Permanent make up

Together with our partner Werner Tometschek we now also offer permanent make up.

Permanent Make-Up


Is the newest technique of permanent make-up for eyebrows, not as usual with a pigmenting device, but manually the color pigments are scratched into the skin by means of special "Blades" (lined up microneedles) on the basis of the finest hairs. Very fine strokes, which are almost identical to the natural hairs, can be pigmented. The well-tried hair technique of conventional permanent make-up is revolutionized and perfected.

Permanent make-up

Permanent make-up offers contouring of your eyes, brows or lip contours in perfect harmony with your personality – not overstyled, not unreal, but simply naturally beautiful.

Treat yourself to a well-groomed, expressive and harmonious appearance during sporting activities or in the sauna!

First, a detailed consultation is conducted, where your wishes and possibilities for an optimal result are discussed.

After the preliminary drawing, we then determine a suitable color together. The treatment itself – pigmentation should then be max. take 20 min – 30 min.

Permanent make-up is a matter of trust!

The procedure is performed with a Gaube precision device, which has the latest hygienic handpiece and corresponds to the most modern technology. The colors are toxicologically and microbiologically tested. You will have the legally determined batch number. Gamma sterilized disposable modules (needles) are a matter of course.

Paramedical PMU

Permanent make-up can be much more than just a beautification: By means of so-called paramedical make-up, it is possible to give people back a bit more quality of life after operations, accidents or congenital blemishes. Concrete areas of application are nipple areola reconstruction, scar adjustment or corrections of lips, jaws and cleft palate.

Recently, there is also the so-called scalp tattooing, which is used for optical hair floor thickening in scars or bald spots.

Depending on the issue, the costs are partially covered by the health insurance company.


WhyScalp Optic Hair® ?

Scalp Optic Hair® SOH for short

Shaky hair, hair loss, baldness or bald patches often diminish self-confidence. Not only with age, but also due to illness, people lose their hair and spend hours in the bathroom trying to cover or conceal these areas. Not only the thin and sparse hair is disturbing, but especially the light, shimmering scalp.

Optical scalp enhancement& Follicle stimulation

Through the treatment with the "SOH-Roller" the hair follicles were partially stimulated again. The scalp was color matched to the existing hair.

The scar of a hair transplantation was color-matched to the existing hairdo. It came again to the growth of the own hair.

About SOH – Revolution for man& Woman

This special technique is performed with a "SOH roller", working in an optical way against sparsely overgrown areas. The scalp is color-matched to the existing hair, so that the existing hair looks more intense and fuller. In many cases this unique treatment reawakens the hair growth from the follicle. After the successful treatment you will feel complete and more self-confident again and you will be able to reinvent yourself.

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