Let’s get out of here: 10 tips on how to get out of work faster

Let’s get out of here 10 tips on how to get out of work faster

The summer temperatures make all employees long for the end of the workday. With these tips, you can succeed in ending your shift on time.

Save time

When someone says "Can you just ..?", he usually wants your time. Of course you shouldn’t refuse every request. But also not just always say yes and take over other people’s work.


Organize your work effectively. This means above all: What the intern can do, you should not do. Then it works out with an early end of the day.


If you do your job well and quickly, your superiors will understand if you leave early.


No boss will stand in your way if you have to (or want to) take care of your sick children. Your son’s performance in the children’s theater or your daughter’s performance in the school ballet are also a good argument for getting off work early.

Appointments in the afternoon

Office air makes you unfree. Make more outside appointments clear. And schedule them for the afternoon if possible, so that it’s not worth coming into the office afterwards.


You have to set limits. Imagine being your own health and safety representative. Your job is to make sure you get off work on time at least twice, preferably three times a week. Think carefully about how to make yourself do it.

Own office

If you sit in an open-plan office, you can’t leave it unnoticed. Among many other advantages, a single office also allows you to go home or anywhere else without making a fuss. So organize one if you can.

Arrive early

He who is the first in the office can also be the first to leave. When exactly you arrived, your colleagues who came later don’t know.


No boss will hold you back any longer than absolutely necessary if you actually or ostensibly go to your faraway home on Friday. Bring a suitcase to the office!


When nothing works, you can also get sick. This works quite well if you are actually completely stressed and also look like you are.

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