Midnight mass and old traditions – how to celebrate christmas in spain

Finally the Christmas season is approaching! Children and adults look forward to the Christian holiday. In Germany Christmas is traditionally celebrated in the family with good food. How do Spaniards celebrate the feast? Are there also special traditions here that have a long history? How well attended are the midnight masses on Christmas Eve in Spain? They also sing at Christmas in Spain?

Family and tradition-conscious – Christmas in Spain

In Spain, tradition and family are also very important during the Christmas season. However, the customs differ somewhat from the rituals in Germany. This is how Advent is spent very quietly in Spain. The holidays then begin with the start of the traditional Christmas lottery. The biggest lottery of the world with the name "Sorteo extraordinario de Navidad" takes place since the year 1918 always in the same form and is very popular with the Spaniards. Many people from the Spanish population follow the lottery with great excitement and erhoffenssich a winning success at Christmas time.

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Image: Spain celebrates the Christmas season traditionally and with many rituals.

The following customs are also maintained in Spain:

  • on the 24.12. the family gathers for the "Noche Buena"(Holy Night) for a cozy dinner
  • on Christmas Eve there are z. B. the Spanish speciality "Turon"(made of roasted almonds, sugar, honey and eggs)
  • after dinner, the so-called "urn of fate" is placed on the table with small gifts and rivets
  • each of the guests may draw until everyone has got hold of a present
  • on 6. January the real gift-giving takes place

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The Spanish Christmas Mass and other festive traditions

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Picture: Feliz-Navidad. The well-known Spanish Christmas carol sets the mood for the reflective season.

The nativity scene is a very important part of the Spanish Christmas tradition. At 24 o’clock the midnight mass will take place. The Spanish term "Misa del Gallo" translates as "Mass of the Rooster". This is said to be the first to announce the birth of Jesus. In rural areas of Spain, people gather in a large square after Mass to sing Christmas carols in a festive mood. Afterwards fires are lit and often celebrated until the morning hours of the next day. Until the 6. January other festivities take place. In addition, Christmas plays are performed.

The following rituals are popular with the Spanish:

  • it comes from the mountains into the villages
  • it announces the good news
  • it is carried by the citizens on shoulders
  • a boy is dressed up as a bishop
  • he plays the role for a day
  • will be on 28. December celebrated
  • reminiscent of the infanticide originally ordered by Herod
  • all over the country pranks are played and people are fooled
  • from the 30. December to 1. January
  • firewood is collected and a pine tree is felled
  • the tree is richly decorated, carried through the village
  • later the decorated pine tree is solemnly blessed

Other Spanish rituals at Christmas time

On Epiphany, the "Dia de los Reyes," the Christmas rituals in Spain come to a close. This is how z. B. the wise men from the Orient enter the villages. There they are welcomed with various festive performances and parades. At the same time, the children in the village receive sweets from the kings. In the evening all children put their shoes and straw and water for the camels in front of the doors of their rooms. You’re hoping to get gifts as a result.

On 6. January then the Bescherung already longed for by the children takes place. Also on this day there is a feast to which the whole family is invited. A special treat on this day is the Rosco de Reyes, a cake in the shape of a ring. In it is a figure and the one who finds it may call himself king for one day.

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