Round trips and cruises in the caribbean

More than 700 islands, many of which are completely uninhabited, all offer a variety of dream beaches: Whether golden, white or pink shell sand, the beaches of the Caribbean islands are, each for itself, a highlight. Many beaches are completely untouched, others are already developed by tourism. If you don’t limit yourself to the beach in front of your hotel, but explore the islands on your own by boat, rental car or Vespa, you are sure to find a dream beach all to yourself.

Even away from the pure beach vacation, the „Islands above the wind" and „Islands under the wind a colorful mixture of different languages and cultures as well as the love of music. Music belongs on the islands as well as the always shining sun on the fine white beaches. The most famous musical export of the Caribbean is and remains probably Bob Marley.

There are many ways to enjoy your vacation when traveling to the Caribbean. If you don’t want to stay on an island, you can travel through the so called "Caribbean" „Island hopping also combine other islands of the Caribbean, with 365 days of beautiful weather a year. The islands of the South Seas can be wonderfully explored during a cruise, for example during a Bahamas excursion with the Norwegian Sky. Spend the nights of your vacation simply on the sea and wake up the next morning, when the ship already docks at another wonderful South Sea island.

The flora and fauna of the islands also offer many highlights to the nature lover, because here you can observe numerous rare animals still in their natural habitat. These include, for example, the iguanas, which are now protected species, bird species such as the stork, and the lizard. Lucia Parrot or the Caribbean manatee, also called manatees, which is one of the rarest animal species in the world. All these animals can only be found in a zoo – or when you travel to the Caribbean. Whale-watching is one of the unforgettable day trips.

Experience culture on a Caribbean trip to Curaçao

Useful information for planning your trip

Travel to foreign countries, under unfamiliar climatic conditions, foreign food and drinks, as well as a newly adjusted time change, means an adjustment for the body. Of course, this is also true when you travel to the Caribbean. With careful travel preparation and consideration of some behavior rules on site, however, a variety of health risks can be avoided or at least reduced.

Our advice should help you to make good and conscientious travel preparations. Therefore, inform yourself in good time before each long-distance trip about the medical health risks in your travel country and let a competent doctor advise you individually about the vaccination recommendations and possible malaria risks.

Ensure your travel experience and protect your health through good travel preparation!

Entry regulations

Please note: all listed entry requirements are valid for holders of a German passport. For some other nationalities different entry requirements apply and ggfs. Visa.


To enter Curacao in Central America as a German/EU citizen, a valid passport required. This applies to ALL travelers, including children and babies.

Children’s identity cards and entries of the children/babies in the passport of the parents are not accepted. For a tourist stay up to 30 days a visa is not required. The traveler must be in possession of an onward or return ticket, as well as sufficient funds for accommodation and supplies.

Personal belongings and small gifts do not cause any problems when entering Curacao. Medication and narcotics must be declared. Unlike in the Netherlands, on Curacao possession of marijuana or other illegal drugs is punishable by law. If you are traveling with expensive jewelry, you may be asked for proof of ownership, such as a purchase receipt.

In addition to things for personal use, persons over the age of 18 are allowed to import: 1/5 liter of brandy, 200 cigarettes, 50 cigars, 250 grams of tobacco. If you exceed the specified amount, this must be declared upon entry. Also sums over US$ 10.000,- must be declared (duty paid).


To enter the Bahamas as a German/EU citizen, you will need a machine-readable passport (the so-called. „Bordeaux-colored "Europapass"), which is valid for at least six months beyond the trip, is required. This applies to ALL travelers, including children and babies.

ÄOlder, non-machine-readable passports, as well as children’s ID cards and entries of the children/babies in the parents’ passports are not accepted. Exception: A still valid child ID card according to the old model (the child ID card has been in use since 1. January 2006 no longer exhibited), with photo.

For a tourist stay up to 90 days a visa is not required. The traveler must be in possession of an onward or return ticket.

Special features when leaving the country

When leaving the country Airport tax to pay. It is strongly recommended to have ca. Checking in at the airport 2 hours before the scheduled departure to make sure that one’s reservation is not canceled due to possible overbooking.

The import of weapons (including alarm pistols, diving and boat signal pistols) is only allowed with a special import permit.

For further customs information on importing goods, please contact the embassy of your destination country. Only there you can be given legally binding information.


For a trip to Curacao or the Bahamas no special vaccinations are needed. The vaccinations, which are also common in Germany, such as z.B. Tetanus should be enough.

Safety and health

Avoid infection with rabies, as here in Germany, by staying away from stray animals, especially dogs and cats. Protection from mosquitoes by skin-covering clothes. Use of insect repellents (creams, lotions, sprays), anti-mosquito coils, mosquito nets, etc.

Various intestinal problems you avoid with careful control of your drinking water.

Avoid skin contact with fresh water such as streams, lakes, ponds to avoid contracting schistosomiasis.

Time difference

During daylight saving time you are 6 hours behind German time on Curacao and the Bahamas


In the Caribbean there is alternating current 110 V, 60 Hz. For the sockets you need an intermediate plug (America plug). For electrical appliances that cannot be switched to 110 V (razor, hair dryer, iron), you can get a transformer at the electrical store.


Although Dutch is the Curacaos is the official language, English and Spanish are also spoken almost everywhere. Many locals speak Papiamentu- a creole mix of Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, French, English and Arawak Indian.

The mother tongue on the Bahamas is fishy-fish. English is also widely spoken due to the proximity to Florida.

