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Robots are mobile or stationary machines, which perform certain tasks on the basis of a program. Originally, the term comes from science fiction literature and was coined at the beginning of the 20th century. Century by the Czechs Josef and Karel Capek coined. The word robot is derived from the Slavic word robota for work, so the term robot was used to refer primarily to artificial, human-like workers. Today, robots are found in a wide variety of forms and fields.

On the one hand, there are still robots in their original form, such as in this video:

Besides there are robots as machines and equipment in industrial. From a technical point of view, robots are the result of the interaction of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and computer science, whereby these three disciplines have merged to form the new discipline of mechatronics. The most important components of a robot are the sensors that detect the environment, the actuators that allow the robot to act within its environment, the controller, and the mechanical frame with the gearbox. Depending on how autonomous a robot can act, a distinction is made between autonomous and remote-controlled robots. Now it should be quite difficult to build a complex robot completely by yourself. For the little fun in between, the hobbyist can easily build a small robot by himself with the help of the following building instructions for a Vibrobot.

Material list for the robot brand self-construction

  • 1 simple toothbrush with bristles of the same length as possible
  • 1 vibration motor, for example from a discarded cell phone
  • 1 1.5 or 3 V button cell
  • Assembly tape, electrical tape

Building instructions for the robot

1. Step: prepare the toothbrush

The self-assembly of the robot begins with the preparation of the toothbrush. First, the handle of the toothbrush is cut off, because the head of the toothbrush is now needed for the robot. Next, some assembly tape is attached to the top of the brush head. The mounting tape serves as a support surface for the motor and the battery and fixes them at the same time. Mounting tape is used because the foam layer cushions the vibrations of the motor, preventing it from constantly hitting the hard surface of the brush head.

2. Step: assemble the mini-robot

Next, the motor is fixed on the adhesive surface. One of the two cables is then bent down slightly so that it is also attached to the tape. Then the battery is mounted on the adhesive surface so that it rests on the cable that bends downward. It would be also possible to fix the battery not lying, but standing, but then there is the danger that it falls down again and again despite fixation. Robot building drawing

Finally, only the other cable of the motor has to be connected to the top of the battery and fixed with some insulating tape. Once the motor makes contact with the battery with both wires, the no vibrobot starts dancing. The hobbyist can influence the movement behavior of his robot by placing the motor and the battery exactly in the center or slightly offset to one side.

Topic: Robot building instruction

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