Locating a foreign cell phone via whatsapp

You want to locate a foreign cell phone via WhatsApp? This works! With the live location. This allows you to track other phones and see where your friends are for up to 8 hours. Find out here how it works, how safe it is and what other cool WhatsApp tricks you should know!

Locate a stranger's cell phone via WhatsApp: Here's how!

The most used function of WhatsApp users (besides texting) is sending locations IMAGO / Panthermedia / diego.cervo Panthermedia19670477

Locate a stranger’s cell phone via WhatsApp: How does it work??

Assuming you have arranged to meet your best friend, a buddy or your partner in the crowded city center. So that the person still finds you, if you move away, for example, from the first specified meeting place, (probably the beauty or game store smiled at you so much that you quickly change the street side again), you can use the live location feature of WhatsApp and send your location in real time.

Here you have a detailed step-by-step guide:

  • First you have to give location permission for WhatsApp in your cell phone settings. For this you have to click on privacy> Location Services> Click WhatsApp and then "Always Select. Alternatively, you can also tap on WhatsApp> Location and there "Always select. Note: You can turn off the tracking at any time!
  • ÖNow open the individual or group chat with which you want to share your location
  • Tap on attachment> location> Live location
  • Finally, choose the duration for which you want to share the live location. After the time expires, your location can no longer be tracked by foreign phones!
  • You can add a comment if you want to. Something like: "This is where the party is taking place!“
  • Übrigens you can also stop sharing the live location yourself. Just go to the individual or group chat and tap on "Stop sharing"
  • And if you want to stop sharing your location for multiple chats at once, all you have to do is go into WhatsApp settings> Account> Privacy> Live location> Stop sharing

WhatsApp: Mobile phone tracking made easy

Now your friend can locate your phone and track your location on a map. No matter where you move, the point moves with. In a group chat, by the way, all people will be displayed on the map. Practical, or? To do this, simply click on "Show my friends". In fact, cell phone location via live tracking is a cool trick, for example when you are in a completely unknown city or you just feel insecure and you want to let a dear and close person follow your way. Also saves messages and phone calls should you or others be delayed. With a look at the map, you can locate other people’s cell phones via WhatsApp- very simple!

Is it possible to secretly track other people’s cell phones via WhatsApp??

With this practical function, many are certainly afraid that someone secretly locates their location and cell phone. But do not worry- this is not possible! Finally, you always have to agree to the cell phone tracking via live tracking on WhatsApp and turn it on yourself. If you forget to end it, the others will of course see where you are until the entered time has expired. Should you think about activating the function, for example with your partner, to secretly locate the other person’s cell phone via WhatsApp? do not do it. This is a huge breach of trust, totally wrong, illegal and it will come out anyway.

WhatsApp: How safe is live tracking??

According to those responsible at WhatsApp, live tracking and cell phone location should be very secure and no data can be tapped, as the function is end-to-end encrypted. Also, the feature must always be turned on and off manually. By the way, it is turned off by default. Still, Facebook and WhatsApp have had their fair share of security glitches, and even some updates suddenly activate features (including, perhaps, cell phone location) without us realizing it. So, use live tracking only when you need it and only with people you trust, always remember to end it and check your WhatsApp settings every now and then. Then you should be safe!

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