Making money on the internet: the way to your own business!

Who doesn’t know it, Monday morning you struggle to get to the office, not just because it’s Monday, but because you’re already imagining scenarios of your boss in a bad mood. How nice it would be to use one’s Earn money on the Internet with your own web store, for example.

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Building an online store: The path to your own business.

The Internet trade is growing steadily, more and more people prefer to buy online rather than in stores. It’s more convenient and you can do your shopping in the evenings after the stores close. This also results in more and more webshops. And although many disappear after a while, new ones are constantly being added.

On the one hand, this is due to the fact that there are always More providers of modular systems exist, with which one can relatively easily and without Programming skills can create a store. On the other hand, you can sell products directly through platforms such as Ebay and Amazon.

Both providers charge a fee per item sold, but this does not require an external online store. Moreover saves one marketing costs, since the possible buyers come directly over the offerers.

How much capital does a startup need?

Whoever has a decent Startup capital can also get started right away. Have the store set up by an agency and invest in marketing from the beginning, so that you can immediately make money with the store on the Internet. In contrast to modular systems, which quickly reach their limits technically and also visually, there are hardly any limits in the design and implementation of programmed web stores. Such stores usually look higher quality and offer more functions. But you can also become successful with simple means.

Earn money on the Internet with an online store

Earn money on the Internet with an online store.(#01)

Can you make money on the Internet with an online store?

Own online store or Amazon& Co.?

First of all you have to invest money and also time. The fastest way is the sale via platforms like Ebay or Amazon. But this also costs money, because fees are incurred. usually between five and twenty percent depending on the product. This reduces the profit margin considerably. But you can also set up your own web store without a lot of knowledge. Platforms like Jimdo or Shopify offer Building block systems and you can create a store relatively easy with the help of instructions.

The Hosting costs are manageable, for payment systems, however, one also pays fees here. Payment systems like Paypal and credit card payment make a web store only trustworthy. In contrast to payment in advance, the customer can get his money back via buyer protection if he does not receive the goods.

Webshops that only offer prepayment are usually to be treated with caution. Who is not there already customer and could collect good experiences, a purchase should consider very well.

Can you really make money on the Internet?

Can you really make money on the Internet?(#02)

Here are the possibilities of building a web store once again summarized.

Advantages and disadvantages of selling via Ebay and Amazon:

  • a store is quickly set up
  • there are templates for everything – even the legal points
  • Fees are relatively high and range from 5 to 20
  • Marketing is integrated, as the streams of visitors come via the platform
  • possibly many competitors on one platform

Advantages and disadvantages of a webshop created with homepage building systems like Jimdo or Shopify:

  • No programming knowledge required
  • Costs are only for webhosting and are moderate
  • Payment systems can be easily integrated
  • technically and graphically there are limits
  • marketing has to be implemented by yourself

Build your own webshop with Jimdo's modular system and earn money on the Internet

Build your own webshop with Jimdo’s modular system and earn money online.(#03)

Advantages and disadvantages of a webshop individually created by an agency with Magento:

  • Design and functionality can be customized
  • very good programming knowledge required
  • for a programmed web store there are high costs, fifteen to twenty thousand euros are to be planned for at least
  • Marketing is also not included and is added as a cost factor

Although costs can be high and competition is fierce, it can still be worthwhile to run a web store. But what can make a store lucrative?

Find a niche to successfully make money on the Internet with the web store.

In order to survive in the big shark tank, you have to get away from broad mass stand out. If you offer products that every other store also sells, you’ll have to beat the big providers to either very good marketing place behind you, or with Product price beat.

Both are actually not possible for the start of a web store. Marketing costs a lot of money and resources. Favorable sales prices are also generated only through a high purchase quantity. Even here the small online retailer cannot compete against a giant.

What can help to success is a specialty:

  • find niche products that are rarely available for purchase
  • but still searched for (use Google Keyword Tool)
  • Accessories and spare parts instead of expensive end devices
  • Consumables that have to be reordered regularly

video: Find a niche + earn money online

When setting up the web store, there are only two alternatives. Either one takes a lot of money into the hand and starts with an own platform and good marketing right away or builds up the store with a construction kit. The latter is significantly cheaper, but also takes more time to get up and running properly.

Because a webshop lives from the visitors, who in the best case become customers. To generate visitors, the store must be found in Google, for this the page must be search engine optimized to be listed at all on Google. All additional marketing measures and the right SEO optimization can improve the placement in Google search, but this costs a lot of time and money.

Earn money on the Internet: Legal requirements for an online store!

If you want to run an online store, you need a business. The trade is registered at the local trade office. You get a trade license and you can get a sales tax identification number (Ust-ID) at the responsible Tax office apply. There are different legal forms, the simplest one is the sole proprietorship. To simplify the accounting, you open a business account. Only payments that belong to the business operation run over this account.

For the private payments you calculate a kind of salary. Of course, this must not exceed the revenue of the company. This salary can be individual adjust, if the store yields more. The salary payment is transferred to the private account and private payments can then be made from it. Only An account Using this number for private and business payments leads to total chaos in accounting.

Video: Basic data protection regulation for online retailers

These conditions must be met by the online store to be legally compliant:

  • The store must have a Imprint have, there must be the operator of the web store listed as responsible for the content, with complete address and phone number.
  • Price quotations must include the value added tax included and this must be shown. In Germany this is 19 % on consumer goods and 7 % on foodstuffs.
  • A Right of withdrawal and the General terms and conditions (T&Cs) must be clearly visible to the customer and they must also be sent to him by e-mail after the purchase. This must be legally secure, so it is better to have it formulated by a lawyer.
  • Data protection law: With the 25. May 2018, the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force. It regulates the handling for companies with the personal data of their customers. The consumer was given more rights with it. Every online store and website that collects personal data must disclose to the customer what it does with it. Therefore, a detailed data protection declaration also belongs on every store. And each customer must agree to this privacy policy, by a signature or a checkbox. Companies such as Jimdo offer prefabricated data protection declarations, these are usually insufficient and must be integrated by yourself and created by a lawyer. The data protection law will continue to be adapted, so you must regularly check whether the content of the privacy policy still complies with the regulations.
  • Each customer receives after the purchase a written order confirmation by e-mail.
  • The order or purchase button must clearly Point out that clicking on it leads to a transaction requiring payment. The designation ″Continue″ or ″Complete order″ is not sufficient.

Earning money on the side on the Internet with a web store is very time-consuming, because with the online store alone the work is not done

Earning money on the Internet with a webshop on the side is very time-consuming, because the work is not done with the online store alone. (#04)

Can you run the web store on the side and make money on the Internet?

You can’t just run a business on the side, not even a web store. To financial risks may be the way to go in the beginning. But I can advise against it from my own experience. Coming home in the evening and packing packages, answering customer emails and still taking care of the important marketing costs incredibly a lot of power.

Free time is then no longer available, vacations are also no longer possible. In order to go away for two weeks, one must either close the online store during this time or appoint a representative to run it in one’s own interest.

Many web stores close again for exactly these reasons. The Time commitment is underestimated. And financial miscalculations also pose a great risk. If one wants to remain competitive just at the beginning, often Discount campaigns carried out. This increases the turnover, but if the margins become too small, you still make losses.

To run a webshop should therefore be considered carefully. This can be a huge success or a mega-flopp. Surely everyone would like to avoid the latter. Most web stores are in the middle of these two extremes.

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