Ricarda lang and omid nouripour: these are the conflicts the green party leaders must resolve

Greens: How much controversy is the new party leadership risking??

Ricarda lang and omid nouripour: these are the conflicts the green party leaders must resolve

Who are Ricarda Lang and Omid Nouripour??

The Greens are facing a change in party leadership: promising candidates to succeed Annalena Baerbock and Robert Harbeck are Ricarda Lang and Omid Nouripour.

Berlin The Green Party has elected Ricarda Lang and Omid Nouripour as its new party leaders. A conflict with the SPD is set.

Lang applied for the most important office in her life to date Ricarda Lang Via livestream from her roommate’s room. Actually, the 28-year-old should have been at the Party Congress of the Greens want to stand on stage in the Berlin Velodrom to woo the votes of the delegates. Nothing came of it, a positive PCR test had thwarted the plans.

But even across the screen, Lang’s emotion was palpable when it became clear that she had made it: 75.9 percent of the votes without opposition. Not a result that speaks of enthusiasm, but it’s enough – on Saturday afternoon, Ricarda Lang was the new party leader of the Green Party. In her candidacy speech, she had campaigned for making the link between climate protection and social justice a core issue for the party: "There can be no justice at all without climate protection," Lang said.

More Leap of faith The new co-chairman: Omid Nouripour, who like Lang is also a member of the Bundestag, beat two opposing candidates to win 82.6 percent of the vote. Both elections still have to be confirmed in writing. In his application, Nouripour recalled the time of the first Green government participation, "with a Chancellor Schroder who wanted to play cook and waiter all day".

The new party leader made it clear that the party no longer sees itself in this role distribution. In the so-called "K-question" one wants to play again next time, he announced. The conflict with the current SPD chancellor, Olaf Scholz, is thus set up. And the new Green leadership faces the question right at the start of office, how much dispute they want to seek in the next few years – outwardly, but also inwardly.

There is plenty of cause for internal party dispute

The party conference has shown that there are occasions for conflict, even within the party. On the one hand, there is the election campaign, which gave the Greens the best Bundestag election result in their history and yet fell so far short of their potential that it still pains many members. The outgoing party leadership around Annalena Baerbock and Robert Habeck, fully occupied with their new ministerial posts, had not wanted to start the reappraisal of the mistakes and missteps, the new ones should do it now.

But not everyone in the party believes that there will be an honest debate at party headquarters, as long as there is a risk of damaging the party’s own foreign minister in the process.

A group of delegates therefore called for a commission in which personnel issues should also be "critically examined". He was convinced that the reappraisal should not go down, said late Friday evening Joachim Fuchs, who introduced the corresponding motion. "And this danger I see."

"Landed as a milieu party" – Kretschmann dissatisfied with the election campaign

Before already the Prime Minister of Baden-Wuerttemberg had Winfried Kretschmann reminded his party rudely of the gap between aspiration and reality. "We started as an alliance party and ended up as a milieu party," he said in a video message.

Also the Corona bonuses, which the Federal Executive Board had paid out in 2020 not only to the staff and employees of the office, but also to themselves, and which have now triggered investigations by the public prosecutor, caused resentment at the grassroots level. How much damage the process has caused cannot be assessed as long as the proceedings are still ongoing, said delegate Martina Lilla-Oblong. Not yet exonerating the executive board on budget issues would be "the clear signal that we as a party, we as delegates, will not be so easily placated".

But this signal failed to materialize, the delegates did not want to provoke the eclat on the weekend – the motion to reappraise the election campaign was rejected, the outgoing board despite the anger about the bonuses was discharged in terms of budget management.

"Today, I can cook better than Lars Klingbeil and Friedrich Merz"

The party would rather save its energy for conflicts with the FDP and SPD, which are coalition partners and competitors at the same time. That one Ministry of Transport The fact that Michael Kellner didn’t get the job in the coalition negotiations – another source of frustration for many Greens – doesn’t mean that this area is being abandoned, "but that the party is taking a very special look there," said Lang – and suggested that a transport congress be held in summer.

She and Nouripour will get support in their new task from a new federal managing director. After eight years in which Michael Kellner had the role that is called Secretary General in other parties, the Brandenburger has gone with Robert Habeck in the Ministry of Economics and Climate Change.

He is followed by Emily Buning. The Hamburg native was the party’s organizational director for a long time and knows the structures well. Now it should reposition them and ensure that the organizational mistakes of the last campaign are not repeated.

He had waited tables as a student, Nouripour concluded his speech. "Today I can cook better than Lars Klingbeil and Friedrich Merz." Merz is party leader of the largest opposition party, CDU. And Klingbeil is head of the coalition partner SPD.

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