Job center: central point of contact for unemployed persons who are capable of working

Hartz 4 recipients and people who are in the situation soon Unemployment benefits II have to apply for a job cannot avoid to visit a job center in their area on a regular basis. Here Deadlines arranged for job seekers to discuss problems, the help seeker Services or to explain job prospects to the user.

The job centers have a legal basis for this in the Second Social Code (SGB II), in which they are also mentioned by name. Accordingly, they form an common institution the Federal Employment Agency and a local authority or the approved district or. county city in accordance with the Municipal Agency Approval Ordinance.

You can get advice at the job center if you want to apply for Hartz 4

At the job center you can get advice if you want to apply for Hartz 4.

But what tasks does a Job center in Germany exactly? Which job center is responsible for you? And what are the differences between the Jobcenter and the Agentur fur Arbeit?? Find more information in the following Advisor On the subject of "job centers".

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The most important facts about the Jobcenter in brief

These are joint institutions of the Federal Employment Agency, which take care of the approval and payment of Hartz 4 benefits.

If you are unemployed, you can apply for Hartz 4 at your responsible Jobcenter.

Here you can find out which different professions can be practiced in a job center in Germany.

What is a job center?

Forms available at the job center must be filled out and returned with complete documentation

Forms available from the job center must be completed and resubmitted with complete documentation.

When hearing the term for the first time, many people often ask themselves the question: "Jobcenter – what exactly is that??" A job center as joint institution the employment agency and a corresponding municipal Carrier is intended to ensure more uniformity in the payment of basic benefits to the unemployed or. -searchers take care of.

According to this, the agency – i.e. the Federal agency for work – its tasks of the job center institution. If a beneficiary is receiving Hartz 4 or would like to apply for the granting of benefits job center, so all Formalities regulated by the job center that is regionally responsible for the person in question.

In addition, the job center provides information on the payment of unemployment benefit 2 and thus serves as a direct point of contact if those affected do not yet know whether the receipt of Hartz 4 really the best or. the only option for them.

Until the year 2010 a job center was established as ARGE, short for: Job center, designates. This term, however, is no longer used in public today. Nevertheless, many people still mistakenly use the term ARGE when talking about the Jobcenter.

Sponsorship of the job centers: How the responsibility is regulated

As already mentioned, there are different forms of job centers according to SGB 2. This is based on the fact that job centers may have different sponsors depending on the strength of the municipality. Overall, the following can be identified three variants one of which is to be paid in one year abolished in 2012 was:

  • Separate sponsorship: Separate ownership has existed since 2012 no longer. Federal Employment Agency and the municipalities in their areas of responsibility completely separated from each other. A designation as ‘Jobcenter’ only took place if both institutions operated in the same building.
  • Options commune: An option municipality cares completely alone – without the participation of the federal agency for work – for the mechanism of job centers. Another name for these facilities is ‘Option circle.
  • joint institution: The majority of job centers are organized by a joint institution of the Federal Employment Agency and the job center. With this Organizational form the Employment Agency and the municipal job center share the tasks: The employment agency takes care of the payment of the Standard benefit as well as the Job center and -advice and the payment of contributions to the Sickness or. long-term care insurance. The municipalities, on the other hand, are responsible for the costs of the accommodation andHeating, the counseling services, educational services and Participation as well as Initial equipment responsible. The division of labor is intended to provide faster and more precise assistance.

Responsibility of the job centers: Which one do you have to contact?

Advice is a top priority at the job center: The focus is particularly on job placement

Counseling is a top priority at the job center: Especially the job placement is the focus.

Due to the sponsorships of the job centers, each Municipality or any larger Circle via a job center that handles basic benefits for the unemployed.

Accordingly, the job center of your district documents required for you responsible.

On the website of the Federal Employment Agency, you can search for a job with only few clicks find out which service center or. Jobcenter in your area responsible for your request.

Tasks of the Jobcenter: Which benefits are provided?

Basically, the areas of responsibility of a job center can be divided into two major areas dividing up the Granting of benefits and the employment agency. The granting of benefits involves all financial and material benefits to which a Hartz 4 recipient is entitled.

This includes both the Standard rate as well as a possibly granted Additional needs, benefits for education and participation or for example the Initial equipment of an apartment as well as the Costs for the Accommodation and Heating. Normally, however – as the name "Jobcenter" suggests – the focus is on job placement. For this reason, the services provided by the Job Center also include Application training, further education and Integration attempts in job opportunities.

Also part of the "Placement in work" count consulting services how a debtor or addiction counseling for unemployed people who do not feel able to find a way out of a private emergency situation on their own. A consultation from the job center resp. An appropriate forwarding to responsible offices can be an enormous support for the person in need of help also in such situations.

