Poems with birthday and name day congratulations

You want to write very special, not everyday birthday or name day wishes? How about a modern poem? Here you will find poems and text suggestions with suitable birthday and name day congratulations. The poems and congratulations are free for private use. Suggestions and ideas on how you can create a card individually and very personal, you can find in my article "Write a card for special occasions …" look at it!

Are you still looking for a special gift? With me you find unusual and original gift ideas for birthday, mother’s day and birth. The gift suggestions for birthdays are of course equally suitable for name days!

Rose poem for a loved one – with or without a birthday greeting

A rose

A rose – it speaks many languages
and also all sorts of things.
"I like you, she says unabashedly
and "cheer up", if it doesn’t work sometimes.
She advises "Enjoy today,
that it may bring you much joy".
All the best she wishes you,
and we do the same. © spring person

Congratulations to it:

we wish you that in your next year of life you will always get roses that say nice words to you.

All, all the best for your … birthday!

Poem rose for birthday

Special poem with congratulations on name day

Everyone has at least one,
some are not even content with three,
it remains for everyone’s lifetime,
unless you get too anxious.

Artists like to exchange it
and turn them into a feast for the ears;
They think they can think of a genius,
only so you could be successful today!

Agathe to Zarathustra are available for choice,
Culture and time have a fatal effect on it.
… was chosen for you.
We hope it still pleases you.

The name © spring person

Congratulations on that:

we wish you all, all the love for your name day.

Special poems for birthday and name day

Poems with congratulations – enjoy life

The butterfly

Do it like the butterfly
Rise up into the air!
Do it exactly like him:
Enjoy the great scents!

Let him be an example to you
Rest, rest well!
Get involved with the little animal:
Stretch out and take courage!

Congratulations on that:

For your … birthday/name day we wish you all, all the love. Maybe the butterfly will help you when you need inspiration for your life.

The time

The time, it comes and it passes,
you see how everything moves.
Spring is followed by summer,
Autumn on it,
the years go by,
as you surely notice.

The important thing is that life flows,
and that you really enjoy it!
Remember and become aware,
that sometimes you have to pause.

Congratulations on that:

we wish you all from our hearts,
all the best for your birthday/name day,
Health and time to pause.
Enjoy the beautiful garden,

the forest and nature.

Poem and congratulations for rose lovers on your birthday


Roses bloom, roses smell.
Roses tell stories of love and of happiness.
Do you hear them?

Feel roses, love roses.
Roses smile at you – smile back! © Spring Man

Congratulations to it:

Poems for birthday with matching congratulations

We wish you all, all the love on your birthday. Stay healthy and enjoy today. May the sun always shine in your heart, even if the sky is full of clouds. Keep the fragrance, the colors and the beauty of your beloved roses in your heart ..

Poem for birthday – for a special person


The clock, it ticks, it runs or stands still,
But one thing is sure: time passes.
But no, time is like the clock,
sometimes it hurries and sometimes it just creeps!
It really doesn’t work that way,
Time is in time, in balance!
Time is relative, isn’t it?
This was already clear to Einstein!
It is not only a question of life,
but also for all days:
How much time I have left?
My feeling often says: And yet she sprints.

Poems for birthday for special people

© spring person

Poem for name day – in autumn

All the best for your name day,
who has always lain on the …
At the autumn time of the year with rustling leaves,
Coziness and stardust.
Your parents called you ..,
which found this day for you.
Have a nice time
full of joy, pleasure and cheerfulness. © spring person

Name day congratulations

Rhyme congratulations for name day

May the sun shine for you,
you clearly laugh more often than you cry,
surrounded by people who love you,
Happy, safe and content. © Spring person

For your name day we wish you all the love, happiness, health and much joy in what you do. Thank you for always being there for us We love you!

