Jailbreak on amazon kindle? Now it is a reality. Here you can learn how to do it and what are the advantages

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Whether printed or digital, a good book is the perfect choice for relaxing at any time of year. Whether on the beach under an umbrella or sitting on the sofa, imaginations fly over the words that flow through the pages many appreciate in the form of eBooks, because the practicality of eBook readers allows you to take real libraries with you.

Among the most popular are those proposed by Amazon, such as the Kindle, which has many alternatives on the market (even Xiaomi has proposed many), but Jeff Bezos’ eBook reader is the best ever in terms of quality / price .

But did you know that it is possible to jailbreak or root the Amazon Kindle series? What is the use of asking yourself? So if you get superuser permissions on your Amazon Kindle, you can also install third-party software to get much more out of your eBook reader.

Jailbreak on Amazon Kindle? Now it is reality. Here’s how to do it and what the benefits are

Most importantly, jailbreaking your Kindle will not only make it compatible with the .PUB Ebook formats, but also compatible with other formats. Besides, you can install other external eBook stores and even activate the screensaver on your device. Now that you understand the benefits of rooting your Kindle, let’s take a look at the steps involved.

Jailbreak on Amazon Kindle

First of all, we recommend that you make a backup before performing these steps. To avoid problems, you need to format your device. Therefore, follow the steps below:


  • Go to the menu and select Reset Device under Settings.
  • Turn on your Kindle after formatting it.
  • Go directly to the settings and get the device information to find out which firmware version you have. Now you have access to this website

Jailbroken on Kindle Paperwhite 2

If you have a Kindle Papewhite 2, note that the process is slightly different. First you have to download the jailbroken file via this link . Unzip it to the root directory as in the previous case and then return to the option "Update my Kindle" back to start the jailbreak.

The process is much easier, but we recommend downloading the hotfix file available at this link in This will not install updates that remove the Kindle Paperwhite 2.

Finally, you need to install a software called MRPI, as well as the KUAL application launcher. The first, you can download it through this link . Once you have it, save it to the main folder of your Kindle and type in the search bar"; log mrpi" (without") a.

KUAL you can download from This link and paste it into your document folder.


Jailbreak on Kindle Oasis or Kindle Touch 3

If you want to root Kindle Oasis or Touch 3, you just need to download Update_KUALBooklet file and copy it to mrpages folder. available via this link . Unzip it on your computer first, as there is a readme file that explains the steps you need to follow to get the jailbreak.


Now let us know how you will use your Kindle .

I remind you that if you have problems or bootloop, you can try resetting the factory settings by putting an empty file named DO_FACTORY_RESTORE in the Kindle’s root directory and restarting the Kindle (this method also works if the Kindle freezes on startup after updates).

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