Job center structure: Where benefit department, job placement& Co are to be found

The acceptance and processing of applications are among the tasks of the job center

The acceptance and processing of applications are among the tasks of the Jobcenter.

Normally, job centers of the employment agency are structured in the same way: First, there is – especially in larger job centers – a Entrance zone or. a Reception area, in which the first contact is made with the claimants when they make an appointment at the Jobcenter.

This is where we decide to whom you will be referred, so that a quick and appropriate Processing of your request can be done.

On your first visit, make sure that you have already presented your identity card or your Passport – in some cases also with a current certificate of registration – must have with you when you register at the job center.

Attention: If you live in a community of need, you also need all the identity documents of the members living in your household.

In the entrance area you will usually find following concerns taken care of:

  • Issuing and accepting Hartz 4 applications, job application expenses, notifications of change and other documents to be forwarded,
  • output of the social tickets (in Berlin z. B. the Berlinpass),
  • Appointment for an audition in front of the benefit or. Job placement department.

If you have made your first appointment at the Jobcenter due to Hartz 4, you have a little time to get all the information you need for the Hartz 4 application necessary documents and then send them to the benefits department or hand them in personally at the job center. This includes following documents:

  • The completed Application form (incl. possible applications for additional needs),
  • identity card or. Passport with certificate of registration,
  • Rental contract incl. Proof of heating and utility costs,
  • account statements of the last six months.

In addition, you have the obligation to agreed date to appear with your employment mediator to explain your career prospects and to start the job search or. to be deepened. Other departments within a job center then take care of things like processing of objections, employer, the requests you send to the Jobcenter as well as Administrative tasks within the institution.

Threat of penalties if a date is forgotten?

If you forget Appointment or you simply do not take it, this can have consequences for your Hartz 4 payment. Because: If you have received integration agreement signed at the first appointment with your employment agent and it states that appointments must be met, then Services from the Jobcenter reduced if you contravene these stipulations.

At the same time, however, you should keep in mind that an integration agreement can be quite helpful, since it does not only describe your Duties, but also that of your case worker should hold.

Is it also possible to submit an application to the Jobcenter online??

Apply online at the job center? Unfortunately, this is not possible

apply online at the Jobcenter? Unfortunately this is not possible.

If you want to claim benefits from the job center, you must submit your application to the following in person or by Mail submit. An online transmission is not possible.

However, the forms that are important for applying for unemployment benefit II at the Jobcenter can be obtained from the online on the corresponding homepage of your job center download and fill out online. Nevertheless, it is still necessary for you to print out the documents and send them by mail or hand them in personally to your Jobcenter.

Who can take advantage of the benefits from the Jobcenter?

Generally speaking, the job centers are responsible for all matters regarding the unemployment benefits II are responsible. This means: All people who are entitled to Hartz 4 can present themselves at the Jobcenter and benefit from the aforementioned services with regard to the Employment agency and the granting of benefits. Hartz 4 can apply for all persons who

  • between 15 and 65years old,
  • employable and are and
  • their regular residence in Germany have.

All other persons – for example, those who have just come out of employment, are younger than 15 or older than 65, etc. – are normally not entitled to Hartz 4, but to unemployment benefit I or basic income age, etc. These groups of persons must then contact the Federal Agency for work or the Social welfare office turn, so that appropriate benefits can be paid to them.

The Jobcenter is in such a case the wrong partner, since here usually only around matters around Hartz 4 – and/or. Unemployment benefit II – is taken care of.

What is the difference between the job center and the Federal Employment Agency?

The Jobcenter grants benefits for accommodation and heating if a rental agreement is presented

The job center grants benefits for accommodation and heating if a rental contract is presented.

Many people who want to receive Hartz 4 ask themselves whether the Jobcenter or the Agentur fur Arbeit is now responsible for their concerns. As already described above, the Federal Employment Agency together with the Communities the job center provider, does not take care of the Payment and/or. the Granting of benefits of Hartz 4.

Rather, the Federal Employment Agency, also known as the Arbeitsagentur or Arbeitsamt, is responsible for granting benefits in Unemployment Benefit I, insolvency or short-time allowance responsible.

In addition, however, any jobseeker or even employed person can turn to the Federal Employment Agency for professional new or reorientation and ask for advice. Not only the job centers are responsible for advice and assistance, also in the Federal Employment Agency the employees have an open ear for all concerns around the professional existence. Another difference between the Jobcenter and the Arbeitsamt is the granting of child benefit – this is also only paid out by the Federal Employment Agency to persons entitled to benefits.

Job center employees: Who works here?

