In Minecraft there are different types of trees: spruce, oak, birch, acacia, black oak and jungle trees. The trees always consist of leaves and trunks.


The following is an example of an acacia tree. The foliage is usually pale because the trees are found only in savannas. The trunk is always branched, the foliage limited to the upper area.

Acacia tree

Tree trunks

Appearance: Tree trunks have a texture on the sides like natural tree bark. From above, the texture resembles the life rings of a tree, which you see when you saw off a tree trunk. Tree trunks are part of the trees in Minecraft. They come in four different types – jungle, birch, spruce and oak – which are similar to the types of wood found in nature.

Minecraft tree species

Spruce wood has a similar texture as the oak wood, but has a darker color. The spruce holt is often found in snowy landscapes. Shower jungle wood is only available in the jungle.

Below are two more pictures of acacia and black oak tree trunks, since these two varieties were newly added:

Acacia tree trunk

Black oak tree trunk

The dismantling: tree trunks can be dismantled without tools. However, it is faster to use an axe. Once you have mined a log, you usually get three to five wood blocks from it.

The benefit: Tree trunks are very useful blocks. From them you can first make wood and then many things. You can find building instructions for this under building instructions materials.


Appearance: Leaves are always green and sometimes have a transparent texture. There are jungle, spruce and birch leaves, as well as normal leaves.





The dismantling: if you want to reuse the leaves, for example, for decoration, you have to dismantle them with scissors. If you remove them by hand or with a tool, they will either be lost or you will get an apple. In addition, tree saplings can also fall during normal mining without scissors. If you plant these tree seedlings, a new tree will grow from them.

The benefit: Leaves can be used for decorative purposes or to border a property as a natural hedge. It should be noted that the four different types of hedges can not be stacked among themselves. You should never place leaves near fires because they burn quickly.

Appearance: Grass grows directly on soil. The block is therefore brown below and covered with green grass above. As soon as a block of earth is adjacent to another block of grass and sufficient sunlight shines on the block, grass will grow on it.

Grass Minecraft

When creating a map, grass appears randomly somewhere. The grass spreads when the conditions are right for it to do so. But as soon as an opaque block is placed on a block of earth, no grass will grow there. A block of glass on a block of earth also prevents grass from growing.

The mining: grass can be easily mined by hand. But with a shovel it is faster.

The benefit: Grass can be used as arable land to grow wheat or the like. For this purpose, however, the grass must be processed with a field hoe. Only then can you sow seeds.

Tall grass

Appearance: Tall grass is transparent, grows on grass blocks and the player can walk through it. However, it does not occur in every biome. Increased tall grass occurs in meadows or forests. Depending on where the tall grass is located, it can have different colors.

High grass

Mining: tall grass can be cut by hand. However, if you want to keep it in its form and reuse it, you have to dismantle it with scissors.

The benefit: If you cut grass by hand, you can sometimes get seed from it. If you cut high grass with the scissors, you can place it elsewhere and create an environment with it. If you have bone meal you can click with it on a normal grass block. This creates tall grass.

Appearance: Fern is green, transparent, grows on grass blocks and the player can walk through it. However, it does not occur in every biome.

Minecraft Fern

The dismantling: fern can be dismantled by hand. However, if you want to keep it in its form and use it further, you have to cut it down with scissors.

The benefit: If you mine ferns by hand, you can sometimes get seeds from them. If you break down ferns with scissors, you can place them elsewhere and use them to create an environment.

Dead bushes

The look: Dead shrubs grow only on sand and look similar to tall grass. Depending on the texture package they are brown, green or gray. As with tall grass and ferns, dead shrubs are transparent and you can walk through them.


The breakdown: dead shrubs can be broken down by hand. However, if you want to continue using them, you have to remove them with scissors.

Benefit: Dead shrubs do not drop seeds and therefore can only be used as decoration.


Appearance: Cacti are green, no more than three blocks high, and can only be planted on sand. Mainly they are found in deserts.

Minecraft cacti

The mining: cacti can be mined by hand or tools. It works best with a sword. If you want a cactus to continue growing after it has been cut down, you have to leave the lower block standing. But then you have to collect the upper degraded parts of the cactus quickly. Because the dropped cactus blocks could be destroyed by the lower block and its spines. To plant cacti, simply place a cactus block on sand. However, there must be no other block directly next to it, only diagonally to it.

