Jul – christmas in sweden

Swedish Christmas is incredibly beautiful. Some traditions are very similar to our customs, from Tomten to St. Lucia we will go through a few today.

1. Lucia

In Sweden, you can go out as early as the morning of 13. December full of Christmas spirit. The most important elements are wearing white robes and candles, eating traditional saffron pastries (lussekatter), singing Lucia songs and often choosing a local Lucia.

The originally catholic St. Lucia was a young saint from Italy who was convicted of illegal witchcraft. End of the 19. At the beginning of the twentieth century, the Stockholm open-air museum Skansen took up the western Swedish Lucia traditions to preserve them for future generations.

Saint Lucia song

Jul - christmas in sweden

2. Lussebulle

No Swedish Christmas is complete without the traditional saffron bun. Sometimes called lussekatt, the bun is a regular sweet wheat roll with the flavor of saffron.

What Christmas stollen and cinnamon stars are for us, in Sweden they are lussekatter: yolk-yellow yeast pastries in the shape of an S or a cross.

Jul - christmas in sweden

3. Julbord

A Julbord is a kind of Christmas table. Many restaurants and hotels here in Sweden offer a Julbord in the pre-Christmas period – by the way also IKEA =) Often the Julbord is part of the Christmas celebrations, which are common in Swedish companies.

There’s almost everything to eat at Christmas in Sweden, from Christmas ham or turkey and meatballs to pickled herring and anchovies. There is also raisin bread (vortbrod), smoked salmon, mini hot dogs (prinskorv) and beet salad.

At the end we have a delicious rice pudding with cream, sugar and cinnamon. Served with fruit punch (At least that’s what we had at last year’s Julbord at Grand Hotel Saltsjobaden/Stockholm)

Jul - christmas in sweden

4. Kalle Anka och Hans Vanner onskar God Jul

Ever since the TV became a household appliance, Sweden has had a tradition of broadcasting a one-hour Christmas special with Disney classics. Back in the 60s, the program went off every year with my childhood dream favorite movie: From All of Us to All of You -From All of Us to All of You.

Today, movies such as Cinderella, Snow White, Robin Hood are shown. As well as short movies with Mickey and his friends.

Jul - christmas in sweden

5. Tomten

In Sweden the presents are brought by the three goblins Tomtebisse, Tomte and Nisse. But also the Jultomte comes and knocks on the doors of the families. Anyone who wants to write a letter to Swedish Santa Claus can do so at the following address: Tomten/Santa Claus, Tomteboda 173 00.

Maybe you know him from "Tomte Tommetott" by Astrid Lindgren. Here is told about a Tomten who protects the farm at night. The Swedish Santa Claus, the Jultomte, is also often referred to as a mostly invisible good house spirit. He has the stature of an elf and as a thank you a bowl of rice pudding is placed in front of his door.

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