shitstorms or cancel culture are not a phenomenon of only one side.

It is really nothing new in conflict research that blaming each other does not advance but rather perpetuates what one actually wants to resolve.

    16. 10. 2021, 10:38

@phalanx I have to admit that the eternal "consideration of both sides" makes me a little annoying because of the balance. In the last 30 years there have been about 10x more assassinations by right wingers than left wingers. You are allowed to take this into account.
Recently I read a Dutch history book about the war in Indonesia "on both sides thousands died". This was de facto true but still manipulative. Because on the side of the Netherlands died 6000 soldiers, on the other side 200.000 and not only soldiers, but quite normal uninvolved and innocent people en masse.
A similar relativization seems to me to be going on here when right-wing and left-wing murders are mentioned in the same breath.

    16. 10. 2021, 15:26

@Stechpalme I would like to agree with your comment completely! Good examples that make the relativization clear! Many greetings to the Netherlands, and: Stay with it.

@Stechpalme That’s exactly how it is.

@Stechpalme "A similar relativization seems to me to be underway here, when right-wing and left-wing murders are mentioned in the same breath."
Relativization would be to present ‘left-wing murders’ as not quite as bad as ‘right-wing murders’, if only because they might happen less frequently. Right-wing and left-wing murders are to be condemned in one breath, starting position and result are identical in all these cases: from hate arises death.

@Stechpalme And consequently you only want to look at one side, with the consequence of further strengthening the development of the discourse towards shitstorms/cancel culture? I think this is not very helpful.

The discussion culture is regularly and predictably getting out of hand. Pointing to an imbalance – even if not to the extent claimed – does not change it, but merely reinforces it. And with it then never the exit succeeds.

@Black& White So it is. Simply measure someone by his current deeds and not by what someone said or did 10 years ago.

    16. 10. 2021, 09:09

As teenagers many of us were no better.
But 2018 in Karakaya Talk is not 10 years ago. Original quote" The disgusting white majority society"

Mrs. Heinrich will get through it. It’s not as if she is canceled, her resignation from any public office demanded. Nor does now non-Green have to approve of a Green cadre yes. Rather one forces the green party times a little more exactly on the own personnel to look. Also now the weakness of unconditional quotas shows up. Since there are presumably not so many non-white alternatives among the young Greens, the party is now floundering a bit. But it will be alright.

Since "organ of infamy" shoots with. About time for actions like 68.

    16. 10. 2021, 20:18

@guzman In 1968 the 1.FC Nuremberg champion. I wonder if that will happen again?

The strategy is quite simple, which is demanded at the end. PWYC, practice, what you preach – and only preach, what you can practice.

If there hadn’t been numerous incidents where people were pilloried for their statements by leftists (most recently, for example, Ms. Wagenknecht as an alleged fascist), where there were leftist shitstorms (and there were plenty) – then the public would be less willing to participate in the condemnations of the current victims.

In the case of the prevented WDR moderator, it was less due to the demo and the later distancing from it that the right-wing shitstorm was successful, but rather due to the fact that she sent out very problematic postings relatively recently, or that she was a right-winger. has liked, in which, for example, the prison break of terrorists was celebrated.

    16. 10. 2021, 12:01

@Dr. McSchreck And do not forget Palmer, who is threatened with party expulsion proceedings (postponed for after the BT elections).

Right-wing "Cancel Culture" – they learn from their enemies.

Should perhaps think about "Cancel Culture" in general?

What is dissed there everything is really suspicious to me as an old geezer.

Well, the interesting thing is, what is she like now??

A part of her sayings she has also let go, after she was already of age.

As a black woman, she is of course at the top of the victim hierarchy and enjoys corresponding privileges.

I hope overt or latent anti-Semitism is not one of them.

Otherwise, are there any special skills or qualifications that distinguish her for the top of Green Youth?

Sorry, I don’t like anti-Semitism at all, no matter if it comes from the right, Islamist or left side.

Well, and we really don’t need to say a word about El-Hassan, who as an 18-year-old actually took part in an Al-Quds march initiated by Khomeini at the time. Khomeini, one of the greatest demagogues of the last century, who put the women of the Orient under the headscarf or the headdress. the burqa forced. Many millions still suffer from it now.

This is not about "extreme right-wing cancel culture", but simply whether certain persons are suitable for certain jobs.

Let me get this straight, the messengers are the bad guys?

It doesn’t matter what the motivation is for an accusation, racism, death threats and anti-Semitism are not excusable, certainly not with references to people who engage in similar misconduct. I find the reference to Philipp Amthor, who did not know with whom he was photographed there, particularly reprehensible – does Ms. Schwarz want to claim that Ms. Heinrich did not know what she has written in recent years and is only a victim of circumstances??

by the way, I coughed wrong yesterday.
But this should not distract us from the main topic: Wealth tax against FDP.

So, in order not to play the game of the right, you demand to forget such statements.
I think so.more than questionable and is mMn det completely wrong way.
If someone makes such inhuman statements, even at a young age, it also shows something of character.

    16. 10. 2021, 10:11

@Mrs. Lilac Warsaw. Appreciated – small reminiscence –

After Hoyerswerda Ralph Giordano demanded – as a guest on the Richterratschlag ("the unrefrigerated";)
Now the judges would have to judge however more intensively against right in particular young people!
& Dah
Not only was he pointed out – that judges were barred from such because of the principle of equality!
Further however – outet itself not only my Wenigkeit – but ua also a full-grown federal judge "…have always Germany in the Dierkes to the Ural ausgemalt!"
& 68er-Urgestein – lawyer Barbara Kramer born. Kriege – a much too early deceased companion – reported about her experiences via KDVer-representation& young people – how strongly "the sides would be changed" there
Banal spoken: Puberty: Today is scientifically secured – that thereby the "brain" is abundantly umgeklempert!
& there stands the second& third socialization with most still from.
Get it? Fine.

short – keep ball very flat.
Labeling a character isn difficult thing!
(statements forgotten – of course – is nonsense!
There I am completely with Wiglaf Droste "Forever" with Spardosenterzet;)
& norens – outside the box –
"#Metoo – is modern pillory for me!" Ruppert "Plotte" von Plottnitz – exRAF-RA – ex hessJuMi& RA Claudia Burgsmuller – feminist veteran – nodded => KritJur-Congress Ffm –
(closer to this – already earlier – "you can’t have the cake& eat the cake!"
Also in the taz a quite Schindluder is driven with it – with respect!

    16. 10. 2021, 14:11

@Lowandorder post to the thanks: I found that quite o. k.
*teach your children* / Croby, Stills, Nash Young

@Lowandorder Many thanks for judiciously chiming in.

@Lowandorder Afterword to the honorary rescue of Ralph Giordano – I forgot =>
He rolled in achteran nodding his head & "I did not know at all – that there are such judges in Germany!"
That cleans naturally& e.g. at "Koln stellt sich quer" – we sat together on the bench – we agreed – that the tip of the Schmier – how to bypass the bulls through the train station – would be too risky for us old farts!

@Mrs. Lilac Above all strangely, with the Leipziger hotel coworker was also not said the meant that not in such a way that is still young.

Threats of murder and rape are not "Cancel Culture", this is simply terror ("use and threat of violence to achieve political goals") and should also be called so.

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