Pregnancy: woman gives birth to twins twice – in just one year

Mother has twins twice – within a year

They are twins! Again. A German woman living in England gave birth to two sets of twins at once in 2016.

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A set of twins is often work enough for young parents. Rebecca got the double pleasure – within 11 months.

Berlin. A woman has had twins in each of two pregnancies in just one year. When they found out Twins Rebecca and her husband have to laugh when they hear the news – again. "Out of joy, shock and also because my husband and I both secretly wanted twins again."

The birth of her twin boys was only a few months ago then. In the end, there will be only 11 months of age difference between the now three- and two-year-old children. All born in 2016.

Twins in a double pack – "you don’t expect that"

The plan was actually different. "Another quick girl after", that’s how the German living in Surrey, England, describes her wish on the blog "Bloomandwild". No one could have guessed it would work out so quickly. And then directly again with twins.

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"You don’t expect something like this," Rebecca says, "but for us it made sense somehow and everything double was already normal for us with the boys."

Twice twins in one year: here’s how family and friends reacted

Their environment reacted less relaxed. "Family and friends couldn’t believe the news of another twin pregnancy at first. Some were happy, others were worried whether it would be possible," Rebecca recalls in an interview with the blog "Stadt Land Mama". Even her niece, who was ten years old at the time, was worried: "Oh, God!! It’s going to be exhausting!"

It was, of course. For the young parents could now fall back on experience, do some things better with the twin girls from the outset, but had incomparably more work: two babies plus two toddlers.

"From then on, life went on non-stop. I didn’t even know what day it was for a long time – oh, what am I talking about, I didn’t even know what month we were in most of the time."

How having four children changed her marriage

Their relationship as a couple has also changed in these first years. There was no more time for herself with four small children. "You couldn’t even call it a couple anymore," says Rebecca, "also because all the stress, the little sleep, the many emotions and the constant pressure tended to make us fight more."

They shared the duties in the classic way. She: Full-time mom. He: full-time caregiver. And treasurer. "House, car, finances – I don’t have to worry about that, my husband does it all."

"Have learned to enjoy the small moments"

Rebecca continued her education on a different level. "I’ve learned to enjoy and be aware of time and small moments. Listening to four little people who all have something to say at the same time is something I have also learned to do."And ultimately, how to get back together as a couple. With more mutual understanding.

Outsiders don’t always give her the same impression. When she is on the road with the four of them, there are sometimes definite looks or whispers. But most of them are one thing above all: curious. Probably also why Rebecca runs the Instagram account @twinsandmoretwins, where she shares the challenges and beautiful moments with double twins.

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