Sauna for every requirement and temperature. Sauna planning for private and public sauna facilities with modern design and convincing economic performance.

Hofer Group from St. Christina Gardena has been a leader in the design and construction of saunas of all sizes for half a century. The solution to your sauna wish lies in careful sauna planning by a professional.

Sauna for every requirement and temperature. Sauna planning for private and public sauna facilities with modern design and convincing economic performance.

your sauna in any size and type – according to your individual ideas. We are planning turnkey Sauna systems for private Sauna lovers and large Sauna facilities and score in the conception with free choice of materials, large color selection and unlimited Choice of form for special custom shapes. Benefit from a whole range of advantages

  • Sophisticated sauna technology
  • Innovative sauna ventilation system
  • Profitable sauna management
  • Fast, clean delivery and installation of sauna systems.

Sauna for every requirement and temperature. Sauna planning for private and public sauna facilities with modern design and convincing economic performance.

So before you make the decision to buy your new sauna, take a listen to our no-obligation sauna guide.

Sauna design from the sauna professional with the experience and skill of skilled craftsmanship

Whoever plans and builds a sauna must also understand something about the trade. Because the most beautiful sauna idea is of no use if it is not implemented in an attractive and technically perfect way. Whoever plans to buy a sauna should also think about the energy costs. As a specialist for energy-saving sauna systems, we think in principle in the planning of small and large sauna facilities in these environmentally relevant categories of saunas.

Sauna for every requirement and temperature. Sauna planning for private and public sauna facilities with modern design and convincing economic performance.

So that the Sauna enjoyment the sauna installation must be perfectly planned. All criteria for a well-functioning sauna room must be thought through to the smallest detail. Only if all the details for a sustainable sauna cabin have been taken into account in the planning of the sauna and are later expertly implemented during construction and installation, can the individual phases of the sauna experience be fully effective. In order to properly enjoy the effect especially in your sauna, you need to become a sauna professional.

We combine foresight in sauna planning with the requirements of skilled craftsmanship.

We plan and build your modern sauna in the art and tradition of classical saunas. Finnish sauna, climate house sauna, bio sauna, Vitarium and other special types of sauna lovers are waiting to be discovered by you. Plan your sauna discovery trip to the sauna professional in St. Christina. Our wellness consultants will keep the profitability of your sauna system under control from the very beginning. your sauna should be undisturbed pure enjoyment from the very beginning

Seven tips from a professional for sauna construction

Sauna construction is a demanding task. Without a specialist it will be difficult even for experienced craftsmen to realize a perfect solution. The brief information given here is only intended as a suggestion and is no substitute for expert advice from a wellness specialist.

1. Where to put the sauna?

For your private sauna is suitable in principle any room from the basement to the attic. When calculating the size of the sauna is assumed to be about 1 to 1.5 m² per person. A "standard" sauna of about 4 m² is therefore suitable for 4 people. the height of the room in which your sauna will be placed should be at least 2 to 2.5 m, with the height of the sauna cabin around 2 m. To achieve the best sauna feeling, the sauna should not be too narrow. The floor plan for your sauna can be freely chosen. Recommended standard is the arrangement across the corner. In this way you will achieve an optimal use of space.

Before the actual construction of the sauna, you should basically determine the construction method. Distinguished is used here between different sauna types, as for example Solid wood, logs– or Element saunas in various designs and materials.

2. Which constructional requirements do I need for my sauna??

When choosing a location for your sauna, you should make sure that the necessary connections in the immediate vicinity or. are easily accessible for installation. For the basic installations you will definitely need

  • a water connection within reach
  • a suitable power connection with a minimum power of 5 kilowatts. For more powerful sauna cabins, a three-phase connection with 380 volts is necessary.

The optimum would be to have direct access to the outdoors from your sauna and a window for ventilation. Swimming pools nearby for cooling down or a dipping tub in which sauna-goers can cool down are recommended. If you have the opportunity to set up a small relaxation room in the immediate vicinity, this is perfect for your sauna enjoyment.

3. How much technology does my sauna need?

The most important elements for sauna construction include Heating, ventilation and that correct Material for the cabin.

Admittedly, this sounds like a small amount of work, but: building a sauna is not a weekend activity. Knowledge of building physics, materials science, climatic and energy considerations play a major role. For example, attention must be paid to the optimal Power cross-section attention must be paid to. In practical terms, this means you must make sure that only the interior of the sauna room gets hot and not the power lines and the surrounding area. Attention the choice of materials (cable, switch, handle u. a. m.) – they must be characterized by heat resistance.

4. What materials should I use in my sauna construction?

Today, there are no limits to your desire for a private sauna. This concerns both the use of colors, shapes and materials. Whether you Canadian HemlockWood use for the sauna interior, or modern designable Plastics, also depends on what appearance you want to give your sauna.

However, when choosing the wall and ceiling elements, be sure that the qualified processing and installation of the materials will not affect the Heat and humidity criteria does not affect the sauna.

When building the walls, the interior lining, as well as the positioning of the ventilation, it is essential that you ensure the proper construction. It is the only way to ensure that moisture from the sauna does not enter the room in excessive quantities. In this way you banish, among other things, the danger of mold growth.

You are also spoilt for choice when it comes to flooring materials. Wooden floors are classic, but more and more also Laminate, Clinker covering or Tiles find their way into saunas. Attention: The floor material in particular creates an unconscious sensory system and has an enormous influence on the feeling of well-being. Pay attention to the heat properties of the floor materials so that you do not burn your feet.

5. Does my sauna need a lot of technology?

The most important technical part in your sauna is the heater. It is sometimes also the biggest problem. For small saunas it takes a lot of space and it is always also a source of danger. Today there are convincing underbench heating systems with which a lot of space is saved and the safety aspect can be optimally solved.

Selection and application of technology also depends on it, How much you consider the energy saving idea. Heat and thus also energy loss occurs during transmission via the ceiling. To get a good grip on thermal insulation, you need a well thought-out system between heat exhaust and air supply. This will help you modern, high quality sauna controls. They provide intuitive user guidance. Current operating data such as temperature, humidity, time, bath readiness, etc. are so readable at a glance. All these aspects are responsible for the pleasant sauna climate.

If you should Sauna really yourself build, please never forget: the safety aspects are central for the sauna. This includes thermometers and hygrometers, as well as the connection of the stove near the floor, which must eventually be led outside. For the furnace it is additionally necessary to install furnace protection grids. The electrical connections must be installed by authorized professionals!

6. The door to my sauna

The door to your sauna plays a major role. Basically it must be for safety reasons open to the outside. Then everything depends on your taste. Wooden doors look authentic and rustic for certain types of saunas. A modern glass door creates noble design and ensures compatible transparency. Of course, the Door made of safety glass be manufactured. Pay special attention to the door handle inside. It must not get hot; wood protects you from burns.

7. I feel comfortable and at ease in my sauna

The good Climate in the Sauna is the first criterion for your well-being. To achieve this, you must ensure sufficient air exchange and a draft-free ventilation system. The air flow should be able to be regulated depending on the mode of operation and the number of people. This affects the energy consumption and the cost of your sauna.

The second criterion for your well-being is the Sitting and lying comfort. Pay special attention to the fine clean workmanship and shaping of the seat, support and couch materials. Sauna backrests, neckrests and other sauna accessories should be ergonomically shaped and have a good feel. Last but not least, a cuddly sauna towel or. the sauna shirt the crowning glory for perfect sauna enjoyment.

We have listed here some basic information that you should consider when building your sauna. For the concrete project, depending on the effort, an exact planning is necessary with the help of competent sauna builders.

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