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They are one of the leading perfumery companies in Germany with 180 employees divided among 23 branches. One of the branches of Parfumerie Wiedemann is in Fussen, at Reichenstrabe 18. The company’s philosophy may be simplistic, but if you look behind the scenes, it immediately becomes clear that it is precisely this simplicity that has a profound significance. People come first here. Whether employee or customer, it makes no difference to junior manager Christian Wiedemann. It’s all about togetherness, and that includes a feel-good atmosphere, a place where people like to spend time.

Every employee is personally known by his parents Peter and Monika and Christian Wiedemann. "Respect for the personality and respect for everyone and everything are values by which we live," sums up the business economist. Together with his parents he runs the business. He is the fifth generation.

Major remodeling at the Fussen branch in February

"Fussen is a strong location for us with great potential," explains the 35-year-old, who joined his parents’ company ten years ago. In 2018, the Wiedemann family took over the Ludicke perfumery in Fussen, Germany. On 180 square meters, the customer in Fussen finds not only fine fragrances, but also many other products that flatter the body and the senses. In order to adapt the specialty store to today’s demands, from 1. February until 21. February the perfumery rebuilt and modernized. "From the 22. February we open again. But the grand opening celebration will take place on Friday, 28. February his. Then we introduce our business. There will be goodie bags for the first 200 customers, a band will play and there will also be finger food," says branch manager Christine Unger. The conversion was planned together with an architectural firm from Munich, incorporating many regional components, such as materials that are visible in form and color. "The concept is that everything will be designed more openly. The customer should feel like moving freely and wanting to explore everything. We are getting a nice wellness lounge as well as a men’s corner," describes Christine Unger.

The history

It all started in 1856 with a soap boiling shop. The family had to rethink due to the change in trade. The corner stores disappeared when the industrial production of soaps began. So it was that Maria Wiedemann, the grandmother of the junior boss, expanded the product range into perfumery in 1950, and did so with success. Today the customer finds over 12.000 different items in each store. The particularity of the perfumeries is that, despite a common guiding thread, the individuality that defines the location and the store has remained. "It’s the personal service and the attention given to the customer," is how Christine Unger describes what makes Wiedemann perfumeries special.
"We are adapting to the constant changes in the trade, which reflects customer wishes. Trade is working with people, especially if they enjoy it and everyone feels good about themselves. That’s what motivates me," explains Christian Wiedemann.

Perfumery wiedemann

"We are very much looking forward to the grand opening celebration on 28. February and invite all customers and interested parties to this. The first 200 customers receive goodie bags. There will be music and finger food and much to see, such as our new wellness lounge".

Private label

The relaunch of the Isarperle private label shows that the tried and tested can still be used in today’s world. The brand used to stand for curd soap, detergent and soap powder. Today, the brand stands for high-quality products that are made in Bavaria, vegan, without parabens, without PEG (polyethylene glycols), without silicones, without mineral oils and without animal testing. The soaps, hand and body care products and shower gel are available exclusively at Wiedemann perfumeries. The company shows time and again that tradition and innovative thinking can indeed form a very good symbiosis.

Social commitment

The social aspect is written "large" in the family enterprise. Many social projects are financially supported. "Every paper bag that we sell to the customer is donated. That’s 20 cents per bag. Last year we were able to donate 500 euros to the Konigswinkel children’s cancer charity. Each store chooses its own personal social project that it would like to support," explains Christine Unger. So last year, 8.000, which will be donated to institutions that do voluntary work for social causes," Christian Wiedemann sums up.

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