Multiples: how pregnancy is different with twins

Twins, triplets, quads. | This is different when there is more than one baby

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Hard to tell apart: Twin brothers

Hard to tell apart: Twin brothers Photo:

When you have Baby wishes, the emphasis is usually on "baby" and not on "one"! As if the number of children did not matter.

But the fact is: Germany there are 35 twin births for every 1000 births. The likelihood increases for mothers older than 35 years of age. Artificial insemination also often results in twin pregnancies.

And of course there is a genetic disposition for this.

But what does it mean to be pregnant with twins? What things do women who have two babies at once need to be aware of?? Are multiple pregnancies multiple luck? What are the problems for mothers and children?

What is different in a multiple pregnancy?

► Pregnancy with twins or triplets, or even more children, puts significantly more strain on the mother-to-be’s body compared to pregnancy with just one child.

► Connective tissue, muscles, pelvic floor and back have to bear more weight, skin has to stretch more.

These are the health risks

► As a rule, women expecting twins often suffer from nausea more than others in early pregnancy. As the pregnancy progresses, they have an increased risk of high blood pressure, bleeding as well as gestosis. Kidney pelvic inflammation, breathing problems and premature labor also occur more frequently.

This is how pregnancy with more than one child goes

Since two, three or more children grow in the mother’s belly, multiples are often born earlier than singletons; on average, a pregnancy lasts 37 weeks, and 40 weeks with only one child.

► Any multiple pregnancy is considered a high-risk pregnancy, with a singleton pregnancy considered riskier.

► Pregnant women with more than one baby are examined more frequently. Especially if the multiples have separate amniotic cavities, they are easily visible early on. Until the 28. In the first week of pregnancy, the mother-to-be has a check-up every two weeks, and is monitored every week thereafter.

Nevertheless, many women do not have serious health complaints.

► Twin pregnant women are more likely to be tired and need to rest more often.

► They also have to carry around more weight than women expecting just one baby. The massive baby bump depresses some expectant twin mothers.

► The enormous belly brings with it restrictions – especially in terms of the woman’s sleeping position and mobility.

► The weight of the two children presses on the bladder. This is why multiple moms have to go to the bathroom all the time.

► Multiple mothers are more likely to suffer from postnatal depression, according to studies. They generally need much more energy during pregnancy and, of course, also after birth.

Do twin pregnant women have to behave differently?

► In the meantime, there are special birth preparation courses for twin pregnant women. There they often feel more comfortable than among pregnant women expecting only one child

► Depending on the possibility, it is advisable to go on maternity leave early, perhaps with the help of saved leave, because many things become much more difficult as the pregnancy progresses

► The belly of a woman pregnant with multiples grows significantly more and more than during a "normal" pregnancy. Stretch marks may appear, depending on the nature of the tissue. To keep the skin supple and prepared for stretching, they should start oiling the belly early – then the skin won’t take much damage even with a mega belly.

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