Jan hofer: will he really be 70?? The great mystery of his birthday

Enjoying retirement? Comes for the former "Mister Tagesschau" Jan Hofer out of the question. On Monday he will now be 70 years old – or maybe not? His day of honor is a mystery.

Celebrities on television can be successful for as many years as they like – most of them burn themselves into the viewers’ memory with one very specific moment. Jan Hofer (69) probably had such a moment on 14. December 2020 against 20.3 p.m. on "Tagesschau.

His last evening as chief anchorman. "For me, however, this is the last time: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Make it good", said the then 68-year-old to almost 15 million viewers. Then he took off his red tie with a smile. What can come after such an exit? Very much. Hofer proved that. The 70. Birthday on 31. January the Berliner as RTL anchorman commits.

See above in the video of ex "Tagesschau"-Announcer Jan Hofer with his beautiful wife Phong.

How old will Jan Hofer really be??

There is a little mystery surrounding the birthday. Some puzzle over whether Hofer, who fulfilled an island dream after the end of his time on ARD, really turns 70. For years, various details have been circulating in the media. Sometimes he was born in 1950, sometimes in 1951, sometimes in 1952. The date 31. January, on the other hand, was never considered controversial. When the Deutsche Presse-Agentur (dpa) interviewed Jan Hofer shortly before the legendary "Tagesschau-When I asked about this on my first appearance, Hofer’s answer was unequivocal: 1952.

Jan Hofer without a tie: "So far, I’ve kept it up,"

What is undisputed is that RTL has pulled off a coup. With Hofer, the station gained one of Germany’s best-known TV faces. Not only because of the 16 years as "Tagesschau"-Chief speaker. After all, he was also the host of "Riverboat" for 21 years until 2012-MDR talk show. Now he is a figurehead of the new Late-News "RTL Direkt".

Hofer has not put on his tie again to this day. "Yes, so far I’ve kept it up and feel quite comfortable without a tie.", he said recently in an interview with dpa. "However, I don’t consider that a dogma, so maybe I’ll reconsider."

"RTL Direkt" with Hofer almost doubles the number of viewers

The job change from anchorman to news anchorman was no walk in the park for him. "Admittedly, at the beginning I actually had to get used to it a bit. New format, new role, new team, new channel – it was exciting, but also challenging", Hofer told dpa. But the success proves him right. "We have succeeded in establishing a new evening news program in just four months."

The number of viewers of the 22.15 o’clock broadcast rose clearly with the months. While the number of viewers at his debut in August was 1.87 million, last Monday (24. January) 3.31 million. Hofer’s reserved, quiet manner goes down extremely well with his fans.

Jan Hofer became the favorite of TV viewers

Which contributes considerably to his success: Hofer is considered approachable. The father of four children and avid classic car fan has become a favorite of the gossip columns over the years.

Millions of viewers were anxious in March 2019, when Hofer was interviewed in the middle of the "Tagesschau" suffered a fainting spell. Countless get-well wishes reached his then station until the all-clear was given. In 2021, he dared to compete in the RTL show "Let’s Dance" onto the dance floor. Although Hofer flew out there in the slow waltz with the worst jury score. But at least he made it through to the seventh round.

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