Portrait of mothers: mothers of twins among themselves. An interview.

With twin parents, it’s a bit like driving a Mini or a Beetle: you give each other a friendly nod. Because somehow we are all in the same boat. It is said that twins choose their parents. Because, to be honest: Most parents would probably never have chosen twins in their lives. Until they get some. With Katarina, 31, mom of twins as well as a "singleton" (as we say twin mothers) and another singleton in the belly, I have talked and not badly amazed.

ChristinKatarina, you have had three children in a very short time. First you have one daughter, then two at once. How did you react?Katarina: I called my midwife and canceled the postpartum class for the evening, got alcoholic drinks for my husband and in-laws, and then showed all three of them the ultrasound picture. My husband first opened his beer, my parents-in-law drank wine. But somehow it did not come to the shock moment. And with you? Shock moment or great joy – two the first time around?

Christin: Rather the opposite: Ever since I saw at a friend’s house how wonderful her 9-month-old twin girls are with each other, I wanted twin girls too. When it actually worked out, I just laughed out loud.


Katarina: It is also really great with twins. It is really double joy, double running towards one, double making out. But also double volume. On the other hand, it is also nice to spend time with only one child, because then you can focus on the needs of a single child. Funny how they get their own exclusive time: one kid falls asleep later, the other wakes up later…


ChristinYes, I also enjoy that very much. In the beginning, I sometimes had the mothers of singletons..
Katarina: singletons! Another term that I have only heard since having twins! Sounds like "The Hobbit. Sorry..
ChristinAbsolutely, but that’s equalizing justice. Often enough my girls are referred to as "the twins". I’m going crazy… Well, sometimes I envied the mothers who walked around with only one child in their sling and had a bag over their shoulder. I never had that. And when I did, I always felt bad for the other child or felt like I was off duty.
KatarinaWithout wanting to get too close to the parents of only children, but it is also said among multiple parents: a child is not a child.
Christin…says the woman who is just pregnant with baby no. 4. You had a wonderful post about this on Instagram the other day. I think that with twins you are treated like a circus horse.

KatarinaThe eternal questions: "Are these twins??"For this question I almost hung a bell bag on the stroller. If I had received one euro for each question, I would be rich today!
Christin: True. Also beautiful is: "Oh, a boy and a girl…?"
Katarina: YES! And the cracker when you point out that both are girls: "Too bad – a boy would have been nice too, right??" HELLO? But the worst thing is that it takes ages to get from A to B, not to mention when you go shopping..
Christin: …because you always meet someone who knows someone whose cousin’s brother-in-law also has twins. And then tell you their story in epic breadth. Or touch the children. You wrote once a quite funny report, with which I recognized our first time very much again.
KatarinaYes, how are the children supposed to learn that you don’t have to let everyone touch you?? I seriously thought about putting a sign on the stroller: Please don’t touch it. With child 1 this did not happen to me, it was a very new experience!
Christin: Wonderful, with bell-bags on the wagons and signs around the neck – let’s get back to the circus horse..
KatarinaBut you know what I seriously ask myself: Why are there no double child seats in the shopping carts?? I mean, this is not only interesting for parents of twins, but also for other parents with two small children. At the beginning it went so with the Maxi Cosi, but when the children are out of there?
ChristinThat’s why I still go shopping with a stroller – and the kids are 2.5 years old! I dread the time when the girls don’t fit in their stroller anymore and I have to carry all the groceries and coordinate two kids at the same time! How do you do it with three.

Katarina: Running early helps kids learn to stay on the wagon. But sometimes you have to choose: spare other people’s nerves or save lives? And then only a clear announcement helps.


ChristinAnd honestly, I find THAT exhausting! Since the children are two years old and know what they want, respectively. do not want, I am no longer as relaxed as a year ago. I was always thought to be the relaxed twin mom… if they would see me now sometimes – HAHA!
Katarina: Sure, whether you get up at night for one kid or two kids, it doesn’t matter. Up you go anyway. And everything else I didn’t find too bad, even with another crawling child. And at some point you are much less busy because the children are busy with each other. Those YouTube videos where parents try to dress their kids are posed. Who voluntarily dresses two children at the same time?
Christian: Or two identical outfits! I never did. You tend to get that as a gift from others… I’ve always given it away… oops, now it’s out… Other topic: How was your postpartum with the two little ones?? Does this even exist for mothers who have been mothers before?


KatarinaSo, the postpartum with a toddler is already different than with three. But luckily I didn’t need this recovery period so much. With child 1 I had so much energy that I sometimes cleaned the apartment at 6 in the morning. I was similarly active with 2 and 3. But, for God’s sake, this should not be an example for other mamas in the postpartum period. Please do it the way it feels good for you!
Christian: Did you have help in the first time?
KatarinaMy mom lives nearby, which was a big help. Hats off to single mothers who have to cope with everything on their own.
ChristinFor God’s sake, I don’t even want to think about it – how do you do it?? Mothers of twins are always looked at strangely, with a mixture of awe and admiration "how do you do it" – why are single mothers treated so strangely?? They would have to be awarded at least the Oscar! And if you then also have to cook alone, I would starve to death! Speaking of which – what did you have to eat during childbirth??
Katarina: Healthy and hearty! You need something nutritious. Otherwise the strength is missing.
Christin: Geschnetzeltes with spaetzle – my postpartum highlight. But tell me – do you have a tip for expectant twin parents?? If it’s up to me, you can save yourself the diaper changing table. Mostly one winds anyway, where the children are.
Katarina: We had one, still from the "big one" and that worked out well. A tip… Forget the lists on the Internet, they are total nonsense, tempt you to buy and you don’t need it. With twins, less is somehow more. Otherwise: do not despair. You can do it. twins look for their parents. Take a breather.

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