Laughing or crying – the traffic light as an emotional challenge

Laughing or crying - the traffic light as an emotional challenge

These are hard times for scoffers, when reality becomes a madness that is hard to surpass. In this respect we demand a heavy labor allowance for government critics.

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Dear readers,
more and more citizens demonstrate peacefully against politics – which reacts with insults and bans. TE will continue to inform competently, calmly, comprehensively and fairly.
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Laughing or crying - the traffic light as an emotional challenge


Of course Annalena Baerbock is hard to beat. In view of the escalating military conflict in Ukraine, she tells us that "the hardest stick is not always the most intelligent sword".

What could she mean? Logically, one has nothing to do with the other. It’s as meaningless as, say, "The fastest car is not the smartest bike." Or the "roundest tire is not the smartest stone". What does it mean when the foreign minister of a still respected middle power says this? You can see the analysts puzzling in the Kremlin. What does she mean by cudgel? Wen with sword? And who wins? Maybe it is wise to put possible opponents in confusion. But Baerbock’s most beautiful dress is just not the smartest brain. Or sometimes the smartest brain speaks the dumbest words?

The new Minister of Defense, Christine Lambrecht, is more simple. She is clear to understand. Confusion à la Baerbock is not their thing. The simplest head sometimes shows the most distinctive pizza. Ukraine is begging for weapons. Well, Germany doesn’t have weapons transported over its skies; the transport planes with anti-tank equipment from the UK fly north past Germany, costing time and money.

But we do not leave the Ukrainians alone: We deliver 5000 helmets for the Ukrainian soldiers. They need 100.000 and above all: also equipment for shooting. But 5000 heads, armed with German helmets, stand up to the attacking Russians like the whitest mushrooms when the hardest mushroom mower comes: we don’t let ourselves be left behind. We stand firmly by the side of Ukraine. For the world is the most wonderful pizza and not the misplaced game instructions.

And don’t tell anyone it’s only about the people in Ukraine! At least we have a minister of health who has obviously told the untruth by now. He had no idea about the plan of the Robert Koch Institute, which is subordinate to him, to declare the Johnson vaccinations invalid and to simply shorten the exemption period for healthy people. I have no idea! The authority is directly subordinate to him.

Let’s assume that Lauterbach was really fooled: Then he must fire the head of the RKI immediately. But he can’t, because at least his secretary of state announced exactly this plan in the Bundestag a day earlier. Has he no idea about it? Either way: Lauterbach can hardly remain minister. Either he lied or he is not in control of his office. Probably both. For one who leads probably the most important ministry at the moment: impossible. But the most important minister is not the sharpest sword. Or are we mixing things up?

Mockery turns into bitter seriousness. Nancy Faeser is the new Minister of the Interior; the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution is under her control. Actually, it should be locked away in its cellar, if it had such a cellar. Here’s what Faeser would tweet if she wrote this text. Restricting the ban on demonstrations so that only each individual holds up a sign alone at home in front of the refrigerator – you’ll never get this idea.

The announcement to quickly send the police over and to crack down because you are allegedly spreading hate and agitation, which in case of doubt is the new "I disagree, sire" – simply the mixing of executive and judiciary – and by the way the minister of the interior is many things, but not chief of police. The absolute violence, the access of the police to critics by order – that is darkest dictatorship. You can want that – but it is clearly anti-constitutional.

Embarrassing is not only Faeser, but also Bundestag and media. Have you heard an outcry? Experienced a special session of the Bundestag at the request of the opposition? I not.

Laughing or crying - the traffic light as an emotional challenge

Laughter exhausts. One rubs the eyes. The climate minister, who promises everything for saving global warming, fit and snappy first cuts subsidies for energy-efficient homes, even though this type of housing is supposedly the biggest weak link in the fight for the biggest planetary crisis. One wonders. Deeper analysis is not always the big potato. New federal governments are not always the brightest light. But must it become immediately so dark?

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