Food and drink

At Curacao there are numerous good restaurants in every price range. Typical Dutch dishes, seafood and various cheeses, as well as specialties of the Creole cuisine (Criollo) are usually on the menu. International cuisine with Italian, French and other specialties is also offered. Behind the post office in Willemstad you will find the Marche Bieu, the old market hall. Here there are several cookshops where you can eat fresh, grilled fish and other island specialties at a very reasonable price. The numerous street cafes (Toko’s) offer hearty snacks and refreshments.

The cuisine of the Bahamas – vitamin-rich, varied, delicious!

The Bahamian cuisine flatters the nose, flirts with exotic colorful influences from the country’s eventful history and simply promises pure pleasure. There is always a pinch of sun in the pots, and you can taste it!

The origins of the highly aromatic, very vitamin-rich and extremely creative dishes go back to African and Creole influences. Ingredients and flavors often form an interesting liaison. Seafood, for example, is enhanced with exotic fruits such as mango and papaya, or banana-crusted chicken served with curry coconut sauce. In addition, fragrant mixtures of aromatic rice and peas are often offered. But it gets even better: For friends of fish and seafood, the Bahamas are something like the Garden of Eden. Among the specialties are the so-called „Crayfish", delicious lobster "Red Snapper-Steaks or steamed grouper with risotto and legumes. Since seafood is practically a staple for the Bahamians, the national dish of the islands is also a particularly popular delicacy: Conch, a pink sea snail whose white, firm meat is enjoyed either raw with lemon juice and salt, as an accompaniment to soups or in exotic salads. As "Conch Fritters they are sold deep fried; they are called "Cracked Conch". High on the menus of local restaurants and snack bars are also two colorful Caribbean beauties. The Yellow Tail and the "Trigger Fish together with onions, tomatoes and various spices become an indescribable feast for the palate.

Among the tempting desserts are"Guava Duff“, a kind of sweet cinnamon bun based on the English recipe "Jonny Cake, a butter covered cornbread, delicious coconut rum puddings and refreshing lime cakes.

You can quench your thirst with delicious freshly squeezed juices made from papaya, pineapple, mangos and many other tropical fruits. For dinner we recommend the "Switcher" made from local limes, which is said to be the best citrus drink of all. The water of the coconut is also very healthy and refreshing. Not to be confused with the milk of coconut, which is mixed with a good shot of rum and normal milk. But beer drinkers also get their money’s worth: The Commonwealth Brewery in Nassau produces four varieties of "Kalik", brewed from the local barley juice. Of course, you can also get the usual soft drinks and some of the best known international beer brands.

means of payment

The safest way is to use traveler’s checks. The checks are insured if certain rules are followed. If your checks are stolen during your trip, you will get your money back as soon as you report it to the check provider.

It is best to obtain traveler’s checks in local currency or U.S. dollars from your bank before traveling. Since banks usually have to order them first, it’s a good idea to take care of this in good time. In the course of the journey one enters then immediately amount, date and place, at which one used the cheque. This gives you a detailed account of where and when you paid with checks. If you lose your checks, submit this listing and you will easily receive a replacement for the unused traveler’s checks.

If you have US traveler’s checks left over from your last trip to the USA, you don’t need to exchange them. US traveler’s checks are always accepted at the current exchange rate of the two currencies.

Credit cards are accepted everywhere.

They are more common there as a means of payment than in Germany. The most common credit cards are Master Card and Visa Card. American Express and Diners Club are also accepted.

Credit cards are especially practical because they allow for spontaneous expenditures in the destination country that might otherwise exceed the travel budget. Along the way, you might just find the dress you’ve always wanted… With a credit card you can still fulfill your wishes, because you have access to additional funds that you have not counted on. Credit cards are also safe – if you discover early enough that they have been stolen. If this is the case, you should report the theft immediately to the credit card companies. From the moment of notification the cards will be blocked immediately.

Cash is needed primarily for valets such as cab drivers, waitresses, or the concierge and maid at the hotel. Each of them expects a small thank you in the form of a service charge of 15%, and there you usually get rid of your small change quickly. Therefore, it is advisable to provide a good cushion of one-dollar notes at home, which are reserved for this purpose on the way. Otherwise, it can quickly happen that during the trip you are always desperately looking for coins and get into embarrassing situations.

Discover dreamlike beaches on a cruise to the Caribbean



Located in the tropics and just twelve degrees above the equator, Curacao offers a warm and sunny climate all year round. The average temperature is about 27 degrees and refreshing trade winds blow continuously from the east. The wind force usually increases slightly in the spring months.

The rainy season between October and February is characterized by occasional short showers, which usually fall at night. The days continue to offer sunny, warm weather. The total rainfall per year is only 570mm.


The Bahamas are the northernmost Caribbean islands. They lie, so to speak, right on the border of the Caribbean and the Atlantic Ocean.

The Bahamas consist of nearly a dozen large islands and a number of small ones, respectively. Coral reefs. Most islands are comparatively flat. However, due to the influence of cool winds from North America, the Bahamas can be comparatively cool in winter and also in spring compared to other Caribbean islands, but the trade winds that blow almost constantly in the Bahamas give the islands a warm, pleasant climate that hardly changes during the year

The Bahamas have a pleasant climate. It is relatively warm all year round, in winter the Gulf Stream provides a mild climate. In summer, however, the cool air of the North American continent comes in handy. Temperatures are on average a good 28°C, but the heat is always quite pleasant due to the effect of the air.

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