Is it allowed to import cuban cigars into germany??

As in every country in the world, the export of goods from Cuba is subject to its own country-specific rules. No items of animal or plant origin belonging to a protected species may be exported. You are also not allowed to export goods of museum value or goods considered to be part of Cuba’s national cultural heritage. In case of doubt, you should check locally with Bienes Culturales Vedado, Ciudad La Habana, which goods you are allowed to export and which not.

Cuban cigars customs regulations


Per person you are allowed to export up to 20 loose packed cigars export without presenting a purchase receipt. Up to 50 cigars per person you may export on condition that these cigars are in closed, sealed and original packaging with official tamper-proof holograms. Furthermore, in principle, the corresponding invoice of the official tobacco store must be available.

If you have more than 50 cigars want to export, you can do so only on presentation of the original invoice, which must be issued by the state stores officially authorized for this purpose. This bill must include the total amount of tobacco that is intended to be exported. In general, it is important to make sure that the cigars can show a tax band and that there is a proper invoice, including the Cuban sales tax.

In Germany, the listing of the foreign sales tax is of importance for the calculation of the value limit of the goods per person.


The general import regulations in Germany state that goods may only be imported within certain quantity and value limits. As a general rule, the person traveling must be at least 17 years of age to import tobacco products and alcoholic beverages into Germany. The prerequisite is that they carry the goods in the same means of transport and these ONLY for the personal needs are.

This means that the tobacco products for the personal use and consumption; for members of his Household or as Gift are intended for. The goods must in no case be intended for commercial purposes. It is also strictly forbidden to bring them to third parties against payment.

The quantity limits for tobacco products are either:

50 cigars or

200 cigarettes (cigarettes are also classified as the e-cigarette or also called tobacco stick) or

100 cigarillos or

250 grams of smoking tobacco or

– a proportionate compilation of these goods be imported into Germany. A pro rata compilation could look like this 25 cigars and 100 cigarettes bring with you to Germany.

If you import additional goods, you must declare them to customs in Germany and pay the corresponding import duties. Cigars and cigarillos from Cuba up to 250 pieces are taxed at a flat tax rate of 42% percent.

In any case, you should declare them voluntarily and not be "caught" during an inspection, as you will then be liable to tax evasion and corresponding fines will be much higher. It is advantageous if you can show a proper invoice stating the tobacco quantities and values including VAT, so that the customs office can calculate the appropriate duty rate.

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Besides the export hit – the cigars – Cuba is also famous for their rum. Up to 3 liters of high-proof alcohol you are also allowed to carry out accordingly. But beware: you are only allowed to import 1 liter of spirits with an alcohol content of more than 22 percent into Germany duty-free! In the case of a foreign currency export, any amount in a freely convertible currency worth up to 5000.- CUC allowed. Amounts above this limit must be declared.

An exception exists if it can be proven that the money was already present at the time of entry, or that it was legally withdrawn from a Cuban bank.

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