The benefit: Cacti can be used for protection by building a wall with them. All monsters except spiders can not pass the spikes. Cacti are also useful for building traps. If you place cacti in the oven they become the dye "cactus green".

The danger: cacti can injure players with their spines. When touched, you lose half a heart. Even objects dropped near a cactus can be destroyed.


Appearance: Mycelium is a block that replaces grass in mushroom biomes. The block is brown like earth at the bottom and rather muddy above. As with grass, mycelium grows faster in sunlight and spreads similarly. Flowers or seedlings do not grow on mycelium.

Minecraft Mycelium

The mining: Mycelium can be mined by hand. It’s faster with a shovel. However, you do not get mycelium but soil when you mine it. However, working them with a hoe is not possible.

The benefit: Mycelium is the only block in Minecraft on which mushrooms can grow. Mushroom cows spawn only on mycelia. Therefore, you can use mycelium to find mushrooms and mushroom cows.


Appearance: Mushrooms are brown and not translucent. They grow only in places with little light. If too much sunlight reaches a mushroom, it dissolves and can be collected. Mushrooms do not grow, but only multiply.

Minecraft Mushrooms

The mining: mushrooms can be easily mined by hand.

Uses: Brown mushrooms are needed to make a mushroom soup.

Giant mushrooms

Appearance: Giant mushrooms look the same as their smaller editions, but are much larger. They are made of mushroom blocks. Giant mushrooms are obtained by clicking on a normal brown mushroom or a toadstool with bonemeal. Giant mushrooms cannot be destroyed by sunlight.

The mining: If you mine a giant mushroom, it drops between 0 and 2 mushrooms per mushroom block. If you mine a whole giant mushroom, you usually get between 10 and 15 mushrooms.

The benefits: Giant mushrooms serve as a source for normal mushrooms.


Appearance: Toadstools are red and white dotted and not transparent. Like normal brown mushrooms, red toadstools have the same characteristics and also grow only in low light conditions. Often you can find them near caves.

The dismantling: Red toadstools are dismantled by hand.

The benefit: Red toadstools are also needed to make mushroom soup.


Appearance: Dandelion has a small green stem, green leaves and a yellow flower. It grows on grass and soil and needs sunlight. If a block is placed over it, it dies. If the dandelion dies, it can be collected.


The mining: Dandelion can be mined by hand.

Benefit: If you put dandelions in the crafting area, the dandelion yellow dye is created from them, which in turn can be used to dye white wool. Dandelions can also be used for decoration.

Appearance: A rose has a thin green stem and a red flower. There are brown, thorn-like parts on the stem. Roses grow on grass and earth and need sunlight. If a block is placed over them, they die and can be collected.

Minecraft Rose

The mining: A rose can be mined by hand.

Benefit: If you place roses in the crafting area, they produce the dye rose red, which in turn can be used to dye white wool. Roses can also be used for decorating.

If you combine rose red with dandelion yellow you get orange color. Combining rose red with lapis lazuli (dye is obtained by mining ore with a stone pickaxe) gives purple color and rose red with bone meal gives pink color. With these colors you can then also dye white wool accordingly.

Cyan flower

Appearance: This type of flower is only found in Minecraft Pocket Edition, where it replaces roses. A cyan flower has a thin green stem and a blue flower. On the stem are brown, thorn-like parts. Cyan flowers grow on grass and soil and require sunlight. If a block is placed over them, they die and can be collected.

Poppy replaces since full version 1.7 the rose.

Appearance: Poppies have red flowers that are black inside.

Minecraft poppy

Mining: can be mined by hand: aim, hold down left mouse button!

Benefit: Put poppies in the crafting area and you get red dye, which in turn can be used to dye white wool. You can also craft orange dye by combining it with yellow dye, purple dye with lapis lazuli, and pink dye with bone meal. Poppies can also be used for decorating.

Occurrence: Poppies are found, for example, in the plain, sunflower plain, forest and flower forest.

Blue Orchid

Appearance: As the name suggests, blue orchids are characterized by blue flowers.

