Make money with instagram: how to become an influencer

Social media Earn money with Instagram: How to become an influencer

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Instagram is one of the most used social media platforms in the world.

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Instagram is one of the most lucrative social media channels for influencers worldwide. Numerous users earn their money through the platform. But you don’t need millions of followers for that. What matters.

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Instagram is one of the most used social media platforms in the world. Millions of users share, like and comment on images every day. In addition, a story function offers the opportunity to publish short impressions from everyday life. Many spend hours scrolling up and down the app. The perfect opportunity to use the show stage as a source of income. But how do you actually earn money with Instagram? The most important questions and answers at a glance.

How is the reach via Instagram?

Instagram has become one of the most far-reaching social media channels in recent years. About one billion users use the platform monthly and about 500 million daily. This makes the platform like Facebook, Twitter and Co. Allowing the networking of all users around the globe. This is how numerous users have become influencers who earn a lot of money via Instagram. Even so much that it has become the main profession. The topics of the influencers are often different, depending on the target group. Travel, food, beauty and fitness are the most common topics.

Am I prominent enough?

To earn money with Instagram, you don’t have to scrape together millions of followers or get advertising contracts first. There are also other ways you can make a profit with Instagram.

What requirements do I have to meet?


Even though Instagram as a source of income does not necessarily require celebrity, it is important to create reach. The more followers, the more reach. How many followers are needed depends on the topic area. Niches need less than the top topics like travel, food, beauty and fitness. However, the number of followers should already be around four figures. Otherwise, there is no money to be made with Instagram.


Only active users can generate attention. But how much content makes sense often varies. Some post several times a day, others in intervals. Here it is important to find the middle ground. In addition, the followers should be addressed personally. Authenticity is important to build a network. With, for example, sweepstakes or other promotions, content is created that encourages followers to actively participate in something. This not only increases the interaction rate, but also draws the attention of additional users.


A lot of attention should be paid to the quality of the photos so that the profile looks attractive. Whether with a good smartphone camera or a professional does not matter. Images should only look high quality and show a consistent design. Because: at first glance, a common thread should be visible in the feed.

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