Pokemon go: find friends 2021 – here you can find codes

Finding friends in Pokemon GO is important. Again and again, quests and research will task you with making more or 3 new friends at once. We show you ways to make new friends in the game.

What are friendships in Pokemon GO? An important feature of Pokemon GO is the possibility to make friends with other players. It doesn’t matter which part of the world they play on – this goes worldwide. You simply exchange a friend code and then you can add other players.

What are the advantages? Being friends with other trainers from your area will give you advantages in battle. Because when you attack together in raids, you are stronger. If you exchange gifts with your friends, you can also become lucky friends. This is guaranteed to get you a lucky Pokemon in your next swap. We have listed all the advantages of friendships in Pokemon GO for you here.

Often tasks like "Make 3 new friends" are a part of field or special explorations. So making new friends is necessary to complete these quests. Even if trainers aren’t from your area, it can be worth it to make friends.

Because exchanging gifts increases your friendship level. If you rise in the ranks, it brings a lot of experience points.

Adding new friends in 2021 – Facebook, Twitter and Co

To find new friends to add in Pokemon GO, there are many ways to do so. Groups on social media, local hangouts, and more.

Finding friends on Facebook: There are many groups on Facebook for Pokemon GO. You can also join our Facebook group.

Look for the post with the friend codes at "Announcements" or look for the photo with your zip code at the photo albums. Only under these posts is the exchange of friend codes allowed in the group.

Pokemon GO Facebook Post Friend Codes

Find friends on Instagram and Twitter: Just like Facebook, other social networks also offer the possibility to search for friend codes. With the hashtag search on Instagram or Twitter you can find friends for Pokemon GO. Search for terms like Pokemon GO Friends, Pokemon GO friendship and the like.

Pokemon GO Instagram Friends

Discord: On the Discord-Sever of MeinMMO we have a channel, which is especially intended for the exchange of friend codes. Just join the linked server and exchange with other trainers there.

Websites: On websites like PokemonGo Friends.You can easily select your trainer code and the desired categories such as "general friends", "friends for exchanging gifts", "friends for exchanging Pokemon", "friends for raids" or "friends for battles". So other trainers can directly see what your wishes are and add you accordingly if it fits together.

Keep track of each other: It is important that you keep track of your friendships with "foreign" players. So do not add randomly, but remember how you know the player. You can also use the nickname function in the game, where you can record your name, days to level-up and other details.

Then, when you’re close to "Best Friends" and you have a big XP bonus coming up, you’ll know which player you should coordinate with if necessary.

Meet local friends: If you don’t want to look for your friends for Pokemon GO on the Internet, you should openly address this at local events. At popular arenas and stops you will probably find players staring at their cell phones again and again. Talk to them in a friendly way and ask if they play Pokemon GO and are looking for a friendship.

During events like Community Days, the chance to meet other players there is especially high.

Note: In times of Corona, we clearly advise against meeting up with other trainers at PokeStops or arenas. On the other hand, resorts to the Internet to find the codes.

Make friends worldwide – How it works?

Friends, the 10.000 KM away: For special quests in Pokemon GO you need trainers who play far away from you. The best way to find them is with the help of the Internet.

There are extra web pages dedicated just to the friends theme. But Reddit is also a good choice for finding trainers around the world and adding their friend codes.

How this works, we show you here:

Friends EP in Pokemon GO – What do friendships and levels bring??

If you are friends with other players, you can increase your friendship level to the respective player. In exchange, people send gifts or engage in other interactions. Only one interaction per day counts to increase your friend level.

  • After 1 day of interaction, you’ll be "good friends"
  • After 7 days of interaction you will be "Superfriends
  • After 30 days of interaction you are "hyperfriends
  • After 90 days of interaction, you are "best friends"

Raiding together, exchanging gifts or trading Pokemon counts as interaction.

If you increase in the friendship level, you will receive many bonuses. Including masses of experience points, or "EP" for short.

Friendship level Reward and bonus
Good friend 3.000 EP + 3% damage bonus in battles
Superfriend 10.000 EP + 20 % stardust discount when trading,
5 % damage bonus, +1 Premier Ball in Raids
Hyperfriend 50.000 EP + 92% stardust discount when trading, 7% damage bonus, +2 premier balls in raids
Best Friend 100.000 EP + 96% stardust discount when trading, 10% damage bonus, +4 Premier Balls in Raids

Should you then have made it and also be "lucky friends" with your ingame friends, then many options are open to you. The best way is to exchange strong pokemon with each other. These 10 Pokemon you should swap with your lucky friends.

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