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Burn PS4 games

What about copy protection for game titles?? PC games can be copied relatively quickly. With every new game release, it’s only a matter of time before the copy protection is cracked and the Illegal pirated copies are available. It is not quite so simple with console games.

Computers are basically open systems, users can install any software from different sources, e.g. from a friend’s USB stick or from any Internet site. So, since not only verified content from vendor-owned application stores such as the app store or the Play Store can be loaded, there is significantly more freedom and thus also significantly more possibilities for attacks.

This distinguishes a computer from a game console like the PlayStation 4, on which only applications from the Sony network can be installed. They are factory locked systems without many starting points for hacks.

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Hack was also possible with old console generations

At the PlayStation 3 hackers tried for years before they managed to get the to circumvent copy protection. Also with the PS4 things didn’t look any better at first, until at the end of 2014 the first news circulated the net that it had been possible to release games for the PlayStation 4 to use without proof of purchase.

On the one hand games can now be played under Bypassing the account limitation transferred, but this is more of a "bypass. This means that in the microprocessor, the rigid processing of the individual check steps is skipped and games can therefore be launched.

On the other hand, there are ways to circumvent the manufacturer’s usage restrictions through a so-called "jailbreak". This breaks down the manufacturer’s restrictions so that users can install and run their own programs or even entire operating systems on the consoles.

Why is it so difficult to circumvent the copy protection of consoles?

PS4 Controller

It took around three years to complete the complex copy protection of the PlayStation 3 was bypassed. In contrast to PC games, copy protection for consoles is much more complex, which is due to the fact that Console and games from the same manufacturer are produced or licensed, respectively, and thus it is a closed system.

This is not the case with a computer and PC game titles. With PCs, the copy protection systems of CDs, DVDs and Blu-Ray discs to the various possibilities of a Windows-computers, while Sony console technology and games can be optimally matched to each other.

Copy the hard disk and transfer it to another disk

This protection seems to be at least partially circumvented by some hackers in Brazil. However, to state it right up front: Instead, a Raspberry PI and an existing Sony Entertainment Network (SEN)-Account required.

The user creates a complete image of the PlayStation-Hard disk and transfer it to a second hard disk. Then he activates the account, which Raspberry PI reads BIOS and memory. Then deactivates the account again and transfers the content stored on the Raspberry PI to the copied hard disk. Henceforth, the games run via two activated player accounts.

Risk of complete destruction of the console

In addition, the Japanese company also emphasized that this would mean an unauthorized intervention in the hardware and software structure of the console. So if you try the same route as the hackers and trigger bricks, you can permanently damage your console and also lose any warranty claims.

What is a brick?

In the case of game consoles and electronic devices in general, we speak of a brick when there is a serious misconfiguration, damaged firmware or a hardware problem and the system no longer functions in the usual way. Triggers can be mistakes made by inexperienced users when updating the firmware or, for example, a power failure during this process.

What is legal, what is forbidden?

However, circumventing protection mechanisms in order to be able to install certain programs on the console is perfectly legal, the European Court of Justice ruled back in 2014. On the other hand, it is still forbidden to undermine the copy protection of copyrighted content. Launching pirated game titles after bypassing the copy protection system therefore remains illegal, as this is clearly a copyright violation. So nobody should get the idea to get video or computer games (but also movies) from the video store or elsewhere to then burn them on their own DVD or Blu-Ray blanks. It is a criminal offense to drag and copy such media content to your hard drive. Of course, it is also forbidden to resell such pirated copies if necessary.

Further naturally legally possible is it to copy the non removable disk with a console change on another equipment. With the help of a network cable, the content of the old model can be transferred to the new console in a short time.

Newer hacks

After gaps in older firmware appeared several times in recent years, but only benefited players who had not updated for a long time, in March 2018, a hack of the relatively recent firmware 4.55 known. Users with this configuration have the option of performing a jailbreak on the console, so Remove the manufacturer’s restrictions on use. This is how homebrew software, i.e. software programmed by users, can be used. This also makes it possible to play illegally downloaded game titles.

However, there is no guarantee that this method will work permanently. This is how it was Sony Already several times possible to prevent such activities through updates. This will make it impossible to play the pirated titles. Provides Sony user is found to have violated the terms of use, he or she may be removed from the PlayStation Network (PSN) banned. This not only results in the titles no longer being playable online, but in the worst case scenario, the gamer also loses the right to continue accessing games that he or she has not physically purchased on a medium, but rather downloaded from the Internet to the console. Even possible remaining credits are not refunded in this context, according to in accordance with the user terms and conditions.

The following video shows a presentation of the hacker group fail0verflow, who succeeded for the first time in running a Linix distribution on the PlayStation 4.

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