Shaving with a knife: this is how it works

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You might think that shaving is one of my favorite topics for this blog. Tips for beard care I have already written together here, but today I dared for you to the (razor) knife.

When I’m at the barber, I usually also trim the beard and shave with a knife. It is always an overcoming to let the sharp blade to the neck, but the result is simply much cleaner than with a normal wet razor. So I decided to try it myself with the knife.

By dergepflegtemann.I finally found what I was looking for in the way of basic equipment. Brush, razor (and blades), aftershave and beard oil were selected and after a short time were in our Trusted Shops packing station (yes, they really exist). For my self-experiment I decided to use a shavette – this is a razor with interchangeable blade.

Step by step: So it works out with the knife shave

After the shaving stuff arrived I asked myself: what’s the next step?? For this I asked my hairdresser without further ado about the best way to proceed.

The preparation

First, you should wash your face again thoroughly with water to remove any soap and cream residue. I then moistened the parts of the face that were to be shaved with the knife again.

If you do not work with a shavette but with a classic razor with a fixed blade, you must remove the blade before shaving so that it is also sharp enough.

Apply shaving cream with the brush

So that the knife can work well, you should absolutely work with a shaving cream to. Basically you can do without it, but it is definitely not pleasant. With a shaving brush, the rather slippery shaving cream and a drop of warm water becomes a really pleasant lather.

After application, you should massage the foam into the beard hair with your hands for a few seconds. I find that it makes them smoother and makes them easier to cut. The shaving foam from Proraso felt quite different from the usual 0815 foam from the drugstore. When I applied it, I already noticed that the whiskers became much softer.

Apply the knife and carefully brush against the hair

Here is the next tip from my hairdresser Payam: The places you want to shave with the knife always free from foam first. Especially if you want to cut straight contours you have so an unobstructed view of the hair. The knife should be used at an angle of about 30°. Especially the very first time you apply it to your face, you should choose a spot that is easy to reach – for example, the cheeks or sideburns.

If the first stroke is not enough, you can apply another round of lather and go back to the corresponding areas again.

Aftershave and beard oil: The right conclusion

If now everything is so far off what should be off, it applies to calm the skin again. Every man knows that a shave is mostly exhausting for the skin at first. For this I have switched to a sandalwood aftershave by Dr. Harris& Co. Ltd. grabbed. A really pleasant scent and despite some self-inflicted cuts only a very short burning sensation. My skin calmed down again within a few minutes. Who would like can afterwards still well a beard oil into the remaining hair splendor massage, for example that of Oax.

Knife shaving: recommendable or not?

After my first self-experiment with the razor, I must say that I am absolutely convinced of the quality of the shave. However, I was surprised how long it took me to get there. Even with a little practice, shaving with a knife certainly takes longer than shaving with a standard wet razor. You should take some time with the knife, especially in the beginning. If one has got involved, the result with the razor is however better. And with a little practice, the risk of injury is not much greater than with a "normal" razor.

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