Positive pcr test on vacation: what now??

In the coronavirus pandemic, the many air travel conditions: If you want to board an airliner, many countries require you to be the result of a fresh PCR test to submit – both for the outward flight and for the return flight. If the test is positive before the outbound flight, the case is clear: the person tested must forego the trip and go into quarantine at home. But what if the test result is positive before the return flight?? We explain how it is after a positive PCR test during vacation continues.

The return flight must be postponed

Let’s start with the obvious: you will not be able to take your planned return flight if you cannot present a negative PCR test. The Risk of infection for the other passengers would be too big. So you have to postpone your return flight and bear the costs for your new flight ticket yourself. Neither the state nor a possible health insurance for abroad will cover you.

You are bound by the quarantine regulations of the country you are staying in

It is best to already inform yourself about Quarantine regulations of your destination, before you even start your trip. At the latest, when you hold your positive test result in your hands, you should meticulously research what you have to do now. In almost every country in the world, you are required to quarantine yourself for the duration of your infection. But the way can differ significantly depending on where you stay.

Young woman wearing mouth guard

Some popular destinations such as z.B. Mallorca entertain specialized quarantine hotels near the airport. But in other countries, you are responsible for finding a place to quarantine yourself. Many hotels have now come to terms with the situation and are also accommodating corona-positive guests, although they must of course isolate themselves in their rooms.

Who pays for this quarantine varies depending on the country of residence. The health insurance companies and the foreign health insurance are not responsible, because a quarantine stay in a hotel is not a medical service is. No assistance can be expected from your home country here either. This leaves you with two options: In some cases, the country of residence will pay for the costs of the specially set up quarantine hotels. For destinations where this does not happen, the traveler is responsible and can cover himself with specialized Corona travel insurance, which also covers accommodation costs in case of quarantine.

You should expect that your quarantine about 14 days will last. However, the regulations of individual countries differ in detail. Depending on the country, it may also be possible to "clear" yourself with a subsequent negative PCR test before the quarantine period ends.

If your symptoms are severe, you will need medical assistance

It is, of course, desirable that your Corona infection has a mild course takes. Despite the positive PCR test, it is quite likely that you will remain asymptomatic or show only mild symptoms of illness for which you do not need a physician.

However, there is also a risk that you will not have more severe symptoms of the disease Develop. In this case, you should seek treatment from a doctor or in a hospital. It is also best to obtain information in advance so that you do not lose any time if necessary.

You can fly home at any time – just not on a scheduled flight

It is a common misconception that after a positive PCR test you are stuck in your country of residence and not allowed to leave. This is not true, as you are simply not allowed to be transported on a commercial airliner and must remain isolated throughout the trip to comply with quarantine regulations. Thus, depending on the state of health, a Return flight in a private jet or a specially equipped ambulance aircraft conceivable.

Private jet

Bombardier Challenger 604

Symptom-free patients can fly back alone in a private plane without any problems. Transportation to the airport and check-in can be organized so that you can no direct contact with other people have.

In the private aircraft itself, you remain alone in the passenger cabin. The pilots stay in the cockpit and in this special case there are no service personnel on board. This means you comply with quarantine guidelines and still travel quickly, safely and comfortably home. Of course, we also provide quarantine-compliant transport from the airport to your home in your home country.

Ambulance aircraft

If you are making your return flight under medical supervision have to deny, you can travel in the ambulance plane. In this case, a specialized flight physician will be available to assist you throughout the flight. Modern intensive care equipment is also on board, so that nothing stands in the way of a safe patient transfer. Of course, we also take care of an ambulance ride to the airport and to the transport destination in your home country.

There are two possibilities during the flight to ensure your isolation. In the case of minor illnesses, the medical staff wears protective clothing, thus minimizing the risk of infection. The national soccer player Thomas Muller, for example, made use of this option when he fell ill with corona in Qatar.

For more severe cases and long distance travel, we use an isolation system in which the patient can lie comfortably. Medical ports allow doctors to intervene at any time, while a negative pressure inside ensures that the virus cannot get outside.

Drive home: possible in an ambulance

If the way home is not too long, an ambulance is available as an additional transportation option. While traveling in your own car or rental car would violate quarantine guidelines, a an isolated ambulance transport allowed. Accompanied by medical personnel in protective gear, you return home safely. The team will also take care of your meals so that you do not have to leave the car during the entire trip.


When assessing whether ambulance transport is possible, both the route length and the exact route play a role. If an additional means of transport is needed, such as a ferry, the ambulance is excluded. With the route length must individually and with consideration of your general constitution be decided whether an ambulance ride is justifiable. For some, a more than fourteen-hour drive from Barcelona to Dusseldorf may not be a problem. Others would be very much burdened by this, although one should actually rest with a corona diagnosis.

The ambulance flight center brings you home

World map with stethoscope

After a positive PCR test on vacation you can rely on the ambulance flight center. We organize your fast and safe return journey, so that you do not have to spend the quarantine in the vacation country. Our private jets, ambulance planes and ambulances are on duty for you worldwide and our international team will take the organizational burden off you as much as possible. With our decades of experience we bring you home safely!

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