“One of you” martin suter and bastian schweinsteiger: can it work??

Swiss author Martin Suter has written a biography of soccer star Bastian Schweinsteiger. That on 26. The book, which will be published in January, has the simple but programmatic title "Einer von euch" ("One of you") and is already a great success. Suter and Schweinsteiger are on everyone’s lips, which may be due to the fact that soccer stars and writers rarely get together at the same table. But the many applauses are more than just the affective reaction to an unusual duo?

"I warn you, brothers Jahns / Against the use of the soccer mania" – With his poem "Fubball (nebst Abart und Ausartung)" (Football (along with degeneracy and degeneracy)) In 1920, the poet Joachim Ringelnatz brought the sport of soccer into poetry. In his poem, he describes a soccer fanatic who chases after everything that even remotely has the shape of a soccer ball. Almost 35 years later, another, now infamous, soccer poem makes its way into German literature. It was written by Gunter Grass, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature, and is entitled "Night Stadium". Grass, who was still caught up in surrealism at the time, exchanges the classic goalkeeper for the poet, who, as lonely as ever, suddenly finds himself standing in the goal. The referee’s whistle and the subsequent justification "offside" confirms the loneliness of the digressor who walks on the edge of society.

Schweinsteiger, a hero

There is no question: soccer has a tradition in German-language literature. So you’d think the fact that a writer is writing about soccer – or footballers – could be noted as a minor side note without causing much of a stir. In the book "One of you however, which the Swiss writer Martin Suter wrote about the life of the ex-footballer Bastian Schweinsteiger, seems to be different. That’s largely because Suter isn’t writing a run-of-the-mill biography that mindlessly retells life, but instead makes Schweinsteiger into a novel hero.

"One of you": the title of this novel biography is programmatic in that it characterizes the hero Schweinsteiger briefly and aptly. He wanted to show that "Schweini, as the soccer star is called by his fans, is anything but an aloof type, says Suter. In order to compile the material for the novel, he had many conversations. With Schweinsteiger himself, his companions and his coach. There were also talks with the footballer’s father, as well as his wife, former tennis player Ana Ivanovic.

"I was never a big fan of anyone writing a biography about me"

Schweinsteiger himself was apparently never particularly eager to hold his own life in book form in his hands. He had already turned down several offers in this regard; then a friend raved about Suter. "I didn’t want to have a classic biography, that’s not my nature. That’s why I found the idea of the biographical novel fitting", said Schweinsteiger at a press conference hosted by Diogenes Verlag on Thursday afternoon.

"One of you" martin suter and bastian schweinsteiger: can it work??

More than just a marketing success?

That the concept of "Suter and Schweinsteiger," however – at least in marketing terms – is already a great success, there is no question about it. All the more closely one will have to look now at the novel, which appears next week in the trade. At any rate, the press conference was less about literature than about the continuation of the sensation. After all, we are dealing here with two celebrities who are treated as pop stars in their respective industries.

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