In the job center, a Clerk or. employment agencies Responsible for the concerns of those seeking help. Each case manager is assigned approx 60 to 80 so-called "customers allocated clients whose eligibility is closely scrutinized and who are granted benefits. job mediator, i.e., those employees who take care of job placements, have to take care of about 150 jobseekers and place them in a job opportunity as quickly as possible. The job exchange of the Federal Employment Agency can also be used for this purpose. In addition to ‘normal’ employees, this can also include civil servants.

The German Federal Employment Agency provides Training positions are offered, but a corresponding job is also possible as a lateral entrant with the help of training courses. With regard to the employees in the job center, the following job titles are distinguished:

  • Benefit administrator in the job center: A so-called case worker (Sachbearbeiter or Sachbearbeiterin) takes care of the Granting benefits of unemployment pay II. Here, applications are processed and the amount of benefits is determined, any additional needs and the costs of accommodation and benefits are taken into account. Questions that those seeking help have about their applications are discussed with the case manager. The benefits processing department normally also sends out approval and rejection notices.
  • employment mediators: As the name implies, employment agencies deal with the Placement in the job market to the unemployed. They keep an eye on their customers’ resumes, discuss with them their job prospects and can refer interested parties if they need job application training or further education.

If you have an appointment at the job center, you should keep it

If you have an appointment at the job center, you should keep it.

  • Case managers: Case managers are the point of contact at the job center for all those who are Difficulties are in the process of being placed on the job market. This can, for example, be due to Illnesses, Addiction problems or a Debt be the case. Case managers ensure in the job center that in such difficult cases an special care can be afforded. They are also appropriately qualified. For example, between the following qualification areas differentiated:
  • People with disabilities,
  • people with debt problems,
  • mentally ill people,
  • Prisoners or
  • Homeless.

In the special subject area trained case managers worry in the job center about the respective customers in need of care, so that the best possible processing of applications is achieved.

job center: Customer service as a dangerous profession?

Many employees at the job center have alarm button under their desk, which they can operate if they feel threatened by customers or if it even comes to fisticuffs in the office. However, this is often not the case.

According to a survey by the German Statutory Accident Insurance, who asked just over 2,000 employees in job centers was every fourth employee already once threatened or insulted by a customer. However, since these assaults do not always happen physically, the employees at the Jobcenter or. of the employment agency installed alarm buttons only for the Emergency thought.

If the job center is a public authority?

Job center employees do not have it easy either: Due to the sensitivity of the topic, it can lead to more than just verbal disputes

Job center employees don’t have it easy either: Because of the sensitivity of the subject, it can lead to more than just verbal disputes.

Again and again with the legal position of the job center many ALG-2-Empfanger ask themselves the question whether the job center can be actually Authority represent. According to § 44b of the Second Social Code (SGB II) A job center is a "joint institution" and is therefore not explicitly referred to as an authority.

Nevertheless, the job center has, for example, assigned Authority, administrative acts and Appeal notices to be enacted. However, the employment office – in contrast to the job center – constitutes an authority, as it has tasks of the public administration Perceives.

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  1. a HartzIV victim14. July 2017 at 1:34

Legal bases of job centers
Type. 91e GG
(1) In the implementation of federal laws in the field of basic benefits for job-seekers, the Federation and the Lander or the municipalities and associations of municipalities responsible under Land law shall, as a rule, cooperate in joint institutions.
(3) Further details shall be regulated by a federal law which shall require the consent of the Bundesrat.

§ 6d SGB II Jobcenter
The joint institutions pursuant to § 44b and the approved municipal providers pursuant to § 6a conduct the
Designation Job center.

Art. 20 GG
(3) Legislation is bound by the constitutional order, the executive power and the judiciary are bound by statute and law.

§ 20 SGB X principle of investigation
(1) The authority shall investigate the facts of the case ex officio. It shall determine the nature and scope of the investigations; an
It is not bound by the submissions and requests for evidence of the parties involved.
(2) The authority has all circumstances significant to the individual case, including those favorable to the parties involved to
take into account.
(3) The authority may not refuse to receive statements or applications that fall within its scope of competence
fall, do not refuse because they consider the declaration or application to be inadmissible in substance or
unfounded holds.

