No power to the hackers

You want to stand up to the hackers? Then close all security loopholes and leave the attackers* outside.

Cyberattacks are the greatest threat of our time and present us with permanent challenges. The log4j security vulnerability has recently become a major threat to companies and is keeping the security world on its toes. But you can counter this by staying one step ahead and protecting your systems.

You want to know how safe your company is? Then have your systems checked quickly and easily.

Our offers for more security in your IT architecture

security hole Log4j

Log4j instant help

Start with an inventory of your IT systems. This allows existing risks to be uncovered and properly assessed. With Log4j Instant Help we will scan your IT based on the following points and give you the results:

  • Technical reconciliation with your*contact person
  • Determining the published services
  • Analyze the defined systems for vulnerability to the vulnerability
  • Acquisition of countermeasures, if available
  • Log transfer
  • Recommendations for action / necessary steps

Price: from 640 € plus. VAT.

Cyber Security

Cyber security check

The workshop gives you an overview of the current level of your cyber security and what effort is required to ensure basic protection. This workshop is conducted by the IT security experts* of the SIEVERS-GROUP and provides you with a result presentation with recommendations for action for more security.

Price: 3.900 € plus. VAT.

Vulnerability scan

Whenever a new vulnerability emerges in the IT world and is made public, those responsible become rightly nervous. The questions "Are my systems affected?" and "What can I do now, if I am affected?" are just a few of many that go through your mind then.

Our one-time vulnerability scan provides the answer to these questions!

Our service helps you to check your external IP addresses and the systems published behind them. After our scan, we will list the vulnerabilities found for you, incl. the severity. The resulting recommended actions and steps will help you respond quickly to new security vulnerabilities.

Price: from 450 € plus. VAT.

Zero Trust

Security experts’ answer to the increasing use of cloud-based services is the zero-trust model. The departure from traditional structures requires new security strategies that take into account more than just traditional parameters. The classic way of securing one’s own IT infrastructure assumes that all devices, services and users within one’s own network are trusted. The disadvantage of this, however, is that unauthorized intruders can quickly spread through the network, and inside perpetrators can also make their move.

The counter design Zero Trust goes by the principle: "Trust no one, verify everyone!". No actor who wants to access resources is trusted in the process. Every single access requires authentication.

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