Make-up with glasses – tips for the perfect make-up with glasses

Make-up with glasses - tips for the perfect glasses make-up

Striking glasses are very trendy and popular accessories. But not only the right glasses are crucial for a successful look, for glasses wearers there is also the question of the right make-up. So how to make up properly with glasses? Match your makeup perfectly to your glasses with these simple makeup tips.

Make-up for spectacle wearers: the basic rules

Glasses with thick rims, such as the popular horn-rimmed glasses, are in themselves a fashion statement that attracts attention. That’s why it’s important to keep makeup as simple as possible in combination with eye-catching glasses. Emphasize your eyes or Your lips, but not both. Concentrate on one area when applying make-up with glasses, otherwise your face could quickly appear overloaded.

If you want to make up your eyes, the glasses give the direction. The colors should harmonize with the glasses. Neutral shades are recommended, as bright colors in combination with glasses can quickly look overly garish. TipRed lips are always an eye-catcher with a dark, wide frame. The eyes then only need a little mascara.

Even in make-up for spectacle wearers who wear rather inconspicuous models of glasses, the following applies: beautifully made-up lips or a curved eyeliner always fit. Eye shadow, on the other hand, should be chosen wisely. The eyebrows form a natural frame and draw attention to themselves with spectacle wearers. They should therefore always be groomed and defined with a brow pencil. Since glasses can also accentuate the shadows and skin imperfections under the eyes, a concealer that covers and brightens is recommended for this area.

Correct eye make-up for short- and long-sighted people

A good eye makeup emphasizes your eyes and skillfully highlights your look without looking overdone. Since eyeglasses tend to swallow eye makeup a bit, eyeglass wearers have to resort to certain makeup techniques to make their To bring out the best of the eyes behind the glasses. The deciding factor in how best to make up your eyes is the glasses themselves. Thus different make-up rules apply to short-sighted people than to long-sighted people. The following makeup tips for eyeglass wearers will help make the most of your eyeglass styling:

Make-up tips for short-sighted spectacle wearers

You will probably have already noticed: Glasses with minus lenses, such as those used to correct myopia (nearsightedness), make the eyes look smaller. That’s why you should take into account the effect of such glasses when doing make-up and try to, To make the eyes look bigger. Suitable for it are:

  • Pastel eye shadow, shaded a little darker towards the corner of the eye as well as in the crease of the eyelid. Apply the color on the moving eyelid and then spread it beyond the eyelid crease.
  • You can use white or beige kohl to make your eyes look bigger, while black kohl makes them look narrower. Make the eyeglass makeup more powerful by putting some dark eye shadow on the lash line and letting it fade outwards.
  • A long, fine eyeliner slightly beyond the corner of the eye.
  • Strongly mascaraed eyelashes.

Tip: Bright, bold colors widen the eye. This applies not only to the eye shadow, but also to the eyeliner. Brown has a softer effect than classic black and should always be preferred in make-up for spectacle wearers with myopia.

Makeup tips for farsighted eyeglass wearers

For wearers of glasses with farsightedness (hyperopia), the opposite principle applies: depending on the diopter number, the Eyes through the glasses as if under a magnifying glass. It is therefore recommended to make up the eyes so that they do not appear unnaturally large through the glasses. Suitable for this are:

  • Eye shadow in dark, matte colors such as hazel, violet or grayish blue. Apply the color from the lash line to the crease of the eyelid and also on the lower eyelid.
  • Fine kohl just below the eyelid, as the glasses also make the kohl line appear larger.
  • Special attention in eyeglass make-up for farsighted people is paid to the eyelid line with eyeliner. This is particularly accentuated by the glasses and should therefore fit perfectly, otherwise it will quickly look like an unsightly bar.
  • Eyelash mascara used sparingly.

Tip: Farsighted women have the problem that they can see only blurred directly in front of the mirror, and therefore the eye make-up quickly misses. So that the make-up with glasses functions problem-free, there is in the trade the so-called Make-up glasses, where the corrective lenses can be conveniently folded away for makeup application. This way, the nerves are spared during the daily handling of eyeliner and mascara, and the make-up on the glasses is in place.

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