Institute for Employment Research
The research facility of the Federal Employment Agency
IAB Research Report 12/2013
"People with mental disorders in SGB II"
ISSN 2195-2655, Updated version of 4.11.2013, pdf file 106 pages
This report presents results on the situation of benefit recipients in Social Code Book II (SGB II) who are affected by mental disorders. Methodologically, this is based on a literature analysis, (secondary) evaluations of social insurance data, and expert interviews with employees of the
Employment services (job centers, employment agencies, specialized services), social psychiatric services, day clinics/clinics for psychiatry, specialized integration services and rehabilitation facilities/services. Health insurance data on incapacity to work show that more than one third of insured persons receiving unemployment benefit II (Alg-II-Bezug) had at least one psychiatric diagnosis within one year. Affective and neurotic disorders, stress and somatoform disorders (cf. Chapter 2.2) are the most frequent within the indication group. The proportion of Alg II recipients with mental disorders is estimated by employment agencies of the SGB II agencies to be between five percent and 40 percent, depending on the respective area of responsibility; case managers in their area estimate between half and two thirds of all cases. This group of people is not only relevant in quantitative terms, but according to all the experts surveyed also frequently requires a high level of support. Institutional framework conditions often impose significant limits on the intensive support and mediation that is often necessary in this context. SGB II employees find it difficult to recognize and differentiate between mental impairments. They describe a variety of different effects of impairments on occupational performance and on the placement process. Specific knowledge on effects of mental illness is rarely found among placement specialists. They also often have the expectation that those affected will actively and openly participate in the counseling situation. However, this may be related to the manifestations of mental illness (listlessness, anxiety, etc.).) contradict each other. ..

A married couple falls out of Harz 4, because the husband has found work again with very good earnings of about 3400 euros a month.The woman has a 1.50j Job Made before husband got new job both had Harz 4 May the wife continue for 1.50 continue the job.The woman is uncertain and would like to know if she may continue to work there.

  1. hartz4hilfthartz4.de8. August 2017 at 8:33

In principle, one-euro jobs serve to reintegrate the permanently unemployed into the world of work. Whether you are allowed to continue the job, you should clarify with your responsible case worker.

Your team of

I was released after 6 months and 1 day from prison, the release was 9 months ago and have now gained 12 kg and my clothes no longer fit.
I also do not own a winter jacket.
In addition still that me of the Hartz four 80€ monthly are deducted for loan deposit .

Do I have a possibility to apply for so-called kleidergeld or do I have chances of success ?

I am grateful for any tip.

  1. hartz4hilfthartz4.de11. December 2017 at 9:01

a clothing allowance does not exist. Possibly you get clothing donations with the Caritas, if you can afford no winter jacket.

Your team of

my integration agreement has expired on 31.03. expired. Since the middle of March I have a part-time job (social security).obligatory) and this in the Weiterbewilligungsantrag accordingly indicated. Now I still receive about 90 euros as Aufstocker on 10 months a year. On two months I get paid because of vacation u. Christmas bonus payment of the employer no cash benefit in addition. However, since May I am invited every two weeks to an appointment according to §59 SGB II in conjunction with § 309 SGBIII, with the justification "discuss current professional situation".

For me this is now really a burden, in addition to the work also still continuously at the job center to arrive. Above all, so fast changes at the current vocational situation nevertheless nothing. I have told the case worker that I generally already have prospects of additional employment at this workplace, but that this will only turn out at the end of the year. He, on the other hand, presents me with full-time positions on these dates, for which I "must" apply (he says). Such job offers can send it to me nevertheless also by post office. I do not understand what this procedure is about now. On my inquiry in this regard I received only the information that this is now just so and that I am now more intensively cared for.

Is this really legal and reasonable and do I have to follow these invitations??
And if I do not follow these frequent invitations, on what grounds can I refuse it?

  1. hartz4helpthartz4.de23. July 2018 at 11:40

we cannot judge the reasonableness from here. In case of doubt you can consult a lawyer.

The team of

Have Temporare bedarfsgemeintschaft and travel expenses to exercise the right of access to my 2Kinder requested. Temporary BG was approved.

But travel expenses are not. I have even made a written parenting agreement with the mother of my children and even had the contact times signed and it is not approved. My case worker wanted to pay it to me. Then I got an email that the so-called team leader would like to have a confirmation from the youth welfare office. Quote:

"After renewed consultation with my team leader, is for the assumption of the handling costs a
letter from the youth welfare office required, in which the right of access for both children is regulated and
is also justified, why both children may only on different weekends to the father and not together."

That’s not right what they ask here or?
Do I really have to give a confirmation and explanation from the Jugendamt as they have asked for?

I would be very happy about a timely reply. Thank you

  1. hartz4helpthartz4.de9. October 2018 at 11:50

Unfortunately, we are not allowed to offer legal advice and therefore cannot judge whether this is legal or not. Contact a lawyer for social law.

Your team from

Can the different job centers within a city be considered as 1 authority/institution? After moving, the responsibility changed. After the withdrawal of an apparently illegal administrative act at the new job center, I wonder whether the old job center can now come around the corner again with the same accusation. More than a year has passed since the new job center issued its recovery notice. Can one assume "knowledge of the authority" here? From my point of view, the new job center should have also cancelled the benefit decision of the old job center within the current jurisdiction.

In a nutshell, are they different branches of 1 authority or different authorities?

Is the case management allowed to sanction due to not being employable because of mental illness??

Is it true that they have the duty to push you into the EU pension and social security office?? This is how it was said.

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