Making paper airplanes

Making paper airplanes – quick and easy

Paper airplanes float silently through the air and delight children and adults all over the world. The fascination of paper airplanes lies in their simplicity. We’ll show you how quick and easy a Make a paper airplane can!

Making paper airplanes – this is how it works

Making paper airplanes is not only fun for the children, but also for the parents. For small children, daddy or mommy should take over the folding of the paper airplanes. To let fly the paper airplane then create the children with some practice themselves. To make a paper airplane, you don’t need glue or scissors, just a piece of paper!

Paper airplane story

The paper airplane is probably as old as paper (around 100 v. Chr. in China) itself. Unfortunately, paper airplanes are not very durable, which explains why no originals from the early years have been preserved. However, there are some interesting facts that trace the paper airplane back through the centuries.

Already in the 5. Century v. Chr. the kites have been historically mentioned as flying objects. In 610, paper was brought to Japan by monks from China, where paper folding was zw. 1333 and 1568 a first and zw. 1603 and 1868 experienced a second heyday. Since paper was very expensive in the beginning, it was first reserved for ceremonial folds. The first mention of origami in China, however, dates back only to the 17th century. Century.

In Europe, Leonardo da Vinci is considered to be the forefather of the paper airplane. In its succession, many pioneers of aviation made their first flying experiences with models made of paper.

Paper airplane championships

Making paper airplanes is something not only for children, but also for adults. The paper flyer is especially popular with students- it depends not only on the physical, but also on the mental. In the meantime there are even championships in paper flying, e.g. B. Red Bull Paper Wings, which is not (yet) an official world championship in the narrower sense, but is still often referred to as the World Championships.

Make a paper airplane world record model

There are also some records in paper flying. In 2012, a paper airplane flown by John Collins (USA) set a new world record – 69.14 meters far. In the meantime John Collins is known as "Paper Airplane Guy" has written a book about paper airplanes and a detailed description of how to make them Video instruction (see below) published, with which you can make the paper airplane world record model yourself.

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Paper airplane variant 1

  1. Fold a sheet of paper (A4) in half and fold the upper corners to the middle.
  2. Fold the upper tip down.
  3. Fold the upper corners to the middle again.
  4. Fold the protruding small triangle upwards.
  5. Fold the sides to the back.
  6. Fold the wings from the tip to the back edge.
  7. The paper airplane is ready!

Paper airplane variant 2

This instruction for a paper airplane is not only simple, you can also remember the steps easily. Because of its shape this paper airplane is very fast and stable.

Making paper airplanes Step 1

For the first step, lay a Din A4 sheet in landscape format in front of you (see picture 1). After that you fold the sheet once in the middle, so that a fold is created. On this fold you can fold the upper and lower left corner of the airplane (see picture 2). Make sure that there is a small gap between the two folded corners. This way you can fold the paper airplane better later on. Now, just like in the previous step, fold the upper and lower left corner to the middle (see picture 3). On the second picture you can already see the folded lines for this step.

Make a paper airplane- Step 2

Now your paper airplane has already a pointed shape. In the next step you can fold the two sides of the plane on top of each other (see picture 4). Now only the wings are missing for your paper airplane. Here the front upper edge is folded on the right side onto the lower edge, so that they end with each other (picture 5).

Paper airplane- Step 3

For the last step you can now fold the paper airplane to the other side, or as they say with clothes, turn it inside out. When you are done with that, you can start to build the wings. Fold them down again, so that the upper edge is flush with the lower edge of the paper airplane (picture 6). When the wings are folded, you can leave them at a 90 degree angle (picture 7). Now your paper airplane is ready to fly!

Paper airplane variant 3

Make your own paper airplane- with this short instruction for a paper airplane you get a paper airplane, which is not only easy to fold, but also flies really fast. In addition, this paper airplane has very good gliding properties.

Make a paper airplane- you need

  • A4 sheet
  • Pencil
  • adhesive tape

Make a paper airplane- Step 1

For the first step you place a Din A4 sheet upright in front of you (see picture 1). Now you can fold the upper right corner to the left side, so that the two edges are flush with each other (see picture 2). Then unfold the paper again and do the same with the other side (see picture 3). Now you have folded diagonal lines (see picture 4). On these lines you can fold the left and right edge in the next step (see picture 5).

Paper airplane craft Step 2

For this step you can have a look at the picture number 6. On this picture you can see a line drawn with a pencil under the folded edges. You can also draw this line on your paper airplane to help you. The upper tip of the paper airplane is then folded to this painted line. The upper edges are folded to the middle again like in the beginning (see picture 7). Here you can orientate yourselves again at the folds in the paper. Now the paper airplane can be folded in the middle, so that the sides you folded to the middle are facing outwards (see picture 8).

Paper airplane- Step 3

The last step is to fold the wings for your paper airplane. On the picture number 9 you can see again a pre-drawn line. As a help you can draw this line with a pencil on your paper airplane. At this line fold the side and fold the wings downwards (see picture 10). Repeat this on the other side. Now you can turn the paper airplane upside down and attach the wing halves to the wing with a piece of tape (see picture 11). Now the paper airplane is finished and ready to fly (see picture 12)!

Paper airplane variant 4

This paper airplane has not only the special shape of a hawk. The paper airplane is also quite fast and it does not take long to make the paper airplane.

Make the paper airplane Step 1

For the first step you can lay your Din A4 sheet in landscape format in front of you (see picture 1). Now fold the lower left edge onto the upper edge, so that they end with each other (see picture 2). After that you can unfold the paper again and then fold the upper left edge to the lower edge (see picture 3). These should also be joined together again. If you unfold the sheet now, the sheet has two diagonal folds (see picture 4).

Making paper airplanes- Step 2

In this step it becomes a bit more difficult. Here you can first take the upper and lower edge on the left side and bring them together in the middle. You can use picture number 5 as a guide so that you know what it should look like. Now you have to fold down the left edge, so that the upper and lower edge are under the left edge. Now you can press the tip down so that it lies flat on the upper and lower edge (see picture 6).

Make a paper airplane Step 3

In this step you can fold the left and right corner to the upper tip (see picture 7). Then fold both corners to the bottom tip as it can be seen on the picture number 8. Now you can fold the upper tip in half downwards (see picture 9). After that you have to bend the corners back to the tip again. Then fold the lower right edge in the inner square to the middle (see picture 10). Repeat this step with the other edge of the inner square. For help you can look at the picture number 11. After you have folded back the upper edges in the next step, fold the upper and lower right edge at the same time to the center of the inner square. Since a part of the edges overlaps, fold this part upwards towards the tip (see picture 12).

Making a paper airplane Step 4

In this step you can turn your paper airplane upside down (see picture 13). Now fold the upper tip back as shown in picture number 14. Once the tip of the paper airplane is folded over, fold the paper airplane in half. This way the top side is facing outwards. In order for your paper airplane to fly, you still have to fold the wings. Fold the wings to the beginning of the front tip (see picture 15). Repeat this step on the other side of the plane. The lower edges of the wings should be flush with each other. Now you can unfold the wings and your paper airplane is ready (see picture 16)!

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