Kleiderkreisel and ebay: these are the mistakes you should avoid when selling secondhand

These are the mistakes to avoid when selling secondhand fashion

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S onday, 6 p.m.: Time for Kleiderkreisel, Ebay, Ebay Kleinanzeigen and many other apps, digital platforms or exchanges for the sale of used clothing. No other day of the week, no other time of day is more suitable for this, various experts agree.

However, if you have little experience with reselling clothes, you will quickly face some challenges. Often it is the time management that drags out the action – and makes it ineffective. Actually, you only wanted to put something online "quickly" – and then the preparation gets so out of hand that you are still busy ironing, plugging holes or comparing prices until after the scene of the crime.

At the same time, many of the things you think about when listing and selling on digital secondhand platforms aren’t even necessary. What you can well do without:

Hesitant sorting out

Why do you want to sell your clothes at all? Mostly you want to clean out or earn some extra money. But that doesn’t work if you’re only selling one dress. Who wants to have much yield, should also sell much. And yes, this sometimes also means parting with things you are still unsure about. Unlike at a flea market, this is often difficult when selling online, because you have to pay special attention to each item, prepare it, try it on again for a picture – and then sometimes you are unsure whether you really want to sell it now. Doubts can be counteracted by avoiding such expenditure.

Elaborate preparation

Washing, ironing, quickly plugging a hole, taking the silk dress to the dry cleaner, working on the trousers with the lint shaver. Often, people tend to refurbish their items so perfectly that they could actually mark them as "new" in the system again afterwards (and raise the price accordingly). The buyer often does not expect perfect goods, because it is part of the Secondhand business to accept certain traces of use – and to pay a lower price for it. For this reason, all platforms have the option to rate the condition of the garment. In the description text, you can then go into more detail about small blemishes and explain what kind of stain it is or if the tear in the jacket is at a seam where it can be fixed inconspicuously.

Compare prices

Advisors often recommend to orientate oneself by the price quotations for similar articles in the system. An example: Dresses from&OtherStories usually cost around ten euros on Kleiderkreisel. But if you want to sell a dress made of silk, which in the store also cost much more than the standard range, of course you want to get more for it. An explicit reference to the quality of the special piece can help to achieve a higher price.

Of course, you should not charge unnecessarily much for clearly used items (see above). But it is not uncommon to find clothes that are actually unworn. Often even with labels still on. This should be explicitly mentioned in the description text, because with the standard information, the potential customer quickly overlooks the check mark "New, with label". On the other hand, you should also consider: Too high prices simply do not work on some platforms, such as Kleiderkreisel. So if you want to sell designer goods, you better choose another platform.

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Professional photo shoot

"Do you have a picture of the dress?" This demand can come quickly if you just drape your merchandise on a hanger and then post it photographed on the web. It is not always necessarily conducive to the article for the photo to put on, after all, each body is built differently. How often do you return an item in frustration because it just sat very differently on the 1.85 meter tall model?

So when requests come in for a wear photo: For example, briefly communicate that the shirt or pants unfortunately no longer fit or never fit well due to your own body shape. This way, you don’t fuel skepticism in the potential buyer that the fit is generally not right.

Offer simple individual parts

Often it is worthwhile to create dress packages, because they sell better than individual small parts. For this, for example, garments in a similar shade are suitable as three white blouses or shirts that you no longer wear. Or clothes from the same brand. For example, if someone shops often at Cos, they know how the contents of the package will roughly sit and whether the size specifications will actually fit.

The advantage: You get more out of things that may not be worth that much anymore, or that are rather plain in style, than if you were to sell them individually. A white blouse for ten euros – that is often too risky for many buyers. Three white blouses for 15 euros – here the probability is higher that one is under it, which finally fits and pleases.


Clearly, if you advertise half of your closet on a platform, you also want to earn from it as quickly as possible or get rid of the goods as soon as possible and not sit on it forever. A little haggling and concessions on the price should therefore always be planned for. On the other hand you should not let yourself be bargained down too much either. However, one tends to do this quickly. Too tempting is the direct earnings and a cleaned out closet.

Buyers often know this and try, often quite brazenly, to push down the price. Then the rule is: stand firm and wait and see. And instead market the article additionally. For this, some platforms offer to "push" the article with a small financial investment, so that it ends up on the front page again. Other platforms, for example, offer to show the item to more users if you lower the price slightly. This can also pay off in the end.

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