Nfl: tom brady ends career with seven super bowl wins

U.S. media reports NFL legend Tom Brady is stepping down

Throughout the years, there had often been speculation about the possible end of Tom Brady’s career – but time and again, the tireless quarterback had surprised. But now "TB12" pulls according to US media really the bottom line. Last doubts remain, however.

Probably retiring from active NFL business – and after 22 years: living legend Tom Brady. Getty Images

One of the most successful athletes in the history of the world arguably steps down, inevitably leaving a huge void: Thomas Edward Patrick Brady, better known simply as Tom Brady, has indeed drawn a line under his 22-year storybook career. This is reported among others by "ESPN"-Insider Adam Schefter as well as other US sources. Even the National Football League itself on its many channels pays extensive homage to the icon in these first hours of the messages.

According to the reports, several points play into the 44-year-old’s decision. Here’s how family and health are supposed to be the main factors behind retirement. A smaller role is said to be that the Buccaneers are facing a personnel shakeup. Tampa Bay tried to persuade Brady to continue, but ultimately accepted the playmaker’s decision.

Father denies career end – official confirmation pending

An official confirmation is still pending – especially since reports have also emerged that "TB12" will be the new team has not yet made a firm decision. His father also denied the reports. So it doesn’t seem to be completely clear, even if according to NFL expert Ian Rapoport the tendency is clearly towards the end of his career.

Almost 20 years after the first Super Bowl

Dramatic comeback without a coronation – Brady’s final NFL game in video

The football fanatic born in San Mateo (California) in 1977, who often attended 49ers games with his father under his idol Joe Montana (four Super Bowl victories), is leaving tremendous footprints in any case. Almost 20 years ago to the day, on 30. January 2002, was the young "TB12" by Patriots coaching legend Bill Belichick (still on the job) once as the starting quarterback for Super Bowl XXXVI (36) against the then St. Louis Rams has been chosen.

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With that said, the young playmaker, who was once drafted in the 2000 draft only in the 6. Round and at 199. The newcomer, who had been drawn to the position, has in fact not only become a seasoned substitute, but at the same time displaced the more experienced Drew Bledsoe. That Bledsoe, once a first overall pick in 1993, had successfully filled in for a limping Brady in the previous AFC final, but his "pupil" was a "footballer" but had long since risen to the top (Bledsoe himself subsequently moved to the Bills).

The rest is NFL history: Brady won that final 20:17 against the Rams, never relinquished his post with the Pats, rather remained loyal to New England until 2019 – and collected five more rings together with Head Coach Belichick. Afterwards, when the US media and experts were already talking intensively about the end of his career, the veteran even changed teams. He joined the Buccaneers and went straight back to win the Super Bowl, his seventh and last (31-9 over the Chiefs).

Wife Bundchen: "Football is an aggressive sport"

With number 8 it should finally this year, this season nothing more become, although Brady was the statistically most successful quarterback in the Regular Season (Best values with touchdowns with 43, with successful passes with 485 – NFL record – and with thrown Yards with 5316). In the play-off duel with the Rams, he even put on a crazy comeback – without success in the end (27:30).

Directly in the connection they inflamed then, the new and completely fresh rumors, which Brady fed even with the following statement: The long-standing star quarterback of the Patriots and Bucs, the figurehead of the entire NFL as well as the marketing face well-known for a long time also for humorous commercials seemed suddenly turned in itself. "I haven’t put a lot of thought into it, take it day by day", was one of his statements about a possible end to his career. In conjunction with quotes from December 2021, his mindset seemed even more tangible: "I think I just have to look after each year and see what the situation is for me, personally and professionally," he said. My kids aren’t getting any younger, and I want to make sure they get what they need."

"I said this years ago", so "TB12" more "that’s what relationships are all about. It’s not always about what I want on my own. It’s about what we want as a family. That’s why I’m going to spend a lot of time with them now and see what comes next."

In fact, such thoughts had already been made public from time to time in the past, including by his wife Gisele Bundchen. The former top model and businesswoman said she often worried over time – including about injuries and potential consequential damage from this tough sport. In an interview with "CBS Bundchen once revealed that her husband regularly comes home with concussions: "Football is an aggressive sport. I don’t think it’s healthy to do that to your body on a regular basis." Brady’s response at the time in early 2018: "I think she wants me to continue doing what I love, take care of myself and still be there for my kids and family when I’m needed."

"He understands the impact"

A full seven times at the top of the NFL: Tom Brady. Getty Images

At the end of his 22. In the second half of the NFL season, this philosophy apparently filtered through more and more to the playmaker, who, at 44 years of age, would still have been able to keep up physically. But he was now obviously more attracted to his role as a family man – and possibly to the quieter sport of golf, which he has also enjoyed for years.

The US channel "CBS" had already heard recently from several sources from the closest environment of "TB12" reports – and they had also been convinced for some time that the future Hall of Famer had been preparing for his retirement for some time and would make an official statement soon. "He has a lot of respect for the game and for the Tampa organization and everything they’ve done for him.", Said a source close to the quarterback, but not specified. "He understands the impact this decision would have on the team." And he doesn’t want to jeopardize the future success of the team, he said. Still, family comes first. "Whatever he decides, I expect him to announce it soon."

This "soon" turned now just to this 29. January 2022. Almost exactly 20 years after being named the Patriots’ Super Bowl starter and 20 years after his first of seven major NFL triumphs, Thomas Edward Patrick Brady drew his line in the sand. "Tom Terrific" leaving behind a legacy that may be unparalleled forever, and leaving the National Football League with a slew of records – such as the most yards (84 yards) in a single season.520) or even the most touchdowns (624) of all time. Now, how the Bucs and the NFL will fare without perhaps their greatest player ever will be seen in the near and distant future.

Or does Tom Brady eventually report back because he can’t quite leave it alone with American football after all?

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