Lack of space at the mosque in halle-neustadt: city quickly looks for solutions

Lack of space at the mosque in halle-neustadt: city quickly looks for solutions

The number of Muslims in Halle (Saale) has increased in recent years. The mosque at the Meeresbrunnen in Halle-Neustadt has been reaching its limits for some time now. Partly they have to pray outside. The multiple attacks with air rifles on the Islamic Cultural Center (IKC) do not make the situation any easier.

During a solidarity event on Friday, mayor Egbert Geier withdrew for a discussion with the IKC management. According to Geier, the phrase "praying under police protection" made him think. This is no condition in the long run. That’s why they are looking for solutions quickly, said Geier. The constitutionally guaranteed free exercise of religion must be possible.

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14. February 2018

43 Responses

Absolutely understandable. One should provide now the Paulus church as future mosque area. Surrounded by colorful better people and contemplative peace, hundreds of Arabs can then have their mountain to pray on.

Well, cosmopolitan and colorful also means making a few sacrifices.

Where are your victims ?
You probably don’t know that taxpayers have sacrificed and will continue to sacrifice billions of euros ?
For a colorful and open Germany.

St. Paul’s church is still in use, but St. Stephen’s church is free. The residents are happy. &

Why not, because there in the quarters live those who support the party that so gladly supports uncontrolled immigration.

Best and fastest solution

Was also my first thought. The Weltoffene church has there surely place in your rooms ud around on the green meadow.Pair of loudspeakers outside on it and go with the gejaule.They like these audio books. Surely they are there, guarded by the residents who live there. Top. Nazi-free and teddy bears are given by them for the children from time to time. Oh no there are only men.

Colorful is the new brown.

I thought the mask is the new Aluhut.

Super idea&. Market church would also go.

The Muslims can gladly look for or build a larger mosque, but what does the city have to do with it??? When will the separation of church and state finally be taken seriously here?. This is a private matter of the Muslims. By the way, I see the same with Jews, Christians, etc.

Now it is the case that especially the evangelical and catholic church is strongly promoted here, even with the church tax the state as a free money collector has. I am also no friend of religions, no matter which one. But the wish for equal rights cannot and must not be wrong for the time being.As long as the Christian associations do not collect their funds themselves, as a legal entity, the Muslim community should not have to do so either.
So that we do not misunderstand each other. The right to protection should certainly be paid by the state or the city or county, thus by taxpayers. The right to integrity has nothing to do with a separation of powers between church and state.

And what does that have to do with the mosque?? With the Christian ones this belongs to be decoupled in the same way. The churches should collect their money by themselves. By the way, the state also pays the salary of the bishops. An unding.
However, all this has nothing to do with protecting churchgoers of any religion from attacks. These are police and therefore state measures – regardless of the denomination of the people concerned.

It’s reassuring that at least the mayor can remember our basic law.

Mayor Geyer is assigned the task of making the at least 10.000 Muslims, which the foresighted Bernd Wiegand has settled in Halle-Neustadt, the possibility to practice their religious confessions.

Then let them pray in stages if it does not suit them Retoure.

Religion is a private matter. The state does not have the task of taking care of the procurement of liturgical spaces of religious communities! The transitional OB leans very far out of the window here. If Muslims feel that their premises are becoming too cramped, due to the unhindered influx of co-religionists, then they themselves must go in search of suitable premises and finance them themselves. Finally there is the Zakkat as one of the "pillars of Islam" , with which this can be financed. The city of Halle should stay out of these matters.

"self-financing" .. the quartering done according to martial law are to be provided by the defeated party.

Well there is surely something that can be done. Realist is absolutely right, do the few church members of the Paulusgemeinde really need such a large building?? That would be a sign of Christian charity: free the big building for a religion that is really still of importance.

The Basic Law does not provide for individual religions to be given state space. If the IKC is too small, they have to rent or build bigger buildings. But at their own expense, just like any Christian congregation.

°But at their own expense, just like any other Christian community."
Where does the money come from??

Recognized religious communities in Germany receive funding from the state. First look up before one lets the bullshit in so full trains.

Exactly this is a basic evil. In France, church and state are more consistently separated – and that’s a good thing. Religions and other ideologies like communism or national socialism lead to ruin, because the ideology is put above a realistic consideration, and – this is the bad thing – all others should follow it. Privately, anyone can believe any crap, whether it’s Allah, Jesus, Bill Gates chips, or globules, but it doesn’t belong publicly promoted or forced on others.

The council courtyard would also be an alternative

Still come up with the idea to demolish the social department store to expand the mosque there.
It’s best to move a few blocks away

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