Kissler on “viertel nach acht”: have turned a virus into a behavioral lesson

Alexander Kissler on "Viertel nach acht" | We turned a virus into a behavioral lesson

1. February, 20.3 p.m. Time for: "Quarter past eight – the talk that makes headlines".

New topics, new excitements, new controversy! From now on "Viertel nach Acht" runs on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays as a premiere at 20.3 p.m. live on YouTube – and at 23.3 p.m. on BILD on TV.


  • Sandra Navidi, financial expert, founder and CEO of "BeyondGlobal"
  • Alexander Kissler, political correspondent of the "Neue Zurcher Zeitung" in Berlin
  • Maurice Philip Remy, filmmaker, director and author
  • BILD opinion leader Filipp Piatov
  • BILD presenter and bestselling author Nena Schink

► What’s special about the "Viertel nach Acht" format is that the guests decide the topics themselves – everyone brings an "upset" that is then discussed by everyone.

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Non-compliance with the mask requirement

The first uproarious topic of the evening comes from Nena Schink. It is about a "lesson" because of a missing mask to a schoolgirl. The BILD moderator and best-selling author says: "This Corona harassment is absurd! For a long time now I can’t stand the German Corona-Political-Circus anymore. The regulations are becoming more and more abstruse."

Schink recounts how a message reached her over the weekend from a concerned mother whose daughter had received a "lesson" from her teacher because the girl didn’t always put on her mask. The written notification had to be signed by the parents.

Absurd Corona chicanery! "Think piece" for students for missing mask

The presenter is convinced, "Our society is torn, but we can’t let it take the glow away from the children. That children have to apologize in writing for taking off their masks is unacceptable!"

Alexander Kissler agrees: "There can’t really be such a thing." He considers the procedure "black pedagogy". The children would be "trained" to behave in a certain way. He is surprised that "we have turned a virus into a doctrine of behavior."

His conclusion: "Civil courage would be required here, i.e. to say, I’m not prepared to let my children be trained in this way."

BILD opinion leader Filipp Piatov thinks: "You turn political rhetoric into lived reality." He is convinced: "We have seen in the Merkel policy an anti-child policy, in which too much fear was stirred up."

Maurice Philip Remy gives to consider: "The teachers are possibly overtaxed. It is troublesome. I wonder if one is not too rough on individual behavior. Of course, everyone would like to see children given back their freedoms. I just find that individuals are sometimes overwhelmed with all these demands."

Sandra Navidi believes: ‘We can only manage politics as a collective’."

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