Seducing women – the no bullshit guide to getting the woman you want ..

If I judge you correctly, then you want to seduce women who simply turn you on, just like I do. Of course – at some point a relationship is a good thing but first comes the seduction.

Many Pick Up Coaches give you the most colorful tips, the most convoluted psychological tactics that would have knocked Doctor Freud off his couch.

No my friend. What if I told you that seducing women is actually very simple?

Would this be a cool info? Would you like to go out and kidnap the next high heel queen into your cave of lust?? Good … It’s simple

What men don’t understand ..

All the men in my coaching sessions always ask me, Tim, what should I say?

What phrase or clever combination of phrases can I bring to get the woman to let me into her panties?

My friend. It’s not what you say. It’s about how you say it. This is probably the most important sentence in the whole article – write it behind your balls.

It’s not what you say, but how you say it.

What does it mean?

Own up to your horniness and desire

Let’s say you like a woman. I mean really. You want her. You want to seduce the woman.

Most men, and that’s why most men don’t seduce women, do everything they can to hide that fact. But you don’t have to – on the contrary.

The woman is into being wanted.

This might sound crazy to you right now, but think about it. Let’s say you’re sitting in a cafe and a blonde walks by. She stops at your table, looks at you with a slightly spoiled look and tells you that she likes you and that you are her type. What do you feel? Do you feel horny, hammer? Like the baddest guy on earth? Do you feel arousal?

This is exactly how women feel. They also get aroused when a man desires them. The important thing is, HOW you express this desire. If you stutter and tell her that you like her, while she realizes that there is nothing in the world that makes you more uncomfortable than admitting your sexuality, she will lose interest as quickly as the media loses interest in positive news.

How to communicate that you are comfortable with your sexuality and seduce her

How do you communicate to her that you are actually okay with your sexuality?? Good question.

Seducing women - the no bullshit guide to getting the woman you want ..

One thing you should definitely do is keep strong eye contact. If you have always looked away when a hot woman looks over at you, you need to get rid of this behavior. Eye contact has a lot to do with dominance and strength. You can observe this yourself when you are on the train or bus. Pick a person and try to make eye contact with her. As soon as you look at each other, maintain eye contact with the person you. Try to look at the other person until she looks away first.

You were the more dominant one and showed strength. The other person will not look at you directly again in most cases because that would be like a challenge.

If you can look the woman in the eye while telling her that she is turning you on, then that will excite the woman. And if she is aroused, then you have already half seduced her.

Guidance> Seduction

Now that you’ve aroused her with your direct interest, it’s a matter of guiding her. Leading does not mean that you do the Hitler and eliminate all the people who stand in your way. Leading means that you create the conditions for you and the woman to have sex.

This could mean taking her home with you when you’re out clubbing or making a date with her to cook something together in your or her apartment. No matter.

You can also go for a drink with her first in a bar and then take her home later on.

It’s all about you showing leadership and leading the woman and you to where you both want to go. Into bed.

Without guidance, it will never get to this point.

Women will in most cases not taking the initiative and seducing you.

This is what you need to do as a man and this is what you should do. This way you train your own skills to get the things you want in life.

How are you going to be successful in your job or raise a family that survives well if you are not even able to lead the woman so you can sleep together …

There you have it. Seducing women comes down to these two apsects in the end. First, you must arouse the woman by being very clear about what she triggers in you. After she’s aroused, it’s all about leading her on. To lead means that you both get the opportunity to end up in the place you both secretly want to go – to bed.

I hope you enjoy your own seductions now.

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