Blue Orchid

Mining: simply mine by hand: aim, hold down left mouse button!

Benefit: If you put blue orchids in the craftin field you will get light blue dye.

Star leek

Appearance: Star leek has a simple straight stem and a purple colored round flower.

Minecraft star garlic

Mining: simply mine with your hand: aim, hold left mouse button down!

Mining: simply mine with your hand: aim, hold down left mouse button!

Benefit: If you put peony in the crafting field you will receive two pink dyes. If you touch it with bone meal, another peony will come out.

Occurrence: Forest, flower forest

Sugar cane

Appearance: Sugar cane is green, transparent and has several stems. It grows naturally on grass, sand or earth, but only directly by water. Sugar cane naturally grows to a maximum height of four blocks. If you grow it it will be only three blocks high. It is insensitive to fire and lava.

Sugar Cane Minecraft

Mining: Sugar cane can be easily mined by hand.

The benefit: Sugar cane can be planted directly by the water on grass, sand or soil and grows very quickly. It grows even in darker places. It is best to harvest only the top blocks and leave the bottom one standing. Then the sugar cane grows constantly. Sugar cane can be used to make sugar and paper. Since sugar cane has a similarity with bamboo, it can also be used as a decorative material.


Appearance: A pumpkin is orange and has a face on one side. It occurs rather rarely. If you find pumpkins then mostly on grass and in larger groups with over 20 pieces.


The mining: a pumpkin can be mined with the axe.

Benefits: Pumpkins can be used for decoration and also as a helmet in front of the Enderman. Through the pumpkin, you can not make direct visual contact with him, and thus will not be attacked. To put the pumpkin on as a helmet, simply place the pumpkin in the armor display in the menu (press E key for default key assignment).


The view is as follows while wearing a gourd:


You also need a pumpkin to make an iron golem or a speed golem. Also for the production of a Jack-O-Lantern a pumpkin is needed.

Obtaining pumpkin seeds

If you put a pumpkin in the crafting field you get four units of pumpkin seeds.

Minecraft_Crafting_Cocoa Seeds

With these seeds can be planted pumpkins. As soon as you have targeted a block of earth or grass, you click on it with the right mouse button. Immediately it can be seen that the surface of the earth has changed and has become arable soil. Now you can plant pumpkin seeds with a right click. Once you have planted the seeds, a small green plant appears, which after some time becomes a pumpkin.



Appearance: Tendrils are green, transparent and you can walk through them. Naturally tendrils occur in swamps and jungles. There they grow down from trees. Depending on where they grow, they change color.

Minecraft tendril

The degradation: tendrils can be degraded with a pair of scissors. You should always start mining them at the bottom. If you remove the topmost tendril, all those below it disappear.

The benefit: If tendrils hang from solid blocks you can even climb up them. They can be used for decorating. Buildings can also be camouflaged well with tendrils. If you place a vine on a solid block that is eleven levels high, the vine will grow to the ground within a few days. And at the same time the tendrils below do not need another block. They grow hanging freely downwards. Here’s how to easily propagate vines.

Water lily

Appearance: Water lilies are green and are found in swamps in the water. You are on the surface of the water.

Minecraft Water Lily

The dismantling: water lilies can be dismantled by hand.

The benefit: Water lilies can only be placed on water, so they can be used to decorate lakes and other water features. Also, you can use them to create natural ways to get across the water. Boats break as soon as they collide with water lilies. On servers, water lilies can therefore also be used as a natural wall to protect underwater houses or islands from intruders.

Cocoa plant

Appearance: The cacao plant has a square shape with a stem at the top and three growth stages. You can recognize this very well on the following picture:

Cocoa plant

At the beginning of growth they are greenish and in maturity they have an orange-brown color and are also slightly larger. The plant occurs in jungle biomes and grows there on jungle trees.

The dismantling: For the dismantling you need no tools. If you mine cacao plants, you get cacao beans. When the plant is ripe, it drops a maximum of three cocoa beans in the process. In the first two phases of growth, on the other hand, you usually only get one bean when breaking down.

The benefit: The cocoa beans can be used to craft cookies and dye wool or sheep. But the beans can also be used to grow new cacao plants. To do this, simply right-click on the trunk of jungle trees with the cocoa beans.

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