Learning the violin – violin lessons at a music school

Learning the violin - violin lessons at a music school

Anyone who picks up a violin or violin for the first time and tries to make music with it will not produce more than a few crooked notes.

In the early days, this remains the case for the time being, because the violin always proves to be a very demanding musical instrument. At the same time, however, the violin exerts a great fascination on many people and is sometimes regarded as the queen of instruments.

One of the reasons for this is the fact that the first concertmaster of an orchestra is the 1st violinist. Violins leads and plays a special role.

This fact is also the origin of the colloquial expression "playing the first violin". For many people, however, it is simply the extraordinary sound of the violin that is the main incentive for taking violin lessons or learning to play in some other way.

Learn to play the violin for beginners

In the meantime, one must practice daily and thus familiarize oneself with the stringed instrument, which is bowed. The posture alone, which is required by the fact that the violin rests on the shoulder during violin playing, can be a real challenge and must first be trained.

The crooked tones that are the result of the first hours of practice strain the nerves of the learner and can also burden other people in the environment.

But if you stay on the ball, you can learn to play the violin and after a while elicit melodious sounds from the instrument. As a beginner, you should learn to read music at the same time, unless you can already do this from recorder lessons in elementary school.

Learning the violin for children and adults

Adults who want to learn to play the violin often lose heart rather quickly, because professional musicians who have mastered the violin typically started at a very young age and spent more or less their entire childhood taking violin lessons. As an adult you can hardly catch up, but you should still not lose heart, because you can also learn to play the violin at any age.

Apart from the joy of making music, mental fitness and improved coordination are the rewards of being a violin student as you get older. Children who learn to play the violin also benefit on several levels.

First of all, it should be noted that thanks to the particularly good perceptive faculty in childhood, they quickly reach a good level and thus master the violin. At the same time, the ability to concentrate, discipline, intelligence and fine motor skills are promoted.

Violin lessons vs. Self-study

Basically, with the violin, as with any other musical instrument, it is never too late to learn. On the one hand, however, an early start promotes the child’s cognitive development and leads him or her to a high level of proficiency, sometimes even leading to a professional career as a musician. Consequently, starting at a young age has its advantages, although you are never too old to learn to play the violin.

The question of the right time cannot be answered in a general way. Also the how raises questions again and again. Thus, beginners must decide whether to take violin lessons at a music school or with a private teacher, or to try self-study instead. However, learning to play the violin by yourself is particularly difficult due to the high demands of the instrument and is usually not very effective.

Attending a music school is therefore a good idea if you want to learn to play the violin, because there you will have an experienced music teacher at your side who will teach you the basic moves and techniques.

Through the accompanied exercises, one can make better progress and thus consistently improve one’s violin playing. In return, however, you are bound to fixed times on site and sometimes have to dig deeper into your pocket to learn the violin.

Learn violin online

In a way, this is a mixture of self-study and violin lessons. Music students enjoy maximum freedom and are not bound by time and place, but still receive feedback via video or telephone.

By streaming violin lessons online, students can familiarize themselves with the traditional string instrument. Videos, podcasts and tutorials are further materials available in a virtual music school.

Violins for beginners – finding the right instrument

Beginners who want to learn to play the violin not only have to make a decision about violin lessons, but of course also need a suitable instrument.

Beginners often make the mistake of buying a cheap instrument for testing purposes to see if they enjoy playing the violin. However, since inferior quality can significantly affect the playing experience, you should not skimp on quality under any circumstances.

It does not necessarily have to be a Stradivarius. You can find violins in all price ranges in specialist shops and should seek detailed advice. It does not hurt to consult an experienced music teacher to find the right violin.

How expensive is a violin for beginners??

Instruments for beginners cost between 500 euros and 5.000 euros. Thus, music students can get a middle class violin that will serve them well.

How long do you need violin lessons?

Thus, at least two years of intensive practice are required. However, it often takes many years longer and proves to be a permanent learning process.

What is important when learning the violin autodidactically??

The handling as well as the actual playing should be very complex and provide great challenges. Nevertheless, it is possible to learn violin by self-study, provided that the following points are taken into account:

  • For the first steps on the violin, beginners should consult a music teacher who will show them the essential basics.
  • Self-taught violinists should not expect miracles and should be patient, as it takes some time to achieve the first small successes.
  • Regular and consistent practice is the name of the game.
  • Violin students should establish self-control and record themselves to discover any mistakes and improve steadily.
  • Even those who want to learn the violin autodidactically should not do without suitable tools. In bookstores you will find one or the other violin school, while the Internet offers Youtube videos, free tutorials and more.

Attention! Tip from the editors

When it comes to learning to play the violin, many interested people have inhibitions. The high demands of the instrument are initially intimidating. Considering the following tip from our editorial staff, this endeavor can still succeed.

Buy a high quality violin!

Even beginners should look for quality when buying a violin and not buy the first instrument at a bargain price. Especially those who are still unsure of themselves are reluctant to invest more in a violin, strings and bow. However, if you save money at the wrong end, you can end up with an inferior violin that is not much fun to play or play.

A high-quality instrument is therefore indispensable for a successful start in violin playing. If necessary, interested parties can first use a rental instrument to participate in the first lessons.

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