Schools and daycare centers remain open

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Restricted regular operation, compulsory testing, lifted compulsory school attendance: what regulations currently exist for school and daycare operations? We give a general overview to the most important protection rules.

All known protection and hygiene rules will continue to apply with the school and daycare Corona Ordinance. Minister of Education and Cultural Affairs Christian Piwarz held out the prospect of withdrawing restrictions once the ordinance expires and depending on the further pandemic situation. "Infection events permitting, we intend to bring a bit more normalcy to schools and daycare centers in early March." This could reintroduce compulsory school attendance and eliminate restricted regular operations in elementary schools, special schools and daycare centers. School trips should also be made possible again.

The school and daycare corona ordinance approved by the cabinet today comes into force on 6. February in force and will apply until 6. March 2022.

The most important rules at a glance.

Is limited in elementary schools and daycare centers?

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Yes. Restricted regular operation continues in daycare centers and elementary schools. That means concretely: fixed classes and groups with fixed reference persons.

Where and for whom is there a mask requirement?

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In school buildings and whenever a minimum distance of 1.5 meters cannot be maintained, masks are generally mandatory. Students in grades five and above are still required to wear an OP mask (or FFP2 mask) in the classroom. Elementary school-aged students, however, are not required to wear masks in the classroom. As before, there are also exceptions for special schools.

Will require teachers and students to wear FFP2 masks?

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Students may, but are not required to, wear FFP2 masks. The same applies to teachers.

When must an FFP2 mask be worn?

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Accompanying persons must be present when dropping off or picking up students or. children must wear an FFP2 mask.

Tradesmen and service providers must also wear an FFP2 mask on publicly accessible circulation areas in the buildings of schools and daycare centers. Exceptions may apply due to occupational health and safety regulations.

How is mandatory testing regulated?

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For access to school and daycare premises, persons who have not been fully vaccinated must be three times a week test for the presence of SARS-CoV-2 infection or provide current test evidence that they are not infected with SARS-CoV-2. Regular testing is recommended for vaccinated and recovered persons.

For teachers who have not been (fully) vaccinated, as well as for other staff, the following applies: they must present a negative test certificate every day.

Remain exempt from school attendance requirements?

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Yes, currently. All students can be deregistered in writing from the presence schooling by their legal guardians. The deregistration must be justified by infection control concerns.

Do students who have been deregistered from the classroom training have a right to schooling??

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In principle, there is no entitlement to schooling. In these cases, pedagogical personal responsibility prevails.

For more information on this topic, see our blog posts Fair Education Recommendation for All Students and FAQ: Education Recommendation.

Are students who are subject to mandatory testing under the School and Daycare Corona Ordinance still exempt from recreational testing requirements?

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Yes. For children and adolescents who are subject to mandatory testing at school according to the School and Daycare Corona Ordinance, § 3 para. 4 of the Saxon Corona Emergency Ordinance regulates an exception. They are not required to submit proof of testing. This also applies during vacations.

Are school trips still prohibited at schools under public sponsorship?

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Yes. School trips of one or more days in Germany or abroad, which take place up to the 27th day of school. February 2022 will have to be cancelled. Any costs incurred for cancellation will not be reimbursed by the Free State of Saxony.

Are student internships possible?

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Yes. Pupil work placements are still possible, but do not have to be compulsory. Pupils on work experience must, however, observe the rules of the hygiene concept of the respective work experience facility. Regardless, students must test themselves prior to the start of each day of placement. For the time of the internship, schools must provide students with five tests per week of internship. The regular testing obligation at the internship site results from an amendment to the Infection Protection Act of November 2021, according to which the 3G rule applies at a workplace. There are also exemption rules for vaccinated and convalescents.

If the vocational training program continues as planned?

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Yes. Vocational and practical training in the courses of the vocational school, technical school and technical secondary school continues to take place within the framework of the current regulations (Saxon Corona Emergency Ordinance and School and Daycare Corona Ordinance). This also applies to in-company training as part of dual vocational training and practical training in the BVJ and BGJ (company internships).

Are all-day programs still possible?

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Yes. All-day programs at the schools can and should be carried out by the external partners. The same rules apply to the external partners as to the teaching staff.

What are the regulations for school swimming?

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Learning to swim is enormously important even in the present situation. School swimming is still possible. The school and daycare corona regulations also stipulate that the requirement of fixed reference persons can be deviated from in the limited regular operation of swimming lessons in the primary school. This is to prevent a reduction or cancellation of swimming lessons again.

What is the scope of action for school administrators in case of infections regarding home learning time or school closure??

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The Ministry of Education decides whether one or more classes or a school as a whole should be closed for a limited period, usually together with the school management. The respective decision is made with a sense of proportion and depending on all the circumstances and conditions present on site.

What are the requirements with regard to quarantine duration and segregation for pupils and children??

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The Saxon State Ministry for Social Affairs and Social Cohesion has produced a guide and an info sheet on this subject: Guideline and info sheet on contact tracing and segregation in Saxon schools and daycare centers (*.pdf, 0,25 MB).

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