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Learning to play golf - group of beginners on the driving range

Many golfers want to golf better and learn golf better. Often you hear "Next season I want to really take off and improve my handicap". We know it ourselves, after having passed the course entrance exam you are very motivated as a fresh and young golfer. To ensure that what you have learned will bear fruit in the long term, regular playing is essential. Regularity trained, the handling of the various golf clubs, the rules and etiquette is hardly learned as well as on the course.

If you don’t have a golf partner yet, motivation can be hard to find. Playing the rounds alone and seeing how the other flights are doing is no fun in the long run. One thing is for sure, you want to improve your handicap. To become a better golfer you should go to the course regularly. Tips and tricks from other golfers are often worth their weight in gold. Not always the hints are right, a golfer always plays in his own way and so a well meant hint from another golfer is not always suitable for you.

Training with the Golf Pro – Learn to play golf

Just at the beginning you lay the foundation for your golfing life, if you make big mistakes right at the beginning and compensate them with other mistakes, they will add up and it will be more and more difficult to fix them in the course of time. It is therefore advisable to book golf lessons, especially in the beginning. The golf instructor analyzes the personal problems and weak points and improve them directly. If the golf ball flies too far to the left, the golf balls are regularly topped or you just can’t get out of the bunker? The Golf Pro knows advice here. To build up the regularity and also "stay on the ball", you can fall back on a golf training plan. A golf lesson can cost, depending on the golf instructor also well and gladly 70-100 euros. Especially in the beginning you don’t want to make this investment. Nevertheless, this is money well spent.

Learn to play golf on a driving range

Set your own goals and play better golf all the time

If you want to train yourself a little, you can create your own routine. When you go to the driving range, you shouldn’t just bang on the golf ball. Gamification is the magic word here. Fun should not be missing despite all doggedness. Especially if you want to improve your golf game and play better, you should work with small intermediate goals and come up with your own little challenges. A possible challenge would be.B. not to change the golf club on the driving range until you have managed 3 good shots with one club in a row. If 3 balls have been hit according to your own wishes, the next club will come. The demand on yourself increases and you concentrate on every single stroke.

Golf courses and online training plans

For those who can’t motivate themselves that much and have a hard time coming up with a golf training plan for golf, you can access ready-made concepts from experienced PGA Pros. A selection for a good golf training plan can be found on (https://golf-trainingsplan).en/).

Often this has nothing to do with the will but rather with the necessary knowledge. If you are still at the beginning, you do not always know what and how to train certain strokes or techniques. Also helpful tips and aids for training are probably still foreign to you.

Golf lessons with video analysis in a tee box

With online courses you get elaborated training plans that explain and teach you step by step how to play golf. Worked out by professionals help golf courses learn to play golf. Videos, training plans and instructions can be accessed anytime, anywhere. With the online courses, even the waiting time in the suburban train can be used wisely to read up on certain topics. Learn to play golf while waiting for something and make the most of the time.

Golf courses from Krassgolfen – Learn to play golf

Krassgolfen is one of those online courses that has been painstakingly built and developed by a PGA Golf Pro over many hours. In the program of Krassgolfen training plans and instructional videos are used for optimal training. Compared to private lessons, an online golf course costs comparatively little, the content can be viewed and used over and over again.

The Krassgolfen program has unfortunately been discontinued and will not be continued. If you want to start slowly, you can get in the mood with a golf season preparation and later use more extensive training plans.

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