Location apps: how to find your smartphone again

With the following apps you ll locate your smartphone

If your smartphone disappears, good advice is expensive – unless you have installed this app in advance: Then the good advice costs nothing at all. The Android tracker tracks down lost devices via GPS and flaunts clever functions even in the free version. You can use it to automatically send you a location message when the battery is running low: you can trigger an alarm sound or turn on the device vibration via SMS or website remote control. Single or all functions can be activated remotely via SMS. Very nice: you can specify in advance which devices should be equipped with remote control omnipotence. The tool can be protected against unauthorized access via PIN and notifies you when the SIM card on your device is changed, for example. The Pro version of the app is suitable for intelligence services: You can take pictures remotely via the device’s camera, lock the smartphone or delete all the data it contains.

With this app, Android devices can be located, remotely controlled and, in the paid version, also locked or reset.

ADVANTAGES: Many functions
DISADVANTAGES: Lock function only in the pro version
OTHER: German language, free of charge

Family GPS tracking Kid Control

"Family GPS tracking Kid Control" is designed for families. In any case, the monitoring app is very well suited for tracking down missing Android devices.

Family GPS Tracking Kid Control

Thanks to this app, you no longer have to bite your fingernails when your offspring comes home late again. With just one touch of your smartphone, you can quickly find out where your child is or has been: The app logs the location history of individual devices up to two days retrospectively. The app is not dependent on GPS, radio networks are also used to determine the position. Of course, you can also track a stolen or lost device; however, the app’s extras are primarily aimed at parental happiness. You can query the energy consumption of a target device, the current battery charge is displayed graphically, and automated notifications are also possible as soon as someone reaches a defined location (so-called "geozones"). Very nice: In the group profile, you can distinguish between parents’ and children’s phones; messages are only sent to the devices of the parents.

A highly functional app with accurate tracking, parent-child features and strong controls.

ADVANTAGES: Localizes also via wireless network, "geozones", battery tracking.
DISADVANTAGES: In-app purchases partly expensive
OTHER: German language, free of charge

Find My Kids

The free Android tracker "Find My Kids" tracks Android devices and offers sophisticated features especially for parents.

Find My Kids

With " Find My Kids ", you only track down your offspring if they have their Android smartphone with them – and the chances of that are pretty good, after all. Use GPS to track down all registered devices – it’s quick and straightforward. You can then be guided by an integrated navigation service to the last position you were given. Parents in particular get a few much-desired extras in terms of functions: It is possible, for example, to be automatically notified when one of your kids reaches a certain location. What the kids are probably not so happy about: The battery status of a target device can be viewed via the app, so you can find out whether a child is deliberately not answering or whether the excuse about the empty battery is actually true. Unnoticed notification is also possible when the battery is charging, and you are also informed when the energy level is low – so you remind the kids to recharge in time.

Find lost smartphones quickly with this app. Parents rejoice at handful of clever add-ons to keep tabs on kids.

ADVANTAGES: GPS and battery tracking
OTHER: German language, free of charge

Find cell phone

As the name suggests, "Find mobile" is used to track lost smartphones. You can also use it to keep an eye on your loved ones.

Find cell phone

Stolen, misplaced, lost: smartphones aren’t exactly given away for free, and at the latest when the high-tech devices are gone, many wish they had an app like this installed. Live GPS tracking allows you to use a second, authorized smartphone to search for the missing device. Even if teenagers don’t come home at the agreed time, a glance at the app helps to ease their conscience or to estimate the length of the house arrest to be imposed in advance. The program allows devices to keep track of each other; beforehand, you need to give the provider the phone numbers and confirm an SMS for authorization. This makes it difficult, but not impossible, to monitor others unnoticed. In order to track children or teenagers under the age of 13 with the app, a declaration of consent from their legal guardians is required for legal reasons.

A simple but reliable app for locating Android devices or untraceable children.

ADVANTAGES: Group tracking for families
OTHER: German language, free of charge

Find my device

The free "Find my device" is an official location and remote control service from Google, with which you can retrieve position data from smartphones and tablets.

Find my device

Google’s official location service locates all devices registered in your Google account, which you can then track and remotely control with a second Android device. The app does not even have to be installed on the lost device in advance; it is sufficient if it is logged into the Google account. You can then use the app or web interface to start tracking: Google reports the device’s location with the usual precision; you can also use it to ring a missing device for five minutes, and digital self-destruction is also permitted: all user data can be wiped from the smartphone at the touch of a button. You can also use it to reset the PIN for tablets and smartphones to effectively lock the target device. Although localization with the app works very well, in the event of theft, the first thing we always recommend is a visit to the nearest police station – the authorities expressly warn against taking recovery into your own hands.

With this app you get – as with the web service of the same name – access to the position data of your Android devices and can lock, delete or ring them.

ADVANTAGES: Rapid localization, installation on the target device not necessary
DISADVANTAGES: Short list of functions
OTHERS: German language, free of charge

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