Pc games without internet: play offline

Today the Internet It is a basic requirement in almost all video games that exist on the market, but the developed also create PC games without Internet– For offline gaming, ideal for people who don’t have a strong connection or just enjoy old games without the internet.

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Games for PC without Internet

As Internet-connected video games came on the market, many users had to put aside some games that were released on the market, so developers had to create some games without the need to connect to the Internet.

Basic requirements for installing PC games without Internet on your computer

Each of the games meets certain requirements, such as OS Windows or Android, in which it is accompanied by memory, processor, graphics card and specific memory. For this we have to search for detailed information about the video game before we install it on our computer or a smart device.

We must take into account that to install or download to the computer, you must have an internet connection or the app store of our device. After that it is no longer necessary to connect to the network at all.

The 10 best games for PC without Internet

Within these games you can choose from action games, anxiety, strategy, action and you can even Download games educational for PC without internet. Here are the best games for free pc without internet that you will come to the market.

Diablo II


When we talk about educational video games without the need for an internet connection, we must name the MathLand. An original game of mathematics that has managed to position itself among the favorites of the youngest. His story is set with an evil pirate named Max, who has set many traps on the island that Rex, the good pirate, must find.

These traps must be classified by their natural order using basic math problems ranging from simple addition to division and multiplication. It is designed for ninos from 5 years and can be played in Android devices.

Dark Souls

Dark Souls is one of the dark adventure video games that FromSoftware has developed and that have surprised more than one due to the patience that each user has to deal with, winning the game.

It became 2.011 was launched when it became one of the best games that they released, but this one needed an internet connection to be played, years later it was revealed that it was not needed.

Stardew Valley

Sometimes we find ourselves in places where the internet connection is null. So, an excellent option to entertain us in these moments is through Stardew Valley. A video game in which the main task is to manage a farm where you can have great adventures and interact with other inhabitants.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Without a doubt, it is a Bethesda classic that has managed to position itself as a complete video game within the RPG genre, along with its great adventures. Those who have been able to play it classify it as one of the most incredible adventure games introduced to the market without requiring an internet connection.

Minecraft is known as one of the most important video games of recent times

Toon Math: racing and math game

A group of educational mathematicians have created this impressive game in which Toon’s friends have been kidnapped and if they are not found, they will become lifelong scarecrows. In this way begins an adventure in which the character must run while solving different tasks Math problems.

As characters progress, they are unlocked as kids learn and improve their math skills in fun and unique ways.


Within the best games for PC Without Internet you will find Dishonored, an adventure game that has been on the market for a long time and in which the player’s skills are put to the test without requiring an online connection.


It is a story with Gordon Freeman in which he must face great science fiction adventures that are recorded in the minds of individual players and for which it is not necessary to use or have an Internet connection to reach the end.

Bini ABC: Sound and Letters game

In this game, 3-5 year olds can learn to put words together, make numbers or even build something and learn their name in a fun way. In turn, they can learn the letters of the alphabet and begin writing simple words, as is the case with Dad on any device type iPhone or Android for free.


Minecraft is one of the most important construction video games released in recent years. It was created so that the participant can develop his creative skills while facing adventures in which he must survive creatively.

Games for PCs without the Internet have managed to satisfy the needs of many people when it comes to entertaining, learning and having fun in a creative way, but we can not ignore the opportunity offered by other video games for intellectuals with other participants.

For this reason, we invite you to read some of our articles about video games that you can find on our website, such as best video games for the PS4 platform.

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