Media column: and? How would you decide?

There is no escape: election posters everywhere. Hardly a post or a wall from which no one smiles down.

If you want to stand out in the election campaign, you can’t avoid pushing the envelope.

Or, to stand out even more, beyond that.

If we report on this in the media, we help parties or candidates to gain more attention.

In this way, they achieve exactly what they and their strategists have counted on: They get free PR. It is worth it. Because experience shows: Even bad PR is good PR.

And we media have to accept the accusation of instrumentalization.

If we don’t report, we are accused of sparing certain parties or candidates who break the rules of decency and others.

You, our readers, ask! After all, we’re doing it for you.

What would you do in our position?

  • Report?
  • Do not report?

Before you answer, here is something to think about: If you ask readers, they would like to see less scandals and negative news.

If you then look at the media usage statistics, however, a different picture emerges: When it comes to political topics, gossip draws. Serious political articles, which take a lot more time and effort to make, are much less well read.

The circle closes here: Politicians need attention. We media too.

So once again: What would you do in our place??

  • Report?
  • Do not report?

Media column, published by CH Media

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Media column: and? How would you decide?

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