The name day is without question
one of the very special days.
The name accompanies us through life,
for some a curse, for others a blessing.
I wish you for today
Health and happiness, without question.
Be grateful, confident, joyful and cheerful,
then surely your life goes on well. © spring person

All the best we wish you for your name day,
no matter what the future may bring.
Continued health and good luck,
all good things come back to you. © spring person

Name day poem

All love – name day poems

All the best and love for name day,
no matter what life may bring.
Your name is always connected,
in happy as in dark hours.
Your patron saint is always ready,
protect you and keep you safe at all times,
stay cheerful and never lose heart,
then everything will be really good. © Spring person

Congratulations on your name day

From the heart all the best to the name day,
no matter what life may bring,
We are happy with you and love you very much,
without you our life would be dull, gray and empty.
Stay upbeat and lively,
with you life is so much more colorful.
We think of you, wish you all the best,
Contentment and joy in every minute. © spring person

Happy name day

We wish you all the best for your name day,
no matter what life may bring.
We wish you hope and confidence,
please do not lose these qualities.
We wish you dance, music and laughter,
all the things that make your life worth living.
We wish you happiness, health and courage,
then everything will be fine in the end. © spring person

Many dear greetings on your name day, we think of you

Poem for 60. Birthday

We wish you not money and good,
to grow older you need courage.
Sometimes it pinches here, sometimes it is missing there,
against it only sometimes sport helps.
The age brings so many things,
you just don’t feel fit anymore.
A young woman at heart,
on the head the hair is long since gray.
We wish you joy, happiness and laughter,
all the things that make life worth living.
We wish you humor and strength.
60 years you have already made.
Health and many more beautiful years,
what do gray hairs mean! © Spring person

For your 60th birthday

Poems to the 70. Birthday

70 years of fulfilled life,
you have made it, already really far!
We wish you peace and good luck,
for now and in every moment.
We wish you singing and happy laughter,
and all the things that bring joy.
We wish you love and trust in God,
so you can look calmly into the future.
We wish you good health and lots of courage,
because this is very good for you and your family.
We wish you optimism and confidence,
do not lose hope even in difficult times.
We wish you God’s blessing every day,
which God may still give you in your lifetime. © Spring person

All the best and much happiness and joy in the new year of your life

You are strong, you are very nice,
now you make the 70 completely.
You have mastered your life well,
everybody is enthusiastic about you.
You trust in God even in hard times,
let confidence and hope guide you.
You care for others, think of yourself last,
You never let the family down. © spring person

70th birthday

Poem for 75. Birthday

75 years – how fast the time goes by,
so fast that sometimes you hardly understand it.
A blink of an eye in the fabric of the world –
like a star in the sky that lights up the night.
We wish you health and all the best,
you certainly feel like celebrating.
Unfortunately, this year everything falls out,
therefore congratulate you from home.
enjoy your life anyway and stay cheerful,
life goes on even in this time.
And even if your hair gets greyer and greyer,
stay as you are full of optimism and power. © spring person

75th birthday

Poem for 85. Birthday

How old we will become, that only God knows,
from us humans this is fortunately secret.
And often the burden of the years is pressing,
your spirit is young and your hair is gray,
The legs no longer want to be like you,
that is often part of old age.
You have already made 85 years,
and are still full of strength.
You take part in all our lives,
and do not think of giving up for a long time.
Your spirit is still awake,
there is hardly anything you don’t know anymore.
If you are young at heart, keep your sense of humor,
how unimportant is good and money!
Stay as you are, just keep going,
enjoy the time, be happy and cheerful,
Grateful for every single day,
that there may still be many. © spring person

To your 85. Birthday we wish you all the best and love. Stay healthy and continue to be interested in everything. We hope that you will like our gift and that you will have a little joy from it. We wish you health in the new year of your life, so that we can celebrate many more birthdays with you.

Many dear greetings

80th birthday

Poems for 90. Birthday

90 years of fulfilled life,
you have made it, it is time.
You have experienced so many things,
how democracy came into being after the war.
Where progress always reinvented the world,
live your life with heart and mind.
We wish you health and good luck,
look forward and also gladly back.
In the new year of life we hope for God’s blessing,
Joy, sunshine and sometimes rain.
We say "thank you", wish you all the best,
Satisfaction and joy of life in every minute. © Spring Man

Congratulations on your 90th birthday. Birthday

90 years have passed,
you have experienced all sorts of things.
Live happily every day,
God may give you.
We are glad to have you
and we would like to say thank you. © Spring person

90th birthday

With me you find many further, free, not everyday congratulations and poems for all occasions. Whether for birth, baptism, wedding, birthday, Mother’s Day, Christmas, retirement or mourning. Very special is the letter of a baby to his parents and birthday wishes for children. Often one does not know what to write. Let me inspire you. It’s not so hard to write a card that makes the recipient feel that he is important to us.

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