Recovery certificate in the pharmacy: how to get the document?

Access only for vaccinated, recovered and tested persons: This is now the rule almost everywhere in hospitals, indoor catering, at events, festivals or sports. Depending on the incidence, countries may make their own regulations, but vaccinated and recovered people still need proof of. And now not only vaccinated and convalescents with vaccination, but also "only" get it Convalescents through pharmacies. How this works, who gets the certificate and what has to be considered, t-online has summarized for you.

Who counts as recovered?

According to the Ministry of Health, "all persons who have been infected with the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus are entitled to a certificate of recovery". However, the prerequisite is always the detection of a positive PCR test s. This may be maximum six months old and must be at least 28 days ago. "After this period and before a vaccination has taken place, the person is considered not fully vaccinated and just not recovered", emphasizes the Department of Health.

Corona late effects: These complaints occur frequently

Even after surviving Corona infection, some sufferers report late effects. Medical professionals refer to these abnormalities as long-covid or post-covid syndrome. An overview of possible symptoms. (Source: Getty Images/vlada_maestro)

Headaches: headaches and migraine attacks are also often reported after Covid-19. (Source: Getty Images/fizkes)

Muscle pain: pain in muscles and joints are also among the symptoms that can persist after a Corona infection. (Source: Getty Images/NickyLloyd)

Memory and concentration problems: poor concentration in everyday life is also common. (Source: Getty Images/nensuria)

Fatigue: Many Covid 19 patients feel tired or listless even after the viral infection has ended. (Source: Getty Images/fizkes)

Sleep disturbances: Some sufferers also experience insomnia or nightmares. (Source: Getty Images/Tero Vesalainen)

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However, those who have recovered and received a vaccination are also considered to be fully vaccinated.

Who gets which certificate?

There are two different certificates for people who have recovered from Corona : recovery certificates and recovery vaccination certificates. Anyone who has been shown to have contracted coronavirus (confirmed by PCR test) within the past six months and has since recovered but not yet been vaccinated against the virus is considered a convalescent without vaccination and can receive a certificate of convalescence. Those who have received vaccination against SARS-CoV-2 in addition to recovery will receive a certificate of recovery vaccination.

Where do convalescents get proof?

Both the convalescent certificates and the convalescent vaccination certificates are currently issued in all medical practices that use a certain web portal. Previously, only convalescent vaccination certificates were also available in pharmacies, so as of this week, convalescent certificates can be issued there as well.

"The pharmacies have already issued more than 35 million vaccination certificates for vaccinated and recovered persons", says the chairman of the German pharmacist federation Thomas Dittrich. "But for patients who have only recently been infected with SARS-CoV-2 and, according to the Stiko recommendation, should only be vaccinated after six months, a certificate of recovery has not yet been technically possible." Now this technical hurdle has also been overcome.

How does the convalescent proof in the pharmacy work??

As informed by the Pharmacists Association ABDA, convalescents need for the proof in the pharmacy:

  • A current ID card or other valid identification document with a photograph
  • Proof of a positive PCR test, which must not be older than 180 days

On the portal "My pharmacy manager you can find pharmacies in your area that offer the issuance of the certificates. The service is free of charge for customers; the pharmacy receives a fee of around five euros per detection.

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How long are the respective certificates valid?

The general vaccination certificate of the EU is currently valid in Germany for exactly one year from the date of issue. Even convalescents who have been vaccinated once are considered fully vaccinated and receive a certificate that is valid for one year. Recovery certificates, on the other hand, are valid up to six months after the test result of their PCR test.

Regardless of the digital variants, the yellow paper vaccination certificate continues to be valid as proof of vaccinations.

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Important notice: The information provided is in no way a substitute for professional advice or treatment by trained and accredited physicians. The contents of t-online cannot and must not be used to make independent diagnoses or initiate treatments.

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