Neubrandenburg: picture stories inspired by brigitte reimann

The comic artist Anke Feuchtenberger opens her exhibition of works in Neubrandenburg with a reading u.a. Inspired by the writer Brigitte Reimann.

by Annette Ewen

A reading from comic books, that is, books predominantly with pictures – what may sound strange at first works well for Anke Feuchtenberger. As she explains, "The narrative is my work. They are always picture stories." Her pictures are projected onto a movable wall during the reading. The draftswoman and professor at Hamburg’s HAW reads texts she has written to accompany her pictures.

"It is a very fluid looking and listening. In general, I’m kind of a comic book artist and I do graphic narratives. In this respect, it fits together quite well." She reads from two of her works: "Der Spalt" and "Ein deutsches Tier im deutschen Wald".

Works by Anke Feuchtenberger at the Neubrandenburg House of Literature © NDR Photo: Annette Ewen

Works by Anke Feuchtenberger in Neubrandenburg

Reimann’s "Franziska Linkerhand": Key experience for Feuchtenberger

Anke Feuchtenberger shows paintings created from quotes by Brigitte Reimann. As a 15-year-old, she read the novel "Franziska Linkerhand" and remembers: "It was an incredible, impressive and formative reading experience for me when I was still very young. Because she addressed so many problems, which I was already clearly aware of at the time, in the GDR and yet, also always with such an undertone as utopia-friendly or longing, connected with the most personal love stories." This accurately depicted her contradiction and conflict with life, says the Berlin native.

From book project to exhibition

Brigitte Reimann, writer © dpa - photo archive

40 years later, she returned to Brigitte Reimann for a book called "In der Erinnerung sieht alles anders aus" ("Everything looks different in memory"). It features quotes by Reimann and 26 works by Feuchtenberger to go with them. The artist did not want to create illustrations for the aphorisms and remembers. The texts speak for themselves. "My attitude is that I wanted to create a kind of parallel world that reflects my reading experience or my life at that time says Feuchtenberger. "So how was it for me? What happened to me when I was the age she was when she wrote that".

The exhibition was created from the book, as it takes place as part of the celebrations for the 50th anniversary of the Literature Center Neubrandenburg. Her seat is in the Brigitte Reimann House. There, where the writer spent the last years of her life.

The exhibition in Neubrandenburg is called like the book "In the memory everything looks different". Feuchtenberger also shows works from her other books in it. She was born in Berlin in 1963. She lives and works in Hamburg and Western Pomerania. For 25 years she has taught graphic storytelling at the University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg. Feuchtenberger was one of the first women to turn to comics and graphic novels. Her works have been translated into several languages. The exhibition is on display at the Regional Museum in Neubrandenburg until January.

The writer Brigitte Reimann dealt with the GDR in her works and recognized the grievances early on. In the GDR, she was one of the best-known authors. Die Frau am Pranger", "Ankunft im Alltag" and "Die Geschwister" are among their successes. Posthumously "Franziska Linkerhand" was released. During her lifetime, she called it her "first and only decent book. She died in Neubrandenburg in 1973.

Neubrandenburg: Picture stories inspired by Brigitte Reimann

The comic author Anke Feuchtenberger opens her exhibition of works by the writer Brigitte Reimann in Neubrandenburg with a reading.

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