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Last Sunday, the second team of the FVF met TSV Oberweier in the last match of the preliminary round. On the muddy ground in Oberweier a cultivated soccer game was hardly possible, which is why the physicality was in the foreground from the beginning. Both teams were able to create only a few scoring chances throughout the game. After ca. 60 minutes Leon Forcher had the huge opportunity to bring the Sportfreunde reserve with 0:1 in the lead, but his shot went past the goal.

On the first Advent should be for the men of Sportfreunde Forchheim 3 preferably three points here. Instead, the team had to accept a painful defeat in front of a home crowd. Aleks Ilic’s team went into the game with the goal of gilding the wounds of the successful first half of the season with a home victory. That this undertaking should not be a walk in the park, the guests from Sollingen already made clear in the third minute, when Kevin Koch with a sensitive lob the early lead.

Michael wiedmann from rheinstetten

Dirty weather, the opponents from the same city and clear favorite against the relegation-threatened TV Morsch: Only a victory came into question for the Bertsch troop this Sunday.However, the team around captain Kastner did not get the horsepower on the court in halftime. Although the Sportfreunde had few scoring chances, the shots on goal were either too harmless or flew right over the goal. After a tactical change and 2 changes at halftime, however, the 1B turned directly on. The.

Last Sunday, the boys of the FVF’s third team managed to win their third in a row in autumn weather and pitch conditions like a potato field. At the beginning it was a varied game with chances on both sides. However, #DieGeileDritte did better and went ahead in the 17. Yannic Meyer’s first career goal in a must-win match gave the home side the lead in the first minute. The Weingartner still had to say goodbye to a teammate in the first half, who was sent off for yellow-red.

Last Sunday, the second team of the FVF played at FC Sudstern Karlsruhe. After the Bertsch troop had an enormous run now the next 3er should be brought in.Unfortunately, everything went a little differently than expected and hoped for on the difficult-to-play field. The home side worked with many high ballsand were expectedly present in the duels. The 1B did not get into the game well at the start, which meant that it only took 23 minutes for the in-form Schubler to put the home side ahead.

At frosty temperatures and light drizzle the sports friends received the FC Viktoria Joehlingen. After the comeback in Malsch, the Forchheimers were motivated to get a win in this game. In the first half, the home side dominated the game and created a number of chances to score. So Tallah failed on the crossbar and Lindenberg missed from close range. A penalty whistle was blown for a foul on Harter in the opposition penalty area following a corner.

On Sunday, the third of the FVF received the guests from Ettlingenweier. In deep pitch conditions and light drizzle at times, technically demanding combinations became a challenge on both sides. Right at the start of the game Forchheim attacked already high and pushed for the early opening goal. In the 23. Adrian Pfleger then took heart and volleyed the ball into the left corner for 1-0, the starting gun for a high-scoring game. But Forchheim.

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