Job as santa claus – how about the tax?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Working as Santa Claus is popular with students. This is partly how they finance their studies. But there are also professionals among the Santa Clauses, who earn money in the pre-Christmas period by giving children the belief in Santa Claus. It should be noted, however, that this income may be taxable.

Job as Santa Claus - what about tax?

Job as a Santa Claus – what about tax??

You want to work as a Santa Claus. The children will certainly be happy and maybe also the tax office. Read here how Santa Claus is doing tax-wise.

The employment relationship

The job as a Santa Claus can be done on a self-employed basis, but it is also possible for Santa Claus to work as an employee.

If the employer determines when, where and over what period of time Santa Claus works, this is a so-called dependent employment relationship. In this case, an employment contract is signed that precisely regulates attendance times, remuneration, but also notice periods and vacation entitlement. This job, if the maximum wage does not exceed 450 euros, must be reported to the mini-job center. Since the job as a Santa Claus is only a seasonal job, a registration can be made as a short-term mini-jobber.

Self-employed Santa Claus does not have to register with the mini-job center. Self-employment as a Santa Claus is when he either decides himself where and how long he works or he is employed by several clients. Placement agencies must also report the Santas employed by them to the Minijobzentrale (mini-job center). Santas who are self-employed can invoice the client. Information on whether he is liable to pay taxes can be obtained from the German Pension Insurance Association (Deutscher Rentenversicherungsbund).

When to pay taxes?

The earnings as a Santa Claus are taxable, must therefore be reported to the tax office. If the earnings are below the amount of 450 euros, a report must be made to the Minijobzentrale (mini-job center). The client pays a levy to the Minijobzentrale, social security contributions are not payable. Santa Claus has to take care of the taxes himself. The tax can be calculated either as a lump sum or individually.

If Santa Claus has a job on the side, the incomes are combined to calculate the tax to be paid. Students must report income as Santa Claus. Depending on the total earnings, this can have an impact on BAfoG. Unemployed people who work as a Santa Claus during the season have to report their income to the Jobcenter. Generally, there are no additional taxes on the person who takes a job as Santa Claus.

In case of doubt, the tax office is the competent contact person, who will inform the mini-jobber about the amount of duties, i.e. the taxes for the seasonal income. Also indicate any other jobs that are or have been taken during the year. Only then the tax for the job as Santa Claus can be calculated correctly.

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