Michelle hunziker: ex tomaso gives first interview after the breakup

Tomaso Trussardi First Interview after Separation from Michelle: "I Still Love Her . "

"The end of a relationship is never pretty. I’m not happy, and neither is Michelle, but it was a decision taken – as strange as it may sound – to protect the family and especially our daughters Sole and Celeste, who deserve to have two parents who are happy together", says Tomaso Trussardi, 38, in his first interview after the separation to the Italian newspaper "Corriere della Sera".

Michelle Hunziker "remains the woman I have loved most in my life"

These are sentences that get under the skin. Especially when Trussardi talks about Michelle Hunziker, 45. "She remains the woman I have loved the most in my life, and I still love her, but in a different form.", says Trussardi. He has learned a lot from Hunziker and has "grown as a person and professionally".

Now he and Michelle want to be there first and foremost for their shared daughters Celeste, 6, and Sole, 8. "I try to be as present as possible, I take them to events, we play a lot", says Tomaso and emphasizes: "There is total openness on both sides: The girls are with their mother, but I can see them whenever I want. However, I don’t know if we will be the kind of separated parents who go on vacation together: Maybe we’ll start with dinner first."

Venice Film Festival

However, he rarely has contact with Michelle’s daughter from her first marriage, Aurora, 25, at the moment: "Recently our relationship has become a bit strained, and I’m very sorry about that, but I hope everything will be okay again. I have a great affection for her, I still use a makeup box with her initials that she gave me for my birthday", the 38-year-old reveals.

Tomaso Trussardi: "There have been no flings"

In his interview, Tomaso Trussardi also talks about the speculation of what might have caused his marriage to fail. "It’s not true that the marital crisis is related to forced cohabitation [in the pandemic, note. d. Red.] began: Michelle and I were used to being together every day, we weren’t a weekend couple. And it was a creative time: I came up with new ideas", Trussardi clarifies.

Michelle Hunziker gets kisses from Sole and Celeste

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October 4, 2021 Which four graces are here walking through the park of Villa Borghese in Roma? Michelle Hunziker and her three daughters Celeste, Sole and Aurora make up the sporty gang enjoying the late summer day in one of the Italian capital's most beautiful parks. Michelle's eldest (r.) posted this beautiful picture of the family ladies on Instagram

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He also goes on to discuss Michelle’s first husband Eros Ramazzotti, 58 – Italian fans have been hoping for a love comeback since their split. "He is Aurora’s father, so he has a very important role to play. I know that there was always a part of the fans that hoped for a reconciliation between him and Michelle, similar to what happened with Al Bano and Romina. Today I know he says he wants to help her overcome the negativity, but maybe he should have been there at other times. It’s better if everyone stays in their place." Tomaso is alluding to a disrespectful statement made by Ramazzotti on a TV show called "Happy Evening" In April 2021, in which the singer divulged juicy details about his marriage to Michelle.

At the end of his conversation with the Italian newspaper, Tomaso Trussardi also clears up the rumors of any flings: "There have been none."

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