Networking for interns

Networking for interns

ÜEverywhere it is said that vitamin B is the key to success. Networking is the magic formula that seems to be indispensable for a successful career. What exactly does Networking, or also network? And how do you build a professional network when you’re not even in the workforce yet? Waiting until you eventually have a permanent job to do so would be a mistake. Because the jump into the professional world is easier if you have already made initial contacts there. Here’s how you can already get Build a professional network as an intern can.

What is networking or networking?

No, networking does not mean having as many friends as possible on Facebook. Because, unlike social networks, professional networks are more about Quality, not quantity. Basically, it’s simply a matter of making and maintaining contacts. Contacts that could one day be very useful for one’s own professional career. Building a network initially works through a company. Here, career starters and interns should not only stay in their own department, but should specifically visit other departments and briefly introduce themselves. Get to know many people in different positions know. Maybe one or two people don’t necessarily always have a free job ready that they could offer you, but at least one good advice for your career.

Another way of networking is via the Internet. There are pages dedicated to professional networks. Sign up and see what’s out there in your Department so there. Who’s who in the field you want to start working in? Do you have any events or trade shows coming up? Visit these. Because here you can shake lots of hands, pocket business cards and valuable industry information catch up. Talk to the different visitors and company representatives about your soon career entry, maybe someone has a tip for you, how or where you could apply.

When building up a network, always make sure that the one you have made Contact also for both sides worthwhile. If you want to elicit information from the head of the department of your desired company, what he pays special attention to when looking through application documents, then he should also get something in return from you. For example, perfect application documents. If only one side benefits from the contact, it will not last long. Therefore, when networking, try to offer something, like a free trial work day, where you can convince the company about you.

Tips for interns: How networking works

Before you start actively looking for new professional contacts, you should be aware of the following things:

  • How do I envision my professional career??
  • Which topics are of particular interest to me?
  • In which area would I like to work one day?
  • Which companies are of particular interest to me?
  • Who could help me pursue my professional goals??

Seek to talk to as many employees as possible, not just direct colleagues. Introduce yourself at every opportunity and make sure that you are not an unknown quantity in the company. Making contacts is one thing. In order to be able to profit from them in the future, you have to maintain them. If your Internship so is over, then check in with your old internship company every now and then. Maybe a position will become available and you will be offered it? Or you can fill in for a sick employee for a few days? By your willingness you show that you are motivated and can become a reliable employee.

To gain a long-term foothold in professional life an internship is the first good way to make contacts. But what happens between the end of the internship and the end of your studies or school?? Ideally, you can take up a temporary job or work as a student trainee. So you stay in practice and have a good chance of being hired permanently as an employee after graduation or school. At the same time you continue to collect Contacts both within the company and within the company’s customer base. who knows, if your internship company doesn’t have a need for new employees, maybe a customer you have always looked after so well during this time?


A professional network is a big advantage over other young professionals who don’t have this knowledge. There are already employees who know and appreciate you. In addition, as a former intern, you already know the most important processes and work areas, which eliminates the need for a lengthy training period. A Network to have unfortunately still doesn’t guarantee a job, but in many ways it can be a Guide and open doors its. Career starters in particular can benefit from this, because they are given a lot of instructive and useful information to take with them on their further journey.

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